It had already passed some months since both of them declared their love, and things were going good for both of them. Even their parents accepted this type of relationship though it was a bit difficult for the parents of Saki, as they expected her to be a bit more reasonable with her decisions but she showed them that this wasn't a mistake and that their love was pure.

Of the two Saki was the one who didn't wanted to reveal their relationship to their friends, most likely to keep it like a private matter considering that they were still young for something like this but having Heart taking always the lead was quite notorious that something was going between the two.

(Saki's POV)

I guess this isn't bad after all, but really having Heart showing how much affection she has for me… well it's a bit uncomfortable. I am the type of person who likes to take the things serious and such but it seems having her company it really changes me.

Not that it really bothers me, actually it feels very good to receive a hug from her each time we meet and getting a peck on my cheek well, it makes me a little more excited but I think the thing that really fascinates me is having her lips against mine.

Tasting those delicious strawberry's lips of her makes me forget about other things, and each time we kiss the moment seems to be eternal.

I know I described how I feel whenever we are in those moments but I must say she is a good kisser, not only that but I also really like her looks and everything. If someone would ask me what I really like the most it would be her eyes... but hey lets leave this for another moment, because I could mention lots of things about her.

Anyway now that sometime has passed we are quite close, but as good as it looked not all relationships are that stable. Thanks for an incident with the Arcana's made by Mildred, we grew apart, the reason you ask?

Well during the whole incident all of the maidens, had an objective to defeat her, of course all of us had our own reasons and so before one could confront her alone we started to fight between us. In the end only Heart and I were left; to tell the truth this was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made, fight my dear friend and now lover or give up.

I knew that sometime we would get into a fight but in this one… well it was far different than I imagined; maiden versus maiden, that was everything before confronting Mildred one on one and it was clear that the two of us didn't liked this.

"Don't make me do this Heart" I said, with my voice trying to sound serious but in fact it took me a great effort to get it to sound like that.

"I need to Saki…" Heart said, more like a whisper.

I could barely hear her but I knew she wasn't to quit, after all she is very stubborn when taking decisions, such as this controversy.

It's either me or her, I knew I couldn't do anything else to avoid this fight but if it was needed then I would take all the risks and fight her, I would give my life before her.

"I'm sorry for this then… Heart" I said, now this time I sounded serious but deep in my heart I knew, that this would affect both of us, in many ways specially our long relationship as being friends and now being more intimate.

In the end she defeated me, I had to admit that she had grown strong in many senses, and no I didn't let her win like some other times *ahem*

Anyway before she turned to go and fight Mildred I got a glimpse of her face and I could clearly saw that there were tears in her face, that almost broke my heart.

I was confused, maybe I hurt her in a way something I didn't want to happen but it looked like I did. This act almost made me cry too knowing that I hurt the one I loved the most, but before she would go I heard two words that made me return to myself.

"I love you"

I knew then that she wasn't mad at me, she fought me because of a simple act to protect me…

After that I stood in the same place thinking and thinking how to acept the words that I have heard before, time seemed to be long for I just stood there just thinking.

It wasn't until I saw explosions coming from the floating base of Mildred, I was scared what if Heart had lost the fight… I didn't liked that thought that's when I decided to go, to go for my Heart, because if something happened to her I couldn't go on without her.

My hope though at the beginning seemed to be lost regained itslef the moment I saw her, there she was staring at the banishing image of Mildred.

"At least I can die knowing that she loves me…" I heard her words.

Sadness took me, did she thought that I would elt her go just like that?

I took some stped until I was behind her, and the only motion I did was to hug her, this took her by surprise as she seemed to jump a little.

"You arent' going anywhere without me…" I said while i rested my head in her right shoulder.

"Saki…" She said softly.

"You heard me Heart, you are my everything I wont let go of you…" I started to kiss her neck which caused her to relax.

"Forgive me?" I asked her while hiding my face in her soft pink hair.

"I could never hate you Saki-tan" She turned around to see my fasce filled with tears, I loved her with all my self.

Before I could say anything she kissed me full in the lips, ensuring how close our bond is.

After that we quickly made our escape from the falling base, luckily it didn't crahsed in any living area near hour city.

We landed safely in a park near our houses, she was still hugging me, keeping me close to her.

"Heart…" I said. She turned to look at me with those precious crimson eyes.

"Our bond, our love will never be broken by anything…" I finally said closing once again the space between us with a passionate kiss.