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"Through hardships untold, and dangers unnumbered I have fought my way here to the palace, beyond the goblin city..." Sarah was in the park again. Although it had been three years sinse her initial stint in the Labrynth she remembered every part of it; from the cold stillness of the oobliette to the rank smell of the 'bog of eternal stench' - it was both her blessing and curse to recall every detail. She often wondered such things as what if she went 'up' instead of 'down', or if Hoggle hadn't been sent to take her to the beginning but she dismissed these thoughts as they troubled her. She had lost sleep many times over such queries and although she was there when she defeated Jareth (obviously) there was always something not right, something seemed undone. Sinse her time she had always wanted to discover what this was, and today, she would wish she never would.

The grand clock in the distance struck its chime. "Seven O'clock! Oh no!" Sarah started to sprint home just as the heavens opened and rain poured from the skies - she was soaked. The deepest feeling of de-ja-vou swept over her, but she brushed it aside. Finally she reached her house and hammered the door. Thump, thump, thump. Almost immediately her stepmother, Rose, answered it; "Sarah, are you o.k? Your drenched!"
"Yeah, sorry mum, I got caught in the park again..."
"Thats o.k hun, as long as you don't catch cold"
"O.k, thats enough of this Brady Bunch moment" Sarah's father walked into the room, he was putting on his tie.
"Where are you guys going?" Sarah inquires. "To that charity thing?"
"Yes dear."
"But I thought you had decided not to go."
"Well, that was before your father found out that Zimmerman is going to be there!"
"Whose Zimmerman?"
"Thats what I said!"
"Whose Zimmerman, whose Zimmerman? Hes the man thats gonna put my company on the map thats who. And we have to impress." Sarah's dad joined the conversation as he adjusted his jacket. "Thats why we are going to be early - c'mon honey"
"Coming love" Rose obeyed. Within a minute they were out the door and off to their 'p.r' excercise. Sarah and Toby had the house to themselves, and Sarah smiled as she ran upstairs to tell him. "Toby, Toby" she called
"Sarah?" she heard, it was coming from her room. She raced inside. Toby was there playing with his favourite teddy, Lancelot. "There you are! You wanna watch some cartoons huh? I got SpiderMan, your fav!"
"No... Labrynth now" was the reply
"Hm, you want to hear that story again? How may times its that?
"Not too many"
"Obviously... oh alright, sit on the bed. I'll go through it again. Once upon a time there was a beautiful, but misguided princess who..."
Her story is cut off by a voice at her bedroom door, a familiar voice belonging to a much beloved friend; "Who must return to the Labrynth to save what she left behind" Sarah's head flicked up to confirm her thoughts on the voices owner. "HOGGLE" she screamed, elated to once again behold her smallest pal. She ran over to him and kissed him on the cheek. She stopped however when she saw that Hoggle was not so happy to be here, his meloncholy gaze hadn't changed since he'd arrived. "Hogggle." Sarah sounded more serious; "Whats the matter?"
"When Jareth was the ruler, it wasn't so bad. He was a bastard sure, and he deserved everything he got but, but this new guy - I've never seen anything like it."
"What new guy Hoggle? Hoggle what are you talking about?"
"After you left our world was without a king so me, Ludo and the good sir set up kinda of a comittee, to look overeverything, but the kingdom to the north heard of Jareth's defeat and, and they attacked. We have been fighting them since you left, and now we have lost. Please Sarah, I don't know of anyone as powerful as you, you have to come back and save us!"
"Oh Hoggle, of course I'll help! What can I do?"
"You have to come back..." Suddenly the room melted away and Sarah stood on that all too familiar hilltop looking over the Labrynth, although things were different now - the castle was ablaze with fire and she could ever see it, sense it from here that the Labrynth was twisted, darker. How could she have abandonned them?

To be continued...