Finding Odalisque:

On MediaMiner dot org my screen name is just plain Tituba.

When you go to the FanFic section (which you can find at the very top middle of the initial page), then the Bleach section (it is in an alphabetical drop down menu), make sure you are searching with an ALL rating, not just A – T.

Mine is definitely not A – T.

After that the title is the same and don't worry, it's all already there. I updated that site in time with fanfiction dot net.

Also, I've gotten quite a few notices about petitions and boycotts to stop this purge. Here's the information I got:

This from music watch:

There's a petition going around so that you wouldn't have to do such a
thing, and it would mean a lot if you could spread it around! www . change

So please, feel free to sign. I did.

Secondly, this from OilWar:

Team no ff will be boycotting the site (ff) from June the 8th through Sunday
the 10th. Please do the same. The more of us that don't visit the more impact
we will have. The idea is to make the site lose ad revenue, hit them where it
hurts. Let them know we can and will walk away and find other places to post
our fanfictions. Please join us and spread the word.

Feel free to participate.

Thanks for all the messages and thank you to everyone who cares enough about my fic to alert me to this rather irritating turn of events. Seriously, people spend a lot of time writing these fics, present company included. All ideas should be accepted, doesn't mean you have to read them.

Thank you all again.