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Last time: Naruto was furious 'I don't give a damn about living forever! What about having children? Having a family!?'

Kyuubi actually flinched slightly at his tone 'There is one way that you can have kits still though.'

Let the story begin!


'You could turn her into a demon as well, then you would be the same, and could live together forever, and have all the children you want' Kyuubi finished

Naruto sighed 'I would never force that on her, but how is it done? Just in case she does want to do it'

'It's not all that difficult actually. You have to mark her as your mate first, by biting her on the collarbone and injecting your chakra into her through the bite(Yeah yeah, done a dozen times, I know), then you need only to cut her, and yourself, and drain some of your own blood into her system. Her body will already be in tune with yours from the 'mate mark' and your demonic blood will overpower her human blood, and will turn her into a vulpine demon as well, though she won't have my chakra, so she won't be quite as strong as you'

Naruto nodded 'Well, guess I better break the news...' Naruto took a deep breath and looked from Anko to Kushina "Well, I have some bad news, and some...weird news"

They both frowned, and adopted slightly worried looks, clearly telling him to spit it out already. "Anko and I can't have children, at least not unless we do some extremely crazy shit with Anko first"

Both womens eyes widened "What why not!?" Anko cried out.

Naruto sighed deeply "It turns out, that all of the changes that have happened to me, have turned me into a demon. So, my DNA is demonic...so my children would be demonic. If we are to have kids at this point, you would die Anko"

A dreaded look washed over Anko, as she looked gloomily to the floor "You said we could have kids if we did something to me right? What do we have to do?" Anko asked.

Naruto sighed "Well, for you to handle a demonic child...You would have to be a demon. We would have to turn you into a demon, like me"

Anko looked up at him suddenly with wide eyes "What? How the hell do you do that?"

Naruto cleared his throat "Well, Kyuubi told me how to do it. But I'm not going to force you to do anything, I'm leaving this completely up to you, Anko"

Anko nodded without giving it more then two seconds thought "Ok, lets do it"

Naruto's eyes widened in surprise "Wait, what? Don't you want to think about it?"

Anko shook her head "What's there to think about? We both want kids, and to be together, this is the only way to do it, plus what's so bad about being a demon? I'll get fuzzy ears and tails like you right?"

Naruto suddenly was bombarded with mental images of Anko with ears and tails, looking extremely sexy. He couldn't get the thought out of his head of how Anko would only look better as a demon. "Well, you'd be immortal too"

Anko gasped "Immortal? As in we'd be alive, together, forever?" Naruto nodded "Well then what the hell are we waiting for? Lets do it!" Anko yelled, with an enthusiastic fist pump.

Naruto was shocked that she was so gung-ho for the idea of being genetically changed to an entirely different being "You are aware that this can't be undone if you don't like it right?"

Anko nodded "Yes, but like you said, this is the only way for us to safely have kids, and I would like to live long enough to actually know my children, so it's worth being different. Plus I would be different right alongside you, so we would be normal to each other"

Naruto nodded, a grateful smile in place "Fine, I guess we can get started on it soon then, no point in wasting time" 'Kyuubi, how long is this whole thing going to take?'

'Hmm, considering that she's going to be doing all of your transformations at once, probably about two days, also it would be nice if you warn her of the incredible pain to expect from this'

Naruto nodded "It's going to take about two days to complete according to the Kyuubi, also it's going to hurt, probably more then anything else you've ever experienced"

Anko gulped but nodded "It's alright, I've dealt with gaining Orochimaru's curse seal, I can deal with this, lets get started I suppose?"

Naruto nodded "Mom, is it alright if we use the spare bedroom for the...procedure?"

Kushina nodded "Sure thing, and if you need anything at all let me know, I'll do my best to help"

Naruto nodded and led Anko to the spare bedroom, where he had her lay down on the bed, and he crawled up on top of her, where he was straddling her waist. "This is going to hurt a bit, I have to bite you as the first step"

Anko bit her lip and nodded, bracing for the pain, "Do it"

Naruto leaned down and opened his mouth wide, revealing his sharpened fangs, he moved down to her collarbone and hovered for a second before closing the gap and sinking his fangs all the way into her flesh. Anko screamed in pain from the bite, and he started to channel his chakra through his fangs, which quickly numbed the pain for Anko, replacing it with a dull warm ache.

Naruto pulled away after a minute, and wiped away the blood from her collarbone and his mouth. Anko was now sporting a seal on her collarbone, that was shaped like a foxs' head with nine tails wrapped around it protectively

Anko opened her eyes, which she had screwed shut when he bit her "That's it?"

Naruto shook his head sadly "No, that was just the first step. Now I have to cut you, and myself and drain a bit of my blood into you" Anko's eyes widened slightly as Naruto pulled out a Kunai and grabbed her arm in a gentle but firm grip. "This is going to sting" she nodded and once again bit her lip.

He gripped the Kunai tightly and dug it into her arm, earning a stifled scream from Anko, her blood began to run down her arm and Naruto quickly pulled up his own sleeve and stabbed his own arm, his own blood quickly began to pour from his arm and he held his arm steady over the wound in Anko's arm, and his blood began to drip from his wound and into hers' where it quickly started to steam and invade her body.

Naruto wasn't sure how much blood was needed so he just sat there and kept letting his blood drip onto her wound as it slowly crept through her cardiovascular system and kicked her human blood to the curb. Naruto's wound didn't take long to heal, and his blood stopped. Not long after, Anko surprised him when her arm healed in a similar manner to his, with the wound steaming and hissing shut.

Not long after that Anko scared Naruto sufficiently as she started to scream in pain, and convulse violently on the bed, Naruto held her in place to keep her from hurting herself, but he was soon forced to get off of her and stop holding her as a shroud of chakra, similar to the one that encased him, encased her. The Major difference being the fact that her shroud was a vibrant purple, and not an enraged crimson.

Kushina had been outside the bedroom door the whole time, listening intently, and was fairly scared, it sounded as if Naruto was torturing her to death from the blood chilling screams that Anko was making, then the screams suddenly subsided as the Shroud fully engulfed her, sending her into unconsciousness.

Naruto stepped out of the room and closed the door behind him. Kushina looked at him slightly worried "Is everything alright? It sounded horrible"

Naruto smiled warmly "It worked fine from everything that I can tell. From here only time will tell how well it turns out, I'll be staying with her for the whole time, in case anything happens or needs to be done"

Kushina nodded "Okay, if you need anything just call for me, I'll bring you some food and drinks when you want"

Naruto smiled warmly and nodded "Thanks ma" He gave her a quick hug and slipped back into the room, which was glowing a dull ethereal purple from the chakra.

Naruto spent the whole two days in the room, right beside Anko as he said he would, and Kushina stopped by every little while to check on everything just like she said she would.

Finally the shroud of purple chakra subsided, revealing the changed Anko, and Naruto was quite pleased with the change, she was still unconscious at the moment, but Naruto was filing away every changed detail about her. Her plum colored hair, which was normally pulled back into a spiky Ponytail had grown significantly longer, and turned a much more vibrant purple, it also broke free of the pony tail some how. Adorning her head were two long fox ears, similar to Narutos, except hers were a vibrant purple like her new hair, and had white tips.

She, like Naruto had small fangs protruding over her bottom lip, and her eyes looked more feral and fox like, though he had yet to see her actual eyes yet, being unconscious. Naruto didn't notice much else about her that changed aside from her body looking to be more toned, more powerful. And of course, the four purple, white tipped tails that were pinned beneath her.

Anko groggily rubbed her eyes with the back of her, now clawed hand. She then opened her eyes to reveal the most beautiful eyes Naruto had ever seen, and he had thought that they looked good before as their dull gray. Now they were slitted, just like Naruto's, except like her hair and new appendages, they were a vibrant purple. Naruto wasn't sure why they changed, but didn't really care, it was a good change.

Anko smiled at Naruto, and Naruto grinned back "How do you feel?" Naruto asked.

Anko's smile grew and she stretched in a very sexy way. "Mmm, I feel better than I ever have, how do I look?"

Naruto's grin widened "Like a vulpine goddess"

Anko got up out of the bed, and instantly noticed her new tails "Ohhhh they're so pretty!" she touched one "And soft!"

Naruto chuckled and tossed a small mirror to her, which she caught easily and brought up to look at herself, and she gasped "Wow, damn I look good!" Naruto nodded "Yes, yes you do"

Naruto and Anko left the room and headed to the living room, where they meet Kushina, who looked at Anko and her jaw dropped "Well, the change certainly didn't seem to do you any harm"

Anko smiled, showing off her new pearly white fangs "Indeed I feel, and look better than ever, and it's all thanks to Naru-kun!"

Kushina nodded "Hmm, so what are you two going to do now? If you say make babies, I'm going to harm you"

Naruto grimaced, even though his mother was far weaker then he, or even Anko was, she still made him scared. "I dunno, the clones have the village pretty clean from the last report I got, we could head back and start getting contractors to make plans for it, or at least get a house for me and Anko set up for construction"

Naruto was suddenly hit with a flood of memories, and his face flushed with anger "Change of plans, we're going to Konoha"

Anko, and Kushina's eyes widened "What, why?" they both asked.

Naruto's eyes narrowed "When we left Konoha I left some clones with large amounts of chakra, so they would last a long time, they had simple instructions to dispel if something bad happens, from what I just learned. Orochimaru and Suna and Oto attacked Konoha during the Chuunin exam finals. Orochimaru killed Jiji, but Jiji got his arms, after that the forces of Suna and Oto were pushed back and forced to retreat, and those fools in Konoha have set Danzo as their new Hokage, the village is going to go to hell in a hand basket in no time if I don't step in"

Anko and Kushina's eyes widened "What, Sarutobi died!?"

Naruto eyes softened slightly "So it seems. It seems I'm going to have to... intervene sooner than I expected. Mom, you wanna come too?"

Kushina nodded and the three quickly grabbed some supplies and left the house, in town they found a shop and bought new sets of clothes, Naruto and Anko would be easily spotted in their traditional trench coats.

The three of them walked out of the shop in their new clothes, Naruto had a long black robe with the Kanji for King on the back in red. Anko had on long red robes, with the kanji for queen on the back in black. They also both also had on large baggy hoods that matched their robes. Kushina had taken to large beige baggy pants, a loose black jacket, and a large hat that drooped and hid her face.

The three quickly headed towards Konoha, though Naruto and Anko were much faster then Kushina, and Naruto ended up carrying her so they could get there much faster.

With their incredible speed the three of them arrived at Konoha in just about a week, they didn't want it to be well known that their was unknown Shinobi in the village, so Naruto grabbed Anko as well and all three of them disappeared in a swirl of fire, they reappeared deep inside of Konoha, in the Namikaze house.

Naruto let go of the women and nodded, mostly to himself "Okay, you guys just hang out here, I'm gonna go deal with this villages problems for them. Starting with the 'Hokage' and the council"

Kushina's eyes widened "You can't expect them to allow you to take over do you?"

Naruto smirked "They won't even know what hit them, I'm gonna take out Danzo in no time, I'll remove his root devision of Anbu, and I'll disband the civilian council, and remove the Shinobi council's power. Then I'll set in a rightful Hokage to take over, pretty simple. Now please just hang out here for now, it will be a lot easier to stay undercover if they don't know how many of us there are"

Anko frowned "But I want to help you Naruto-kun, we're supposed to be there for each other"

Naruto frowned "I know Anko-chan, but this is my task, my fight"

Anko sighed "Fine, go then. But know that I may just show up to help at some point, I need some action every once in a while too you know"

Naruto chuckled "Fine, how about you help me take out the root Anbu?"

Anko jumped for joy "Okay!"

Naruto smiled one last time and threw a quick wave "See you in a bit Anko, mom" he then disappeared in a plume of smoke.

He reappeared in the Hokage's office with no warning, incredibly alarming Danzo, who had been leaning back in his Hokage chair, he couldn't see the face of Naruto, so he didn't know it was him, but someone just appeared in his office in a plume of fire. "Haven't you ever heard of knocking you halfwit, what do you want?"

Naruto chuckled creepily under his hood, and he disappeared and reappeared behind Danzo with a Kunai pressed against his throat "I want your head, you sniveling traitor. When I'm done with you, your whole root devision is going down, then the council."

Danzo recognized his voice instantly and hissed "You Dem-" his sentence left unfinished, as his throat was sliced nearly all the way through with the Kunai, spraying the paperwork on his desk with his rich crimson blood. Naruto dug the Kunai into his neck one more time and the shocked visage of the Godaime Hokage dropped to the floor with a thud.

Naruto pulsed his chakra twice quickly, and a moment later Anko appeared in her robes and hood. Naruto could just tell she was grinning from ear to ear under that hood "Lets go Anko, it's time to bring the pain to root"

They both disappeared simultaneously, only to reappear elsewhere in the village, where exactly were they? The headquarters for Danzo's root devision of Anbu. They were just inside the entrance and they both pulled down their hoods, revealing their faces. They both slowly walked down the corridor, side by side, until they came to a room teaming with men in emotionless Anbu masks.

Naruto and Anko both grinned, looking very terrifying with their eyes and teeth "Time to die!" Naruto yelled. About 50 Kage Bunshin all appeared around him and Anko instantly, and charged forward, meeting the Anbu in their own charge.

Naruto's clones were no slouches, and these ones had more then a normal amount of chakra.

Naruto and Anko watched with sick fascination as Anbu after Anbu fell to the clones, and clone after clone fell to the Anbu, after all, they weren't Anbu for nothing.

In the end the Anbu's lost around twenty men, and the clones were all gone, not that it really mattered since Naruto could just make even more if he wanted to. But he needed his hands on fun too "Now, Anko-chan!" Anko whipped two Kunai out of no where and leaped at the large group of Anbu, numbering somewhere around fifty five.

Anko was easily ripping through them with her Kunai, she was now far more fearful then she used to be, with her much more powerful muscles, and faster body. She jumped over kicks, ducked under punches and countered grabs, all the while slitting throats and slashing limbs and bodies. It was like a dazzling ballet of death, and Naruto couldn't help but watch, until a Kunai in the stomach alerted him to the fact that he too should be paying attention.

He ripped the Kunai from his stomach and grinned at the poor fool who stabbed him. Before he even saw him move Naruto disemboweled him, and severed his spine.

He too then dove into the crowd of Anbu, though he was relying more on muscle and pure power then Anko was, viciously ripping through their ranks with his bare claws and brute strength. Crushing bones under powerful blows, snapping necks like twigs, and ripping out the occasional throat.

It didn't take very long at all for Naruto and Anko to clear through all of the root devisions headquarters, every single one of them died, and Naruto and Anko never even got hit, after Naruto's first 'attention grabber' that is.

The two quickly left the headquarters, leaving their bodies to rot in the hidden confines of the headquarters.

Naruto and Anko returned to the Hokage tower to find that no one had entered the office, meaning no one in the village knew yet of what was occurring. Naruto forged a letter from Danzo, requesting that the civilian, and Shinobi councils be gathered immediately, he stamped it with the Hokage's seal, Henged into an Anbu and quickly gave it to the secretary outside of Danzo's office. 'Honestly, it's way to easy to take control of a village with the right application of power and knowledge'

Not to long afterwards Naruto and Anko were in the Council chambers, with Naruto Henged as Danzo, and Anko henged as a root Anbu at his side. The council was gathered before him, and didn't look pleased to be there.

"What have you called the council to meet for Danzo?" Hyuuga Hiashi announced

Naruto as Danzo schooled his face and spoke "There will be changes in Konoha, starting immediately. First and foremost, the civilian council no longer holds any sway in military matters, you are restricted to civilian matters, and civilian matters alone. Second, The Hokage is the supreme ruler of this village, and it's going back to be that way. I as the Hokage have the final say in everything, and what I say goes. I wasn't put as Hokage to be a figure head, I was put there because I know how to operate this village. In other words, I hereby declare that the Hokage has final say on all matters regarding the village, the council is now just that, a council of advisors that assist me in my decision making"

Hiashi jumped up from his seat, in a rare show of emotion "Are you crazy? You expect us to just hand over control on a silver platter?"

'Danzo' snapped his fingers and Anko appeared behind Hiashi with a Kunai to his throat "You can submit to my orders, or you can die Hiashi. I prefer not to spill unnecessary blood, but I don't particularly like the Hyuuga clan, and I would have no problem in ordering your death if need be"

Koharu, and Homaru. Sarutobi's ex-teammates stood up "Danzo, what do you think you're doing?"

He snapped his fingers once again, and Homaru and Koharu both dropped to the floor with blood spilling from their throats "I'm bringing this village back to the way it should be, a symbol of power, not a symbol of corruption, and a weak leader who can't control his council"

Inoichi Yamanaka stood up "Are you trying to destroy this village? You crazy old war hawk"

Danzo chuckled briefly "Tell me, Inoichi-san. Do you love this village, your home? The home of your daughter and her friends?"

Inoichi narrowed his eyes "Of course I do, I would give anything for this village, even my life"

Danzo smirked "Good, all I'm asking is to relinquish power, this village will flourish once again, I just need you all not to interfere"

Hiashi spoke again "How could we trust you? You've been an avid opposer to everything the third Hokage stood four, everything the fourth Hokage stood for, why would we trust you?"

He smirked "So you're saying that you don't trust me? That you think someone else might make a better Hokage?"

The gathered Shinobi nodded, and the civilian council mattered not, for they were not involved in military matters anymore. Danzo nodded "Thats good to know, because I'm not Danzo, I am the one who will replace Danzo as temporary Hokage, until I can find the proper person to take the place as Hokage of Konoha that is"

Eyes widened all around, and jaws dropped "You're not Danzo?" was yelled from multiple people. Naruto dropped his henge, along with Anko. Revealing the two hooded Shinobi, faces hidden in shadows.

Naruto quickly produced a scroll and swiped some blood on it and put it on the table, and Danzo's head poofed into existence, Naruto used a henge on just his voice for now "I am the one who killed Danzo, and my partner here assisted in the removal of Danzo's root devision of Anbu. Do not take us the wrong way, we want nothing but the best for Konoha, as we intend to have you as great allies when the time comes. Do you accept the terms given? I can lead your village to great power, but I need your cooperation, I know it is a very strange request, but I would never do this village harm"

The council all grudgingly agreed to hand over the majority of their power. Naruto grinned beneath his hood "Well, thank you for all being so trusting of us, Konoha is in good hands, and will soon be in much better fairs when we're through with it" Naruto and Anko both turned to leave the chamber when they called out to them.

"Wait, before you go, who are you?"

Naruto and Anko both turned around, then looked at each other and nodded, then looked back towards the council and pulled their hoods down. The entire council gasped, more at Anko's appearance than at the fact that Naruto was there. "Naruto and Anko, the saviors of Konoha, at your service"

"W-what happened to you Anko? What did he do to you!?" Hiashi yelled

Anko growled in a very feral manner "He did nothing more then what I asked him too, I don't think that's a very nice way to talk to your Hokage, do you?"

Hiashi narrowed his eyes at the two, but shut up and sat down. "So, what are you planning to do with the village Hokage-sama" he asked.

Naruto chuckled "I can see you love the fact that I'm Hokage. My plan is to fix the village of the damage from the invasion, set things up right, and get a person who can stay as Hokage to take my place"

Inoichi cleared his throat "Not that I'm unhappy with your leaving, but why aren't you able to stay? And what village do you come from, you mentioned before you want to be allies with Konoha, what village took you in?"

Naruto grinned "I can't stay as Hokage because I have my own position to take up, and the village I hail from is my own village. I am the Uzukage of whirlpool"

The council burst into laughter "You do know that whirlpool has been nothing but ruins for over fifteen years right?"

Naruto chuckled "You be amazed what an incredibly rich, incredibly powerful person can accomplish. I am in the midst of rebuilding whirlpool as we speak"

Another bout of chuckles broke through the council "You, rich? You're but an orphan"

Naruto couldn't help but laugh "True, I had no parents in my life while growing up. That does not mean that I never had parents at all, You really shouldn't have been so quick to banish me from the village. It's not everyday that you banish the only living member of the Namikaze clan, the son of the most powerful ninja to live, and your strongest fighter, all lost because of stupidity and haste, it really is a shame"

Gasps tore through the room once again, followed by low whispering "Impossible, the Yondaime's son died the day Minato himself did"

Naruto chuckled at the villages ignorance "You really think that the Yondaime's son died? And that on the exact same night a blue eyed, blond haired newborn baby was rescued, who just happened to have the Kyuubi sealed in him? I think not. My father sealed the Kyuubi into the only person he was willing to, his son. Anyway, Anko and I are tired, we've had a long day of running, and slaying organizations of corrupt Shinobi, we'll begin our work as temporary Hokage tomorrow, don't mention anything about the new Hokage to anyone, I don't need a revolt of ignorant villagers and Shinobi to deal with, they will find out when they come to deal with me" Naruto and Anko then both disappeared in a swirl of fire, startling the council members, who all slowly left the chambers to head home to their families to think about the occurrences of the day.

Naruto and Anko reappeared back at the Namikaze house, where Kushina was waiting with baited breath for the news of what happened. Naruto and Anko appeared in the main room and Kushina walked up to them "Well? How did everything go?"

Naruto smirked "Everything went perfectly. Danzo is dead, root is dead and gone. The civilian council is out of military affairs, and the Hokage has the final say on all matters, the council can't usurp the Hokage now, also Homaru and Koharu are both dead too"

Kushina gasped "Koharu and Homaru, why?"

Naruto frowned "They were going to cause big problems, they were greedy old bags, like Danzo. It's time to let the younger people take over, and they didn't know when to quit"

Kushina sighed "Well, it's for the best in the end, you should get to sleep Naruto, you have a lot of work set out ahead of you tomorrow, you're a Hokage now, even if only temporarily"

Naruto nodded "Alright, going to bed now then, Anko you coming? Or you gonna stay up for a bit?"

Anko yawned cutely and stretched "I think I'll come to bed too, all that blood spilling earned me some good sleep"

Naruto nodded and the two headed off to a bathroom, where they took a combined shower and then headed off to the master bedroom, where they crawled into bed and snuggled into each other's warm embrace, with thirteen fluffy tails wrapped about them. It didn't take them long at all to slip away from the world.

The next day came quick and Naruto and Anko quickly got to the Hokage office, Naruto sat in the Hokage's chair, with his new Hokage robes on, Anko sat on the couch closest to his desk, which they had then dragged closer.

Naruto was lazily looking through paperwork about the reconstruction of Konoha, Danzo was doing a shit job in all departments and nothing was even underway to get fixed yet, they had about forty five minutes to their selves until some people finally knocked on the door, Naruto put down the paperwork and called for them to enter.

The door slowly swung open, and low and behold Team Kurenai walked through the door, with Kurenai in the lead, they walked through the door, quickly, barely sending a glance towards Anko who was sitting on the couch. "Good morning Hokage-sama, we're here for today's mission" Kurenai spoke, without even bothering to look up.

Naruto looked at the three, all of which were looking at the ground, which confused Naruto "Oi, why aren't you looking at me? It's pretty rude to not even look at your Hokage"

All there of their heads instantly snapped up at the sound of his voice, and they all locked onto the face of Naruto, wearing the Hokage robes and hat, and two gasps and a yell were heard "Naruto!? What are you doing here? And why are you in the Hokages office? In his clothes" Kurenai said

Naruto smirked "Why else? I'm the Hokage of course"

All three jaws dropped to the floor with a clatter "Would you care to repeat that? I think I heard wrong" Kurenai said.

Naruto chuckled "You heard correctly Kurenai. I'm the Hokage of Konoha, at least for now, it's only temporary until I find a fitting replacement, for now I'm fixing everything in the village, remember in the prelims, I said I would be back when the village made their mistake, and that I would make everything right, well they did, and here I am"

Kurenai was shocked "But, how? You're supposed to be banished, and what happened to Danzo?"

Naruto grinned sadistically "Danzo is dead. So is all of the root devision of Anbu, the Shinobi council has had it's power revoked, the civilian council has no involvement with military affairs, and Homaru and Koharu are dead"

Kurenai's eyes widened, sure she knew he was strong but an entire devision of Anbu? "You took out the entire root devision of Anbu?"

Naruto jabbed his thumb towards Anko, who was lounging on the couch with her tails flitting about around her. "Actually Anko-chan helped kill a lot of them, she killed Koharu and Homaru too"

The three gathered Shinobi turned towards Anko, and their jaws dropped once again "A-Anko?" Kurenai asked.

Anko smirked, revealing her long sharp fangs "Heya Ku-chan. It's been a while"

Kurenai couldn't form the needed words, this was not her Anko, this women had long, mid back length flowing vibrant purple hair, vibrant slitted purple eyes, purple, white tipped ears, she was more toned than Anko, and she had four purple white tipped tails, yet she had to be Anko, no one else called her 'ku-chan' "A-Anko, what happened to you?"

Anko laughed "I'm a demon now, just like Naruto-kun, it had to be done so we could stay together, so I asked him to do it. Plus I love it, I feel and look great, I'm so powerful now, plus Naruto-kun and I can be together forever now"

Kiba wolf whistled at Anko, "You're damn right you look good!"

Naruto growled deeply at Kiba "Kiba, do I have to remove you from the Shinobi ranks, banish you from the village, then slowly tear you limb from limb, or are you going to stop hitting on Anko?"

Kiba gulped and hid behind Kurenai "Sorry Naruto"

Naruto waved his hand "Whatever, just don't be stupid, or I'll let Anko decide what to do to you, and I guarantee it will be ten times worse" Anko parted her lips and rolled her tongue around her razor sharp fangs for emphasis, and Kiba whimpered slightly.

Kurenai collected herself from seeing the new and improved Anko and addressed Naruto "Right, well Naruto-sama then, what missions are there for us today?"

Naruto smiled "None, their will be no missions assigned for a short time, we need all the help we can get to repair the village, and having all of the Shinobi about to help will drastically help"

Kurenai couldn't really help but feel that he was right "But what about money? Everyone needs money to survive, missions is how we Shinobi get paid, and not everyone will be able to go without mission pay for a long period of time"

Naruto nodded "That's correct, that's why I am going to be giving all of the Shinobi weekly pay, equvilent to that of a C-rank or two, I'll be paying them all out of my own pocket too, that way the village doesn't lose a large amount of money"

Kurenai's eyes widened "That is very generous of you, but do you realize how much money that is? How do you expect to pay it all?"

Naruto chuckled "The money is of no concern to me"

Kurenai was confused "How do you have so much money? You had next to nothing before you left"

Naruto grinned "I inherited a large sum of money from my father recently, turns out the head of a clan and a Hokage has a lot of money saved up"

Kurenai's mind went into overdrive, sorting through the clues given and her eyes widened "No way, it's not possible!"

Naruto smirked "Ding ding ding, you are correct Kurenai, Yondaime Hokage it is!"

Kurenai gasped, as did Hinata, and Kiba's jaw was sitting tight on the floor.

Naruto chuckled at their reactions but shrugged it off "Right well, you all should get out of here, go help the village, earn the pay I'll be giving you, and spread the word that missions are off until further notice, the less people I need to deal with the better"

Kurenai and her squad nodded and left the office, and Naruto buzzed the secretary, fortunately she was nice and bore no resentments towards him "Could you get Jiraiya of the Sannin in here as soon as possible please? I have something for him. Don't come back without him, I know he's got to be somewhere in the village, he wouldn't not be here at a time like this"

"Right away Hokage-sama" Was her curt reply

Naruto leaned back in his chair and sighed. Anko looked over to him "So, what's the plan?"

Naruto smiled, Anko just always managed to brighten his mood, "First, I ask Jiraiya to become Hokage, if he says yes, hooray we get to leave early, if not..then we get to go find Tsunade of the Sannin, and ask her to be Hokage, also... think you could hide your tails and ears for when Jiraiya gets here? I don't want him to be alarmed about anything"

Anko shrugged and wrapped her tails around her like she had seen Naruto do many times, and she put on her hood, hiding her ears, though she kept it back enough so her face wasn't hidden.

The two of them sat in the office, waiting in uncomfortable silence for Jiraiya to come, finally after an agonizingly long wait, Jiraiya popped in through the door. He was about to talk when his eyes fell on Naruto, and he noticed just who he was "Y-you're the Hokage? What happened to the old war hawk?"

Naruto said it like it were nothing "Dead. I have something to ask of you, Jiraiya"

Jiraiya quirked an eyebrow "Really now...what exactly is it you have to ask me?"

Naruto sighed "Would you be willing to take the position of Hokage of Konoha?"

Jiraiya cocked his head to the side "Nani? You just became the Hokage, and you want to drop it onto me? Why?"

"I have more important things to take care of then Konoha, I'm trying to leave the village in capable hands, who won't be ruled by greed and ignorance, you were taught by Sarutobi, so I figured you'd be a good choice"

Jiraiya chuckled "No thanks kid, you can keep your position, I would be a horrible Hokage"

Naruto sighed "Damn, fine then. I have a mission for you, S-rank"

Jiraiya was suddenly much more interested "Really now, what would this mission entail?"

Naruto grinned "We go and get your teammate, Tsunade, and convince her to be the Hokage."

Jiraiya broke into an open fit of laughter "You want to convince Tsunade to become the Hokage? Oh god, I'll go just to see what she says to you"

Naruto nodded "Great it's settled then, I'll meet you at the village gates in ten minutes"

Jiraiya's eyes widened "What!? We're leaving now?"

Naruto nodded "Yes, the sooner the better, like I said I have better things to do then babysit Konoha, I have my own matters to worry about"

Jiraiya sighed "Fine, I'll be there in ten minutes, you better not be late" Jiraiya then disappeared in a plume of smoke.

Naruto turned to Anko "Alright, lets get this show moving Anko-chan, stop by the house quick, tell mom we're leaving, then we're off"

Anko nodded and stood up and wrapped her arms around Naruto, and they both disappeared in a swirl of fire, just as a Kage Bunshin poofed into existence where Naruto was. Anko didn't actually need to piggy back on Naruto, but she was lazy, and would take every opportunity to be close to him, and he didn't complain.

They appeared in the house, right before Kushina again "Mom, me and Anko have to go for a while, we're gonna get the person who's gonna replace me as Hokage, Tsunade of the Sannin, so just relax and enjoy the time alone, we'll be back as soon as we can"

They both grabbed their things and disappeared again before Kushina could try and respond. They both quickly changed back into their regular clothes, their red and black trench coats, though they both wore black Bandanna's tied over their heads to hide their ears, and they closed their trench coats to hide their tails.

They arrived at the gates not a minute later, and Jiraiya was already there, Naruto smiled "You're early"

Jiraiya scowled "Actually, you're just late, and who's the foxy lady?" he said, while giving Anko a full blown lecherous grin.

Naruto smirked "This is Anko, my girlfriend, and if you don't stop leering, you might be her lunch"

Anko grinned her usual vicious grin and licked her fangs as was her new custom, and Jiraiya shivered "You two sure have a very...vulpine look about you"

Naruto chuckled "Yeah...we get that alot"

Jiraiya gave the two a questioning looks but shrugged 'freaks' "Whatever, lets get this shit over with"

Naruto shrugged "Okay, you know where she might be by chance?"

Jiraiya nodded "The last place I heard of Tsunade being at was Tanzaku gai, a small town about a weeks walk from here, it mainly survives on gambling, restaurants, and spas."

Naruto grinned "A weeks walk eh? What about an extremely high speed run?"

Jiraiya sighed "I would prefer to walk actually, I'm not a fan of running when it's not necessary"

Naruto smirked "That so? Because Anko and I are rather large running enthusiasts" Naruto moved before Jiraiya saw him, and knocked him out with the back of a Kunai, he slung his tall body over his shoulder and he and Anko dropped into a high speed run. They both loved it, the feeling of the wind in their hair, blowing into their ears and through the fur on their tails, caressing their skin. Their unbeatable demonic stamina also made it more fun, since they could sprint for hours on end without even getting tired, or having the slightest burn in their muscles.

Naruto always naturally ran slightly behind Anko, not because he was slower then her, but because the view was so much better when he was just slightly behind. He found watching her muscles flex, her chest bounce with every step. It was entrancing and he couldn't manage to tear his eyes away from her smooth sexy body as it powered over the terrain at high speeds. There was nothing sexier to Naruto then the active body of his woman, her muscles rippling under her skin, the only thing that would make Anko look better, was a nice sheen of sweat on her skin, it's a shame she never sweat anymore, practically nothing could make her work up a sweat.

They made incredibly good time, and ended up getting to Tanzaku Gai by evening of the next day, Jiraiya was just waking up from Naruto knocking him out a third time too, perfect timing. As soon as he started to wake up Naruto dumped him on the ground rather carelessly.

Jiraiya narrowed his eyes at Naruto, and rubbed his throbbing head "Oi, what the hell was the big idea? Knocking me out"

Naruto shrugged "You didn't want to run, and you would have bitched and whined if I offered to carry you, I knocked you out and carried your sorry ass, and look at that, we got here in one day"

Jiraiya focused on their surroundings and noticed that they were indeed there "Well, damn. You still didn't have to hit me so hard! Lets find Tsunade and get the hell out of here"

Naruto nodded "You have any idea of where she might be? And what she...smells like"

Jiraiya cocked his head to the side "Nani? What she smells like?"

Naruto nodded once again "Yeah, me and Anko aren't demon's for nothing, our senses are much more acute then that of a humans, we can track her if you can tell us what she might smell like"

Jiraiya shrugged "Well, back in the day she used to use a vanilla scented lotion, and coconut scented shampoo. I have no idea if she still does, but it might help"

Naruto grimaced slightly "I don't even want to know how you know that...stalker" Naruto turned to Anko "Alright, lets track us a Hokage"

Anko nodded and they both started to smell the air all around them, after a few minutes of searching they came up empty handed (or nosed?) "Jiraiya, you have any clue as to where she might be? It might be much easier to find her if we know where to start looking"

Jiraiya smirked "If she's still the Tsunade I know, she was probably gambling all day, and is now drinking away her loses at some restaurant or bar"

Naruto smiled "Alright then, lets go find her"

The small group then started to walk through the town slowly, getting more then their fair share of odd glances and strange stares at their unique clothing.

They walked past a large restaurant and Naruto was suddenly hit with a wave of vanilla and coconut, he stopped his small group, Naruto turned back to Jiraiya and Anko and nodded, and the three walked into the restaurant.

Naruto quickly spotted Tsunade, and a younger looking women next to her in the corner of the restaurant, with a bottle of Sake on their table, though only Tsunade had a glass before her.

Naruto, followed by Anko and Jiraiya walked up to her table slowly. Naruto got to the table and stood before them "Tsunade of the Sannin?"

Tsunade, and her assistant both gasped at Naruto and Anko's appearance's "What'sh it to you?" Tsunade said, with a bit of a slur.

Naruto smiled "I'm here to offer you something"

There was a small evil glint in Tsunade's eye "Really now, and what'sh that?"

Naruto smiled "Sarutobi, your Sensei, was killed by Orochimaru not long ago, I would like you to become Konoha's Sebundaime Hokage"

Tsunade's eyes widened "What? What happened to the Godaime, or Rokudaime's?"

Naruto smirked "I killed the Godaime, and took over Konoha as a temporary Hokage, though it still counts, so right now I'm the Rokudaime"

Tsunade quirked an eyebrow "You killed the Godaime? You can't be older then seventeen, who was the Godaime?"

Naruto chuckled "Danzo of the root devision of Anbu. He was a disgrace to Konoha, as was Koharu and Homaru"

Tsunade gasped "You took out the entire root devision of Anbu, Dazno himself, Koharu and Homaru, by yourself?"

Naruto shrugged "Anko helped"

Tsunade narrowed her eyes "So, you want me to become a Hokage, to replace you?"

Naruto nodded "Yep, pretty much. I already have the village on 'autopilot' for repairs and getting back into it's older, more powerful days, you just have to keep an eye on everything and keep everyone in line, and probably smack the council around to keep them under control"

Tsunade laughed "I'll pass. You can keep your crappy title, only a fool takes the position of Kage"

Naruto bared his fangs and growled at Tsunade "Do not confuse bravery for stupidity, every Kage, minus Danzo has been an honorable man, who gladly gave their lives for their villages, and if you insult Sarutobi, or my father again, I might just hurt you"

Tsunades eyes widened and Jiraiya gasped "Father!?" they both yelled.

Naruto growled "Yes, Minato Namikaze the Yondaime, my father. I don't take kindly to those who insult him. I have a question, what would it take you to come to Konoha as the Hokage?"

Tsunade got an evil glint in her eyes "To take that position? Pay off all of my debts, and you're going to have to fight someone"

Naruto grinned "Done and done, who do I have to fight?"

Tsunade smirked "Orochimaru, he asked me to heal him from Sarutobi's fight, we're due to meet in one week, and I don't feel like being the one who gets bitched at about refusing his offer"

Naruto paled "A week? Damn it, thats so far away, I want to back to my own plans as soon as possible"

Tsunade shrugged "Sucks to be you, you want a Hokage? Then you've got time to waste"

Naruto sighed and glanced sideways to Anko. "Right, fine...a week it is. Anko-hime, I've got a plan that can at least use up the rest of today, I'll go rent a room in a hotel"

Anko moaned slightly "Ohhh, we haven't done that in a while, let's go"

Tsunade, and her assistant paled, and Jiraiya gave a lecherous grin, and Naruto and Anko left, with Anko practically skipping.


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