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My Heart, My Love

I don't know when it started or how but there is one thing for sure, after spending a lot of time with her I started to like her more and more, thing that I couldn't help but in fact it didn't bothered me.

I don't really know how to describe her, but few things could be saying, she is cheerful most the time as well happy, she has pink hair one hard not be noticed but it looked good in her I could say beautiful, and not only that but her smile is one of the brightest that showed her innocence and pureness she is made of.

I mean all of those things makes her special, is like if she is an Angel, an angel of love. I know it doesn't have any sense but well I say she is an angel of love for one reason because she simply believes that everything can be solved by the power of love, though I must say at first I really didn't believed in that but she has showed me the contrary.

I would continue thinking about her but it the school bell rang meaning that school was over for today, after getting out of the classroom I went directly downstairs to my locker to retrieve my shoes and put the rest of the books and notebook I wouldn't be using for the rest of the day. While going there my Arcana talked to me though the only one that can hear her is me or the other girls who have another one as well but to do that they must be in contact with me.

"It seems those thoughts come more frequently than before, or am I wrong Miss Saki" I heard the calm voice of Bhanri.

"I guess you are right Bhanri, do you think there is a reason to this?" I mentally said; that's the difference between talking with a human.

"Well the only thing that I have in mind about that subject is that, you like her…" Ok this obviously surprised.

"Why do you think I like her?" I said trying to maintain calmed.

"I don't know the true reason for this Miss Saki, the only thing I could say is to trust your feelings and your heart." I just nodded while putting on my shoes, and before I knew it someone grabbed me from behind, I didn't have to turn back or act all freaked out because I knew quite well who was this person.

"Sa-sa!!" Her cheerful voice sounded through the corridors.

"Hey… Heart…" I managed to say, I mean receiving a hug from her while she is all happy, believe me it can leave you kind of dizzy.

"By Partinias, today was very tiring" She said while letting out a big sigh and me still in her harms.

"Heart… all the days in school are hard for you" I simply said, well I was only saying the truth.

"Aww Sa-sa don't be mean" She said in a playful tone.

"Ok, ok but could you please stop hugging me Heart" I didn't asked.

"Oh yes sorry Sa-sa" Finally she released me from the hug, though truth is told I didn't mind being that close to her. Right after we started our way towards her home, mine was in the way so I most of the days coming from school I would accompany her.

"So you have anything in mind for today Sa-sa?" She asked, now holding my hand, I then blush a little.

"Umm… N…No I don't, why do you ask Heart?" I am pretty sure that she has something in mind.

"Ah well I was thinking in going to the movies later, now that tests have already passed I want to have some fun…" She immediately quite down, I felt that she wanted to invite me and probably couldn't bring up the words, so instead…

"If you want me to come with you, it is yes" She turned to see me, and I could notice happiness in her eyes.

"Then it's ok with you Sa-sa?" I nodded and in return I received another of her hugs, which this time I found myself returning it.

"At what time is it going to be?" She then quickly separated from me and checked her clock.

"How about at 5pm, the movie starts at 6 but I want to check up the mall if it's alright with you"

"It's alright, I also want to see if I can see anything good" She smiled sweetly at me, I also smiled at her. We then arrived at her house; she made her way towards house and turned back giving me another smile which I returned.

"Ok, so I will see you at 5p.m." She nodded and before I could start walking again, she grabbed my left arm which made me to turn and then gave me a kiss in my cheek.

"See you later Sa-sa" She said as her mother opened the door.

And in that moment I knew that I am totally falling for her.

Let's see how it goes, I really like a lot these two characters especially Heart which is the one I mainly use when playing.

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