A fiery dawn rose over the Labyrinth, matched only by the blaze of the castle at its centre. Sarah and her small troop had already left, heading for the Labyrinth walls. Jareth led followed by Hoggle, Sarah, a fiery, 3 Goblin soldiers, and finally Ludo with fairies buzzing around all their heads - Sir Didymous had stayed behind to order the survivors. The camp had become mobile and had moved further away from the Labyrinth earlier that morning, although Sarah knew that if they failed now then there would be no- where they could hide. She occasionally glanced back at the creature behind her - no longer did it laugh and dance as it did when she met it last. Now a scowl encompassed it's face and a scar ran across it's cheek. It had a necklace and belt from which hung an assortment of bottles and potions - Sarah could only guess what for. When they reached the labyrinth wall Jareth moved up to it and placed his hand on its surface, a huge door opened as a result and as he entered Sarah swore she heard the walls sigh in relief. When the whole party was in the doors closed behind them and they were in that familiar long corridor.

It seemed as though they had been walking for hours, Jareth knowing exactly which way to go to avoid enemy troops, but they could only hide for so long. They rounded a hedge and a small enemy party stood in their way. In this party Sarah recognised three scouts as she had seen them before, however there were two larger versions and one last one at least as big as Ludo. They all sported the same flame for flesh and armoury. Ludo charged right into action sprinting into battle, he ran into the fray throwing aside the three smaller ones and tackling the large one. All the others turned to our party and the battle was on. One of the larger ones charged Sarah but the fiery leapt in the in the way and discharged one of his bottles into the creatures helmet, it exploded on impact and the creatures stepped back. Its blade however continued on its path and severed the fiery's hand, but it just reattached it and kept of fighting. Another canister of explosives and the fiery soldier went tumbling over. As it fell the fiery took a moment and sat down to pray. Meanwhile the goblins went to work on the scouts, however they were hopelessly out skilled. Jareth was weaving his magic on the other medium sized opponent, literally. Numerous times the monster swung his sword at Jareth only to his air or Jareth's cloak. Finally Jareth connected with his fist to the helmet of his attacker - Sarah wouldn't have imagined she would see Jareth use his fists to fight. Suddenly he pulled a small crystal sphere as if from no-where, it transformed into shawl and he threw it over his enemy and it disappeared as if it was never there. Jareth was stunned though because of the use of his dwindling power, then as if out of nowhere Ludo flew through the air, straight into him, knocking him over. 'Jareth!' Sarah cried, then afterwards wishing she didn't. Both Jareth and Ludo were out cold, Ludo being the worse off. At this time the last goblin soldier was slain by the two remaining scouts and the large monster that Ludo has sought to best lumbered toward them. It raised its blade high above its head ready to end Sarah's life, but before it could be brought down an arrow shot through its head. Un-phased it turned toward its assassin, before it could move however a larger winged man swooped from the air and tackled him to the ground before plunging a sword into its chest. The two remaining scouts ran at Hoggle who was with Sarah the whole battle, but they too were slain but now but an onslaught of arrows. Sarah looked up to the source of their saviours. Two winged men with bow in hand hovered in mid air. They were dressed in a mixture of robes and armour, with hoods that covered their faces leaving their visage in shadow. Sarah was stunned, speechless. The first one climbed off of the burning corpse of his victim and walked over to her. He looked the same as the others, only his armour was gold and his wings were larger. "Am I to presume that you are Sarah?" Sarah didn't answer. "Sarah, from the eastern land?" Hoggle stepped forward when Sarah still remained silent. "Yes, she is. And who are you? You aren't here to cause trouble are you?" "No, we are warriors of the Southern world - here to serve you in your quest Queen Sarah." Sarah looked at this. being that just saved her life. He looked like an angel clad in armour and wielding a blade. Although she did not know them, she did know her mission was safer with them, with him around.