Title: Darkness and Ice

Genre: romance, tragedy, spiritual

Pairing: JohanXJudai (Spiritshipping XD XD XD)

Rating: M for blood, sexual themes, and LEMON in the first chapter!!

READ THIS: NO SKIMMING! Read the story word for word or it'll be confusing! Thanks you!

Full Summary: In the village of Hielo, Johan Andersen and Judai Yuki are lovers who will do anything for each other. But when a war between Hielo and a neighboring village occurs, Johan must go and serve in the war. He promises Judai that he will return, but someone doesn't want Johan to return. That someone, Edo Phoenix, makes a wish that Johan will die in the war, which will allow Edo to have Judai for himself. Johan is killed, which upsets Judai terribly. Judai then goes to the villages guardian; the First Hand of Time a.k.a Haou; where Judai pleads for Haou to take his life in place of Johan's...

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Disclaimer: Based off of DN Angel volumes 6-9, the story "Ice and Dark". Do not own DN Angel OR Yugioh GX.

Story start!!

Chapter Five: First Hand of Time

Judai instinctivly wrapped his arms around the sword that had pierced his heart and held it close, ignoring the pain and the blood that surrounded his body. Judai nuzzled the hilt of the sword and placed a kiss on the cold metal.

"Johan... my darling... you're back..." the brunette whispered. Johan slowly went from sword form and slipped from Judai's heart. He turned back to human form and laid unconscious in Judai's embrace.

"Unn..." Johan moaned, his emerald eyes slowly opened up. The bluenette glanced around for a quick second before looking in front of him. Standing before him was Judai, tears of joy glistening in his eyes.

"Judai..." Johan whispered. Suddenly, Johan spotted the blood on Judai's chest and the wound upon his heart. Johan's eyes widened and he grasped the brunette's shoulders, holding him tightly.

"JUDAI!! YOU'RE HURT!!" he hollered. Judai smiled and grasped Johan's hands in his own, smiling lovingly, the tears of joy seeping from his chocolate eyes.

"Oh Johan... my darling... my dearest..." the brunette whispered. Johan stared at his lover with awe and shock before pulling him into a tight embrace and dropping to his knees. The ice around Judai's body melted, and the ice around Haou's crystal dissolved.

"Judai... I found you at last... You're all right... Oh, Judai... my world... my everything... Judai..." the bluenette whispered in Judai's ear before nuzzling his neck. Judai moaned quietly and then embraced Johan back.

"You kept your promise to me, Johan. You came back to me... You found me..." Judai whispered lovingly. Johan grasped Judai's shoulders again and stared into his eyes with a deep love visible in them.

"Of course I did. I love you, Judai," the bluenette smiled lovingly. Judai smiled back.

"I love you, too," the brunette whispered. With that, Johan and Judai leaned forward until their lips were a few millimeters from one another. Johan slowly closed his eyes as Judai did the same, both their eyes closed in content.

Finally, their lips met in a gentle kiss. The first kiss that had been shared in a long time.


Back in the real world...

Shou was thrown from the painting and landed on the ground with a thud. He slowly sat up and rubbed his head in pain. He then glanced around and saw Ryou knealing before him with concern in his eyes.

"Shou? Are you okay?" Ryou asked. Shpu glanced up at the clock and gasped. He had only be gone for a second in the real world. No one had noticed what had happened. No one knew how long Shou was gone or what had happened.

Tears flowed from Shou's gray eyes as he glanced around. Suddenly, he launched himself at Ryou and latched onto him, sobbing loudly into his brother's chest.

"Oh, Oniisama!! I was so scared!!" Shou sobbed. Ryou stared in shock and slowly stroked Shou's hair and embraced him back, allowing Shou to continue to cry as long as he needed.

"Shou... what on earth happened...? Ryou whispered, his voice disappearing under Shou's loud sobs.


"So... you're both passing on, aren't you?" Haou asked. Johan nodded slowly, keeping his arm firmly laced around Judai's shoulders. Judai rested in Johan's embrace, smiling and sighing in happiness.

"Yeah. We're technically dead... so we must go to Heaven now," the bluenette answered. Haou nodded slowly and glanced up at the sky.

"Heaven... That's where you two belong," the brunette smiled. Judai walked over to Haou and hugged him tightly, surprising the gold-eyed brunette slightly at the sudden movement.

"Thanks for everything, First Hand of Time..." Judai whispered. Haou hugged him back and then Judai asked Haou a question.

"Could you... do me a favor?" Haou listened to what Judai whispered in his ear before nodding slowly.

"Yes... I will definately do that," Haou answered. Judai smiled warmly and walked back to Johan, who embraced him tightly and then kissed Judai lightly on the forehead.

"Let's go then..." Johan whispered. Judai nodded, and with that, the two lovers of Hielo vanished into a light, never to be seen by mortals again.

Haou sighed and panted for breath as he snapped his fingers once. Nothing happened in the painting, but Haou still smiled. The brunette smiled happily, a few tears forming in his eyes as he vanished into a deep sleep within his crystal home.


White snow fell like angel feathers over the land. White speckles of light touched the ground and transformed their colors into a white wonderland. The snow fell upon everything, coating it in a pure blanket of frozen emotion.

Shou sat near a statue of a tall man. He was sitting on the perch, his knees drawn to his chin and his arms clutching the "Darkness and Ice" book. Shou stared at the falling snow, and it reminded him of the snow that fell when he and Judai were heading to the shrine.


Shou sighed deeply before burying his head in his knees again. The bluenette felt so empty since his aniki had gone. Whether Judai was all right and if Johan had been reunited with him or not was a mystery to Shou.

Suddenly, a white light came from the book that was clutched in Shou's hand. Shou slowly looked at the book and flipped it open, shocked an amazed at what he saw on the final page.

A message from Judai...


"I grew up in the village of Hielo. I befriended Johan and Edo. I soon fell in love with Johan, and our relationship was wonderful. We were the sacred lovers, eternally happy and joyful with one another. I loved Johan with all my heart. But a war soon broke out and Johan was killed. I gave up my heart to save Johan, but he killed himself to be with me forever. The First Hand of Time rescued me, and Johan was sealed into a sword.

I thought I would never see Johan ever again. But then someone came an gave me hope. It was a boy no older than me, with cyan hair and cheerful gray eyes. The boy gave me hope, and I was never afraid of this boy.

I was drawn into the Third Hand of Time's trap, and was yanked into a death match. I nearly died, but the boy kept me warm, and assured me to be strong. He was torn away from me, but because he gave me hope, I was reuntied with Johan.

Thank you for everything. Thanks for giving me hope and for holding me dear in your heart. Thanks for caring for me. Thanks for being there. Thanks for all that you've done to assist me and please live a long life, my new friend.

Thanks for everything, Shou..."

The smaller bluenette stared at the page with tears filling his gray eyes. He couldn't believe that Judai could actually write messages to him. Shou had altered the ending of the story.

"Y-you're welcome, Aniki," Shou whispered, burying his head in his hands so he could sob without anyone seeing him in this state.

"You're welcome..."


7 years later...

Shou slowly stepped into the museum in which 7 years ago, his life changed dramatically. Shou was now married and of the age 24. His hair was slightly longer and he was a famous artist.

Shou softly stepped into the room with the single painting in it. The one from Darkness and Ice that had taken him to meet Judai, and had made his life change forever. Shou hadn't felt the same without returning here to say somthing.

"I wanted to thank you for everything," the bluenette whispered. He noticed how the painting had changed in some ways.

The snow had still fallen in the picture, but this time, the crystals on the ground were pieced together in a beautiful pattern. The feeling of the painting... it was no longer sad. It made Shou feel... happy.

"Shou, what are you doing?" Ryou asked, stepped up next to his younger brother. Shou merely smiled and continued to stare at the painting in which he had met Judai and the First Hand of Time. Shou smiled at the painting before answering his older brother.

"I'm visiting... and old friend..."


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