"Let me touch your face."

Aang probably didn't know what hit him. Or what hit Toph for that matter. Why she was so forceful in demanding he come sit next to her by the small fire Sokka had built to keep them warm in the temple just so she could run her hands all over his marble-like head was odd. Everybody else had fallen asleep, even Appa and Momo, leaving the two to their rambling thoughts and the warm flickering flames and this is what she came up with?

But in all honesty, it had been bugging her for a while now, long before tonight. Not being able to visualize what one of the people that meant the most to her bothered Toph so much more than anybody could ever guess. Sure, she could "see" what his general body shape was and his position in relation to hers by listening to the vibrations in the earth, but she wanted to see his face, to see Aang, to see what everybody else—the normal people—saw.

"What? Why?" Aang asked as he moved closer to her. She knew he wouldn't refuse him, no matter how much he questioned her motives. She would kick his ass from one end of the temple to the other if he did anyway.

"Because I said so," Toph groused in reply. She reached over and grabbed his round bald head with her less than impeccably clean hands. Toph was sure that he would have her dirty handprints on his forehead for the rest of the night but she didn't care. If there was anybody who didn't mind her sticky, dirt under the fingernails hands, it was Aang.

Aang's skin was surprisingly soft. Considering he spent a hundred years in an iceberg and trained like a madman in all types of environments, Toph expected it to be a bit rougher around the edges like the bottoms of her feet. But it was as velvet smooth as the silk dresses her parents used to stuff her in as a child. His cheekbones and jawline contrasted with that sensation, sharp corners everywhere almost digging into the pads of her fingers. She couldn't help but think that if she could really see his face, really see how all the parts came together, she would think he was pretty handsome.

Not like she didn't already. It wasn't as strong of a feeling as she felt for Sokka, but it was there, buried deep inside her, never to surface. Aang belonged to Katara, whether those two idiots knew it or not. Last thing she wanted was for them to fight over a dumb boy and over a dumb thing like love.

Toph could feel his heartbeat, his warm blood pumping underneath her small calloused fingertips. There was a rhythm to it; a fast paced one with an underlying peaceful note. It was a different one from everybody else's. Probably a just weird monk thing, she thought, but yet, maybe it was just Aang's thing.

"Okay, I'm done," Toph announced, pushing him away hard enough for him to stumble against the ground. She could feel her face warming up around the cheeks and knew she was blushing. It was embarrassing; Toph Bei Fong blushing over the dorky Avatar? Please. That was Sugar Queen's job anyway and there was no way in hell she would let him see that happening to her and give him the opportunity to call her out on it.

She stood up, turning her back to Aang and announced, "I'm going to bed. You have a lot of boulder breaks to do at dawn." He didn't answer her, other than a nervous chuckle, the sound that told Toph he knew it wouldn't be easy at all.

Luckily for him, she'd be nice to him, just enough to not ruin that smooth skin on his face. After all, he did let her see him as she never saw him before. That deserved a reward of some sort.

Toph just would throw smaller rocks at him this time.