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Right, so here we go!

Naruto knew it was going to be a bad day, worse then normal that is. It was October 10th, his 11th birthday he knew he couldn't stop the imminent beating, he could only hope it wouldn't be too bad. fortunately, it would be his his last.

Naruto saw the mob starting to form up not to far behind him, with the usual various weapons, Naruto was in the Shinobi Academy, but he still wouldn't fight against them, the number one rule they taught in the Academy was to never harm a citizen of Konoha.

Since he couldn't hurt them, he did the only thing he could do to try and hold off the pain, he ran. He ran as quickly as his malnourished legs could carry him, which unfortunately, did not get him to far, before to long he was hit in the back with a shuriken, and fell. Naruto groaned 'Great theres Shinobi heer too again?' Before he could even recover from the fall, or the sharp star of metal in his back, they were upon him, cuts and bruises from knives, broken bottles and various blunt weapons, Naruto did his best to hold in the cries of pain, but eventually his will lost out, and he cried out in pain, which only spurred on his attackers.

After they finished cutting him apart and breaking his limbs, they dragged him down an alley and tossed him up against the wall like some meek trash. Then a man walked out of the group, he was clearly a Shinobi, and a chuunin judging by his vest, he pulled out a Kunai and walked up to Naruto, and jabbed it viciously into his shoulder, and twisted it. Naruto screamed out in pain, and the Shinobi just smirked "Yes, feel our pain demon! The pain you caused all of us when you killed our family!"

The Shinobi ripped the Kunai from his shoulder and dragged it across his left cheek, slicing it very deeply, blood seeped from the wound, down his face and neck. Naruto grit his teeth from the pain, and managed to not yell out, then the Shinobi lifted the blade up from his cheek, to his eyes.

Naruto noticed where exactly the blade was headed and pleaded "Please no! I've never done anything!"

The Shinobi snarled "You lying demon scum! You killed my wife! And now, I'm going to make you wish for death" He grabbed Naruto's head with one hand and jabbed the Kunai into Naruto's left eye, and gouged it out. Naruto screamed in pain and tried to break free of his grip, but he just pulled back and smashed his head into the wall over and over, and Naruto stopped fighting him, he watched in horror with his one eye as the blade moved over, and turned his life into nothing but darkness and pain.

He screamed out in pain, as blood poured from the now empty sockets of his eyes, the Shinobi reared back one more time and smashed his head into the wall, Naruto whimpered in pain from the massive blow, he could literally feel his skull crack. The Shinobi in question then took the Kunai one last time rammed it as hard as he could into Naruto's stomach, he then stood back up and kicked him in the ribs hard, breaking a few. Then the mob, satisfied with their torture session, left.

Naruto heard the footsteps leave and thanked Kami the attack was over, he then slowly did his best to crawl out of the alley on his broken limbs, leaving a horrible trail of blood behind him.


Sarutobi, the third Hokage, Kami of Shinobi arrived at the scene of Naruto's attack and was horrified at the amount of blood, but was more shocked that Naruto wasn't there, he then noticed the trail of blood leading away from the scene, he felt horrible about the attack, as he always did, but usually Naruto passed out long before the attack finished, this time it seems he was conscious through and through.

He followed the trail of blood, and found Naruto slowly crawling towards his apartment, leaving a trail of blood. He walked up towards Naruto to help him, and Naruto stiffened, Naruto looked about in front of him aimlessly and called out "Who ever is there, please, please just leave me alone".

Sarutobi walked up behind him and placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder and Naruto instantly flinched away, but didn't turn to look at him "Please don't hurt me anymore".

He felt horrible, "Naruto, it's me, Sarutobi, I'm so sorry this happened to you".

Naruto whipped around at the voice, and his eyes instinctively opened to try and look around, revealing the empty sockets, which were still leaking blood "Jiji? Is it really you?" Sarutobi saw his eyes, or lack of and died a little inside, he knew Naruto's life was over from that point, without eyes he couldn't continue as a Shinobi, and without that, he couldn't protect himself from the villagers.

"Oh god Naruto, I'm sorry. I'm getting you help right now!" Sarutobi scooped up the boy and instantly disappeared.

He reappeared in the middle of the hospitals ER and yelled "This boy needs a damn good doctor, now!"

A doctor came running over, one of the few who didn't hold anything against Naruto. He saw Naruto and wanted to cry at the condition the boy was in. He nodded to Sarutobi and he handed the broken boy to the Doctor, he instantly took off with Naruto to get him help from the other doctors who didn't hold anything against him.


That was about a week ago, and it was his first day back at the Academy now, Sarutobi tried to convince him to drop out, but Naruto refused, he still had minor casts on his arms, since they were broken far worse then anything else, from trying to protect himself, he now had a jagged scar across his left cheek, and wore a black cloth headband tied over his empty eye sockets.

He healed quickly thanks to his tenant, though he was unaware of it at this time, Naruto had adapted to being blind surprisingly quickly, he was able to walk around without a cane, but he would still trip over things sometimes, and he would occasionally screw up. He could function, but not nearly on a Shinobi level.

He managed to get to the Academy before everyone else, even Iruka and he sat in his normal seat, after tripping over the first step, he placed his casted arms on the desk and put his head down, and drifted off to sleep, he found that he fell asleep very easily now, since his eyes were kind of always closed in a way.

Naruto was awakened by Iruka, via his name being yelled. Iruka was just told that Naruto was going to be out for a while, he wasn't told why, or when he would be back, he noticed Naruto's casts, but didn't know anything else. Naruto was quickly awake after Iruka yelled, and he responded without lifting his head "Sorry Iruka-sensei, I dazed off for a bit there"

Iruka was pissed at his disrespect "Naruto, look at me when you talk to me"

Naruto sighed "Why? There's nothing for me to see anyway"

Iruka thought Naruto was insulting him, calling him nothing, and he grew angry "Naruto, you will look at me right this second!"

Naruto sighed again and lifted his head up from his arms, and looked in Irukas' direction "Ok, I'm looking at you now" Iruka, along with everyone saw the fresh, jagged scar along Naruto's cheek, and then the cloth tied over his eyes like a blindfold.

They were shocked by the jagged scars and confused by the blindfold, who the hell wheres a blindfold to class? It frustrated Iruka "So, your falling asleep was intentional then?"

Naruto shook his head "No, I just kind of drifted off while waiting for everyone to get here"

Iruka frowned "Naruto, you're wearing a blindfold and telling me that it wasn't intentional? Take that thing off"

Naruto frowned "No, sorry I wont and it's not a blindfold, or at least for me it's not"

Kiba, who was sitting behind Naruto leaned forward and spoke "Guess I'll do it for you then!" he then yanked on the cloth, untying and pulling it off in one motion. Naruto got up instantly and spun around to the general area where Kiba was, and 'glared' at him, really it was just scarred empty eyes staring at him. "Give it back to me now Kiba!"

Kiba, along with everyone sitting next to him and behind him were extremely freaked out, and startled, Kiba gave the cloth back to him, suddenly regretting taking it, but he had to ask "Naruto, what the fuck happened to you? You've got casts on your arms, that scar on your face...and your eyes, what happened ?"

Naruto turned around and sat back in his seat, allowing everyone else to see what Kiba saw, the empty scarred sockets of Naruto's eyes, Naruto fumbled for a minute with his casts but managed to tie it back in place, and decided to answer, he first sighed "last week was my birthday"

Everyone face vaulted, that was his explanation for all of this? "What the hell does that have to do with this?" Kiba asked.

Naruto sighed "My life is not the same as yours, my birthday is the worst day of the year, and on every birthday, mobs of villagers and Shinobi come and torture me for a few hours, this was one of the worst one's I can remember though, first they broke all my limbs, and cut me all over, then they dragged me into an alley and smashed me into a wall, then some Shinobi came forward and slashed my cheek, and smashed my head into the wall until my skull cracked, then he gouged out my eyes with a Kunai, then he stabbed me in the stomach with the Kunai and they left me there, after a while the Hokage found me and brought me to the hospital"

Everyone in the room suddenly felt very horrible, he was only 11! "VILLAGERS DID THAT? AND SHINOBI!?" Kiba yelled

Naruto sighed "Yeah, they do it all the time, it's just worse on my birthday"

They were all furious, they torture, and blind him, and he treats it like it's another day in the life. In reality Naruto was extremely shaken up from the whole incident, he was always thinking about how that guy was a Shinobi, and how their have been plenty of Shinobi present for the attacks, if they could attack a citizen in cold blood, why couldn't he attack one to defend himself? It wouldn't take much to push Naruto over the edge, and it wouldn't take long.

Naruto managed to get through the day, he wasn't to bad off in the Academy, the only thing he couldn't do is target practice, he could still practice taijutsu, and learn so it wasn't so bad.

That night Naruto drifted off into familiar nothingness in his bed, but this time he was suddenly very wet, he opened his eyes, and he could see, HE COULD SEE! Naruto jumped up, then realized he was just in his mind. He'd been here before when he was knocked out, but he never came across anything, this time there was a red glow coming from the doorway in the room he was in, he figured he mis well enjoy the time of sight while he could, so he followed the light out of the room.

He followed the light, as it slowly grew in intensity through the twisting and turning halls, eventually the path turned into a huge open room, at the far end of the room was a gigantic cage door, with a tiny piece of paper on it. Naruto walked up closer to the cage and was finally able to read the paper, it had the kanji for 'seal' on it.

Naruto was standing before the giant cage, marveling at it's size, when suddenly two red slitted eyes snapped open and looked at him, Naruto jumped back from the cage and a second later a vicious set of teeth appeared, in an evil looking grin, a moment later the entire head, then body of a fox came into view, complete with nine tails.

Naruto was beyond surprised, why was the nine tailed fox sealed in his mind, then somehow everything slammed into place all at once, they called him demon because he had one inside him, they tortured him because of what the Kyuubi did to their families. Naruto was overwhelmed with shock and fell on his backside in the ankle deep water, and the fox spoke.

"I've been awaiting the day when we would finally meet, Boy"