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"You guy's really aren't gonna sign up?" Nicole whined in desperation.

Dana glanced at her. She was standing in the middle of the dorm in her mismatching pyjamas and 'hello bunny' slippers, looking somewhere between pathetic and completely heartbroken.

"For the tenth time in as many minutes, no!" Dana yelled, throwing back her comforter and slipping between the sheets of her beloved bed.

Zoey giggled through a mouthful of toothpaste from the sink.

"Give it a rest Nicole." She muffled, rinsing her toothbrush, and neatly placing it back in the cup with the others.

Nicole crossed her arms, and stamped one fluffy pink foot defiantly.

"Come on! Please? Think about all the cute guys. Drake Bell is going to be there."

"You already met him." Dana pointed out, suppressing a yawn. This conversation topic was getting old, fast. And now it was cutting into her sleeping time. If she didn't get her recommended eight hours, Logan was in for a world of pain tomorrow morning.

"Do you see a diamond the size of a small house on my finger?" Nicole demanded. "Drake and I have unfinished business."

"You are insane."

"Maybe. But I would look so cute in a backless Versace gown with bead detailing and lace trim…"

"You've thought about this way too much." Zoey stated, as she climbed under her pink duvet, and fluffed up her pillows.

"Well, don't blame me when Orlando Bloom comes to our wedding dateless…"

Zoey sat up with sudden interest.

"Orlando Bloom?"

"The one and only." Nicole confirmed. "The Golden Gate Ball is on his blog's events list."

Zoey cleared her throat, and pretended to give the situation some serious thought.

"Well, I um… I suppose I could sign up with you… You know, for support. And Orlando…But mostly support."

Nicole clapped her hands triumphantly.


"You sell-out." Dana accused in disgust. "And Nicole, don't even try it. The Orlando Bloom card won't work on me."

Nicole grinned at her confidently.

"I got a whole deck of cards baby. One of em's gotta work."

"I would actually rather die, than vie for that idiots affections." Dana insisted stonily. "Now shut off the lights and get into bed!"

"If you agree to sign up, then I'll leave you alone." Nicole reasoned.

Dana grabbed a surplus cushion, and hurled it across the dorm in response, hitting Nicole square in the face with minimum effort.

"Ow!" She whimpered, retrieving it and tossing it back.

It well and truly missed its target, landing on Zoey's bed instead. The blonde tutted loudly.


"Ok, ok! I'll shut up!"

Dana breathed a sigh of relief as Nicole finally turned off the lights and made her way over to the ladder of the bunk-bed they shared. She began her usual ten minute ritual of wriggling about to get comfortable, which rocked the whole structure. Dana responded in her usual way by lifting both feet, and kicking Nicole's mattress where she estimated her butt to be. Nine times out of ten she was right.

Dana pulled her comforter up under her chin with a contented sigh, and basked in her success. The room was dark, quiet and still. Perfect sleeping conditions. She let her eyes slide shut, and she slowly started to drift to sleep. A pleasant scenario involving her and the cute Italian guy from her art class had successfully occurred to her, and was mere seconds away from materializing into possibly the best dream of her life, when the bed shook violently, jolting her awake. She glared up to see Nicole hanging over the edge of her bed gawping at her.

"Oh my god! Dana did you really kiss Logan?" She gushed excitedly, suddenly remembering Logan's claim earlier that evening.

Dana groaned loudly, and pulled her comforter up over her face.

"Oh my god! You did!"

"Of course I didn't!"

"Oh my god!"

"Nicole stop saying 'oh my god'." Zoey grumbled.

"But she-"


Dana punched Logan hard in the forearm as she walked past him the next morning. She deliberately hit him from behind, because even he would have the sense to move out of the way if he saw it coming.

Logan dropped his toast mid-bite and let it fall back onto his plate. His mouth remained open as he turned to glare at her.

"Ow!... What the hell was that for?" he demanded.

Dana took a seat next to Michael, and glared back at him across the breakfast table.

"That was for Nicole keeping me awake all night." She spat angrily.

Her ambitious plan of eight hours sleep had been dramatically cut to six by Nicole's incessant babbling. She hadn't shut up about Logan's auditions and Dana's apparent crush on him all night. Even when a very graphic death threat had finally scared her into silence, her mouth didn't stay closed for long. Her chatter was replaced with an annoyingly nasal snoring, and the occasional outbursts of 'Get the pink one!' and 'You're cute…' as she mumbled in her sleep. When Dana finally managed to close her eyes and keep them that way, Nicole's stupid interrogation had stuck in her head, ad Alexei Boreanaz from her art class had been replaced with non other than Logan Reese.

"I'll second that." Zoey agreed, stealing a fry from Michael's plate, and lifting it up in a mock toast. He was probably the only student at PCA who insisted on having fries on the side of every meal, even his cornflakes in the morning.

"I don't suppose it had anything to do with a lesbian orgy?" Logan asked hopefully.

Dana flicked a grape at him in disgust.


"Then I don't care." He shrugged honestly, standing up to leave.

Michael laughed.

"Catch you later dude."

"Later." Logan nodded, taking one of the few remaining fries off Michael's plate as he walked past.

Michael slapped his hand, and the fry successfully found its siblings.

"Will you guys stop stealing my food?"

"Dude, its 8:15 in the morning. Why do you even have fries? It's weird." Logan said, nursing his hand.

"If it's so weird, why do you want one?" Michel demanded. "A boy's need for fries is determined by his stomach, not his watch."

"Whatever." Logan said shaking his head.

Dana lent forward deliberately slowly, and took the fry that Logan had dropped, dipped it in Michael's ketchup and ate it. He was watching her intently, partially because Michael hadn't stopped her, but mostly because he could see right down her top.

"Excuse me?" Logan exclaimed motioning towards her.

"They're girls." Michael said simply. "I can't stop them stealing my fries."

Dana smiled smugly at him.


"Don't you 'ha' at me. It's exactly that type of attitude that's gonna get you disqualified from my date auditions."

"Too bad I don't give a damn, huh?"

Logan adopted her smug smile, and leaned across the table so that his face was inches from hers.

"Then why'd you sign up?"

Dana blinked.

"I didn't."

"Unless there's another Dana Cruz who's signature looks suspiciously like yours running around PCA, yeah you did."

Nicole. That sneaky air headed little…

"It wasn't me!" Dana shouted. "You better cross my name off that stupid list before anyone sees it, or I'll make sure you can never have kids." She threatened, violently grabbing Logan's shirt collar and shaking him.

Logan gently took both of her hands in his, and pulled her slightly closer to him.

"No can do, baby-doll." He whispered, tilting his head slightly.

His lips were parted, and agonizingly close to her own. She could feel his breath on her cheek as he spoke. Dana clenched her jaw shut, and maintained her steely gaze, resisting the urge to kiss him.

"You're name is already filed away." Logan continued with a cruel grin. "I guess I'll see you Friday after school."

He released her wrists and left before she had the chance to attempt to throttle him again. Dana dramatically let her head fall to the table.


She stayed that way, wallowing in her own self pity, until she heard the scrape of a chair being pulled out from under the table.

"Hey guys!" Nicole greeted cheerfully. "How great does my hair look today?"

Dana lifted her head to see the preppy brunette flipping her hair about enthusiastically.

"My new hairdryer is awesome! D-Dana… why are you looking at me like that? Dana?"

Dana slowly got to her feet. Nicole took the hint and did the same. She let a high pitched scream escape from her mouth and fled.

"Oh, you better run bitch!"

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