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She was dreaming of home. She dreamt she was with her brother helping him fish again. She was wearing her thick blue coat and was laughing at her brothers botched attempts to catch a fish. Looking up from the water she noticed a young man in red waiting for them on the shore, waving. She raised her arm to wave back a large smile on her face when a quiet knock invaded her dream.

Pulling a pillow over her head she moaned and rolled over. The knocking persisted becoming louder and more frantic. She let out a muffled scream into her pillow before finally rolling over once more and climbing out of bed.

"I'm coming!" She yawned grabbing a light blue silk robe off the end of her bed and sliding it on her shoulders. She stumbled tiredly over to the door. It took her a few minutes to get the door open. When her fingers finally remembered how to work properly she opened the door a crack.

She rubbed her eyes tiredly, "Zuko?" she yawned, "What the hell are you doing banging on my door in the middle of the night?" She demanded opening the door a little more to allow him in.

Zuko flushed as he pushed his way inside, "I'm sorry to wake you, but I needed to talk to someone."

Katara fixed a tired glare on the young Fire Lord, "Don't you have a girlfriend to talk to or something?" She asked bitterly.

Zuko looked at her, eyebrow arched, "I said I was sorry to wake you. Remind me to never do it again." He turned to leave.

Katara sighed and grabbed his arm, "Okay, I'm sorry. You just woke me up from a very nice sleep and I'm crabby." She moved to sit on her bed and patted the spot beside her, "Now what was so important that the Fire Lord had to wake me up on the middle of the night to tell me?" She teased.

Zuko looked her squarely in the eyes, "I know that you and Sokka and Suki will be leaving tomorrow but I can't let you go. I need your help."

Katara's eyes widened, "You what now?"

"It's about my mother. My father won't tell me where she is. He won't even tell me if she's alive or dead," he whispered looking down. He let out a soft laugh, "This is one of those times that I wish Toph hadn't gone off with Aang. She'd be able to tell if he was telling the truth or not."

Katara looked at Zuko's sad face, "Well, from what I've heard your father is a good liar. Now what exactly can I do about your little problem?"

Zuko looked up at her again, "I'm going to find my mother. I know you're leaving for home tomorrow and you're anxious to get back home…but would you please come with me? Will you help me find my mother?"

Katara stared at him for a few minutes, blinking slowly, "You want me to help you find your mother? But why me?"

"Because," he whispered, not looking her in the eyes, "You know what it feels like to lose a mother. You more than anyone."

Katara reverted back to her confused blinking.

"I understand if you don't want to come," Zuko said quickly averting his gaze, "I mean if I were in your shoes I wouldn't want to come either."

Katara finally snapped out of her daze, "Zuko…I really don't know," she muttered looking at the slumped over Fire Lord.

His head snapped up and he looked at her with pleading gold eyes, "Please," he whispered.

Katara looked away, not being able to make eye contact. He expected her to make a decision right now? It was in the middle of the night! She could barely comprehend what he was saying, "Zuko…I need to think about it."

Zuko turned several shades of red, "You need to think about it?! You're leaving tomorrow afternoon! You don't have time to think about it!" He let out an angry sigh and turned without another word and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Katara got up and chased after him, opening her door quickly, nearly sending Zuko toppling over, as he was just about to knock on her door again.

"I'm sorry for losing my temper," he whispered, "I understand that you need to think about it, but don't bother. I'll see you tomorrow afternoon to see you off," he muttered turning to leave.

Katara caught his arm, "Hey… I'll do it. I'll come with you," she said rashly, desperately wanting to comfort the young fire lord.

He whipped around to face her, "Really?"He asked quietly.

She nodded and soon found herself swept up in the Fire Lords arms, "Thank you so much, Katara. Thank you." He whispered into her hair as she returned the hug.

When he pulled away she let out a nervous laugh, "Anytime." She gently turned him around, "Now you go to sleep now."

Zuko yawned, "I'll make it up to you one of these days. You're such a good friend."

"Haha… good friend. Good night Zuko," she laughed nervously shutting herself in her bedroom. She leaned against her closed door… what in Tui and La's name had she gotten herself into.