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Katara let out a yawn and slumped forward. She was tired and uncomfortable and her back was killing her. She'd been slumped forward most of the day, trying ever so hard not to lean into Zuko's chest. She didn't know why she was trying so hard not to touch him, he was making it increasingly hard. His arms were around her waist holding onto the reigns and would bump into her sides every so often. She was beginning to think he was doing it on purpose now, because he'd stopped murmuring his apologies hours ago.

She let out a sigh, she was so uncomfortable. "Can we stop, please?" She asked, trying her hardest not to sound whiny, "My back is killing me."

"Well it's your own fault," he stated, "Just lean on me. We're getting close to the city and I don't want to stop. The sooner we get there the sooner we can set sail for the Earth Kingdom."

Katara let out a groan. "I hate you so much right now. I wish we didn't have to be all incognito about this," she stifled a yawn and finally slumped back against Zuko. "We could have taken one of those airships and been half-way across the Earth Kingdom by now."

Zuko seemed to tighten his arms around her, "Now where would the fun in that have been?" He teased.

"It would have been so much more fun," Katara murmured, snuggling back into Zuko's chest, "And I would not have lost my clothes and been forced to wear your overly large one."

"My clothes are not overly large, you're just tiny," He stated, "Look, there's a sign. We're about a mile away."

"Thank La," Katara said with a sigh, "I doubt I'll even be able to walk properly once we get there. You may just have to carry me," She joked.

Zuko snorted, "Or I could just leave you on the ostrich-horse while I go purchase out passages."

Katara's eyes widened, "By myself…. On this …thing?"

"I'm joking, goof," he laughed, "Once we get into town my name is Li Huo and you are my wife Kisa."

"Uh-huh…wait wife?" Katara questioned.

"Yes. Wife. It's considered odd for a girl and a boy our age to travel together without being related and there is no possible way you could pass as my sister."

Katara nodded, "I'm a little too Water Tribe aren't I? So… what was the reason for all of this being in disguise thing again?"

Zuko groaned, "You really didn't listen to the plan did you?"


The sun was just setting when they finally arrived at the small port town. Katara had never been so happy to see buildings in her life. Their mount trotted along the streets until Zuko found a suitable inn. He pulled the ostrich-horse to a stop and hopped off. "I think it's too late to purchase our passages tonight. Hopefully there will be a ship departing tomorrow so we aren't stuck here for days," he stated putting his hands on Katara's waist and helping her down.

"You know I wouldn't mind that," she teased, swaying on her feet. Zuko put an arm around her and she flushed a little, "Let's just go get some rooms. D'you think we can buy me some new clothes tomorrow? As comfy as your clothes are I would like to wear something that actually fits me."

Zuko sighed, "Of course we can get you clothes. But you better not lose these though."

Katara stuck her tongue out at him as he tied the ostrich-horse up and gathered up his bag He then helped her inside. He made his way to the desk, "Hello. I would like a room for my wife and I." He smiled.

The young woman manning the desk flushed slightly and had him sign in and went about collecting a key. She glanced at the registry, "Here you go Mr. Huo. Your room is down the hall second door on the left."I hope you and your wife have a very pleasant stay. My name is Nina; let me know if you need anything at all."

Zuko nodded, "Thank you. Come on Kia, let's get you to the room," He said, taking a hold of her arm and leading her down the hall. Once they made it to the room he unlocked it and they stumbled, well Katara did, into the room.

The room was fairly nice for a port town inn. There, of course, was only one bed situated in the center of the room. On either side of the bed a night stand was situated one with a basin and the other a candle. Off in the corner of the room was a table flanked by two chairs.

Katara grinned, "I see a bed!" She cried. She regained use of her legs and ran and flopped on the bed.

Zuko laughed, "You stay here and I'm going to go get something to eat."

Katara nodded snuggling into the bed, her eyelids heavy, "Mmmmkay," she mumbled. She was asleep before he even left the room.