Summary: A world reborn from twin brothers. A second chance at life. For Roxas, it begins when he's carted off to the mysterious place known only as The Institute. He begins his new life knowing that he must one day be bound to the cold Axel. Just when he thinks things can't get any worse, life suddenly becomes incredibly dangerous for him when men start lusting for his body. Axel realizes that if he does not stake his claim now, Roxas will be lost forever and as much as he hates admitting it, the young boy has grown on him…yaoi, mpreg, and many other things. AxelxRoxas ZexionxDemyx

Warning: This is going to contain yaoi, which is a malexmale pairing. If you don't like the idea of two males engaging in sexual activity, then I suggest you don't read this. It's also going to contain twincest, which is incest with twins so if the fact of twin brothers having sex scares you, read with caution-just skip the italic parts, mpreg-male pregnancy, some graphic sex, strong language, violence, and some childbirth scenes. Read with caution!!

A/N: This is based off my original story by the same title. Since it was so popular on fictionpress, I decided to bring it to the fanfiction world. I had a hard time choosing which fandom to use for this. I was going to go with Beyblade, but then I thought, ooh it fits the Kingdom Hearts characters well and I'm eager to write some more AxelxRoxas fics, as well as ZexionxDemyx, so here it is!

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My twin brother Hayden and I always knew that we weren't what you would call normal. Well that can be inferred because both of us were born from test tubes. We also have the ability to bear children. Both of us are male, mind you. But both of us could have children, just in case. That's why we were created; when the apocalypse came and destroyed Earth, we would survive and reproduce. We remained in our test tubes until our fourteenth year, after the apocalypse had wiped out any life on Earth. We were fully grown, almost and equipped with everything necessary to survive.

At once, Hayden took control. He is older than me, after all. He's also a natural leader. He immediately assessed the situation and made sure that it was actually safe before venturing out. He didn't really like what he found. We really were the only ones left. The world had ended after a giant nuclear attack decimated the majority of the humans on Earth followed by the apocalypse that destroyed the survivors. Now, the scarred surface had finally cooled off and life was starting again. Hayden estimated that it had been at least a thousand years since Earth had been inhabited. Everything they had built was gone. We would have to start all over again. Like I said, Hayden wasn't happy. It was probably because we would have to break the biggest taboo of human society by having sexual intercourse, though I'm not sure why-there are no more humans and no human society.


Chapter 1

2000 AAi

Roxas did not know the men who came to his house, though he knew what they were coming for. He had been branded a Bearer--a Breeder capable of bearing children. The Breeders were a mixture of males and females. In truth, there were few male Bearers left in the world after the human race had repopulated and the blood of the Bearers thinned out and became more and more female. The males were treated with extra care and cautiously bred with males to try and bring up their numbers. After all, the human population had been reborn through two male Breeders and it would never do to let them completely die out.

Roxas was one of the few male Bearers, and had known so since he was a child. He had always known that he would be called back to The Institution where he had been birthed to begin his duties as a Bearer.

"It's time to go," one of the men told him in a low voice.

"I know," he replied.

"Do you have what you need?"

"Yes. Let me go and get it."

"You have five minutes."

Breathing heavily, Roxas moved swiftly through his house and went to his bedroom. The bag he had prepared days before lay waiting on his neatly made bed. His foster parents were both at work, though they had said goodbye to him in the morning-they had known that today was the day he would be leaving them, after thirteen years of being their son.

Roxas sighed softly as he pulled on his coat and picked up the bag filled with a few precious things: photographs of him and his foster parents and a few books he was allowed to keep. Then, he closed the door behind him and went to the front of the house where the men were waiting. He could now see that all of them were large, hulking men at least twice his size and three times his weight.

"Are you ready now?" the man Roxas understood to be the leader asked.

"Yes," Roxas answered, nodding his head.

He followed the men out of the house, making sure the door was securely closed and locked before following the men to a waiting car.

The town where Roxas had grown up had never looked as beautiful as it did now. He felt tears well up in his eyes and pushed them back, angry at himself for losing control of his emotions. He was a Breeder now, and he needed to start acting like one.

They soon left the city and entered the countryside. Roxas stared out at the gently rolling hills. Water from an earlier gentle spring rain dripped from the leaves of trees. The driver had rolled down all the windows, allowing the sweet after-rain perfume fill the car.

Finally, they came to a large sprawling estate that seemed to go on for miles. The car stopped at the front gate and the driver spoke to someone over an intercom. A few seconds later, the gate automatically opened and the car entered. They traveled down a long gravel driveway and then finally stopped in front of a large white building. The doors opened and they got out.

Roxas couldn't help feeling nervous as they went in. He found that they were in what looked like a reception area in a hospital. One of the men went to the front desk and talked to the receptionist in a low tone. Then, he returned and motioned for Roxas to sit in a vacant chair.

"Someone will be with you shortly," he said gruffly.

Then, he and the other men left. Roxas fidgeted nervously and looked around the room. It was deserted except for the receptionist who never said a word. He didn't know how much time had gone by when finally, a stern-looking nurse came out of a door next to where the receptionist sat and told him to come with her. She was in her forties with blonde hair pulled back into a tight bun at the back of her neck. They went down the corridors and stopped in front of a scale.

"Shoes off, please, and step onto the scale," she said crisply.

Roxas obeyed her without question. She made notes on a clipboard she carried with her and measured his height. Then, they went into a small room and he sat in a chair.

"What is your name?" the nurse asked.

"Roxas," Roxas mumbled, shifting slightly in his seat under the nurse's frown.
"How old are you?"
"I just turned thirteen."


The questioning went on. The nurse took his temperature and blood pressure, and listened to his pulse. Then, she went to a drawer and tossed him a flimsy paper gown.

"Take off all your clothes-even your underclothes and put this on. The doctor will be in shortly,"
she said, tossing the gown at him.

Then, she left. Trembling slightly, he stripped off all his clothes and put the gown on. Shivering slightly, he sat on the chair, waiting. There was a sharp knock on the door and the doctor came in. He was around thirty or so, Roxas guessed. He had long blonde hair and pale green eyes. His rather pointed chin gave him the appearance of a child molester.

"Hello Roxas. I'm Dr. Vexen. I'm going to do a physical, so if you'll go and lay on the examination table," he said, motioning to the table in the corner. Roxas did as he was told. The doctor pulled on a pair or rubber gloves and examined every inch of his body. Finally, he spread Roxas's legs apart and put a finger inside him causing him to jerk upwards and blush.

"Yes, everything looks all right. It seems you are good to go." He withdrew his finger. "You already know about Breeders?" he asked.

"Yes," Roxas mumbled, embarrassed that the older man had touched him like that, doctor or not.

"Good. All you need to know for now is that your mate's name is Axel. Don't forget that name, okay?"

"You will be bound to him, but not for a while. Your body needs to reach sexual maturity first. Your first heat won't come until your fourteenth year. Then your physical bond with your mate will begin and you will start bearing children."

Roxas nodded. He didn't notice the doctor rubbing his arm with a cotton ball.
"We'll be in touch later," the doctor said. He stuck a needle into Roxas's arm and something was injected into his body. He yelped softly, but it seemed to fall on deaf ears. His world began spinning around him. All he knew was a rush of distorted voices and blurred images.

"Take him into OR three. I just want to make sure there's nothing wrong with him before we let him go with the others," a man said.

"Yes doctor," a woman said.

Roxas was aware of movement and lying on a soft bed. Someone closed some curtains around him and the same nurse as before came into his view.

"Just relax," she said soothingly. "Don't try and fight."

She pressed a mask to his nose and mouth and he felt himself drifting away.


The next thing he knew, he was lying in what appeared to be the bottom level of a bunk bed. He could hear the voices of several boys whispering to each other and strained to listen.

"He looks awfully pale," a boy with long blond hair whispered.

"Well duh," a second boy with dark hair that looked almost blue snorted. "They gave him tranquilizers to keep him quiet. He should be coming around in a minute."

Roxas blinked and the room came into better focus.

"Hey," the dark-haired boy smiled. "How do you feel?"
"Like I was run over by a truck," Roxas groaned.

"You look like it too," the blond-haired boy smirked, earning him a smack from the other boy. "Ow! What the hell was that for Zexion?!"

"You deserved it." The dark-haired boy rolled his eyes. "I'm Zexion and that, unfortunately, is Demyx."

"I'm Roxas."
"Welcome to The Institute," Zexion said with a smile.

Demyx peered at him curiously. "Are you a Bearer?"
Zexion smacked him again. "Of course he is you idiot! Why else would he be here?!"
Demyx backed away, muttering curses under his breath.

"Sorry about him. He can't help being an idiot."
Roxas smiled. "It's all right."

He slowly sat up and bonked his head on the bottom of the top bunk. He rubbed his head, uttering a few well-chosen curses.

"You okay?" Zexion asked.

"Yeah," Roxas replied. He glared upwards. "Somehow I have the feeling that I'm going to be doing that a lot."
"I did too," Zexion said.

Roxas slowly slid out of bed and when he came into the light, Zexion gasped.

"Sorry," he immediately apologized as Roxas stared at him. "I just forgot how young they bring us in."

Demyx wandered back over to them and when he saw Roxas, he gave a low whistle.

"Man and I thought you had a pretty face, Zex."

Zexion smacked him again. "Show some tact!" he hissed in a low voice.

Roxas just blushed.

"So who's your mate?" Demyx asked.

"His name is Axel."
"Axel?!" Demyx gasped. Zexion growled something unpleasant under his breath.

Roxas stared at them. "What? What's wrong?"

"Are you sure it's Axel?" Demyx asked.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what the doctor said," Roxas answered. Zexion and Demyx glanced nervously at each other, which made Roxas nervous. "What's going on?"

Both Zexion and Demyx looked at him. Roxas could see that both of them were worried.

"Please tell me what's wrong," he said softly.

Demyx gave a soft sigh. "It's just that…well, Axel is sort of…cold I guess you could say."

Zexion snorted. "That's putting it mildly. He's a cold, heartless bastard. None of him or his friends have ever been mated and they've been here for three years. The doctors are afraid to mate them with someone because they're…well…rough."


"It's easier to show you rather than tell you. Come here." Zexion held out his hand, his voice gentle.

Roxas took it and unsteadily walked forward. There were several other bunk beds, though they were all empty at the moment. They finally came to a glass window and Roxas could see another dormitory much like theirs on the other side. The only difference was that it was inhabited-about twenty or so boys lounged around, some on the beds and others spread out on the floor.

"Those are the other Breeders," Demyx explained. "We're the Bearers-we actually have the children. They are the ones who…uh…you know."
Roxas nodded, getting the picture.

"They separate us from our mates until we go into heat. That way, there's no risk of us getting hurt because they can sometimes be on the aggressive side. My mate is Marluxia, over there." Demyx pointed to a boy with bright pink hair. "His hair isn't always that color. He likes to dye it depending on what his mood is." He paused. "Actually, I'm not sure what his natural color is."

Roxas nodded again.

"And Zex's mate is over there-SaÏx." Demyx pointed to a long silver-haired man. "And I'll show you Axel and his friends." He pointed to a group of four boys in the corner. There was a brown-haired boy, a silver-haired boy, a black-haired boy, and a red headed boy. "Axel is the red head." Roxas stared at him, pressing his hand against the glass. Though his back was turned to him, he could still tell that he was a dominant figure. "He's more aggressive than the others, especially if he's in a bad mood."

"Oh great," Roxas muttered.

The silver-haired boy noticed Zexion and the others were staring at them and tapped Axel on the shoulder. He murmured something into the red head's ear and he turned. There was a sneer on the silver-haired boy's face as he pointed at Roxas. Roxas felt his heart skip a beat as Axel looked at him. He couldn't help gasping softly—Axel looked so cold. His piercing green eyes held no warmth at all as they traveled down Roxas's frame. Zexion frowned and the other boys glared back.

I have the feeling he's not going to welcome me with open arms. Roxas thought darkly. This is not going to be good. Not good at all.

To be continued…

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