Chapter 11: Courting, confusion and Catastrophe part 2

Last time: Her eyes narrowed as she crossed her arms. Never would he dare to defile the name of youkai for taking a human as a mate…..

Lady Nefertiti: chapter 11.

-Inuyasha- (The dungeons)

He got it! He was almost there! He had been trying for hours and hours to pry the bars open and escape the damn cell so he could escape. He-he! he was feeling sneaky and he was going to give Sesshomaru a piece of his mind. You don't lock up 'This Inuyasha up without purpose' he smirked as he was victorious and escaped the guards and the general that was supposed to be keeping watch on him. Inuyasha might have been out of the palace for years but he still knew his way around as he dodged a dangerous looking guard with a spear type thing in his hands. Sheesh! That Sesshomaru. Was he trying to shish-kabob him into shreds or something? He jumped onto a chandelier hiding from another guard passing by who looked at the ceiling suspiciously.

"The prisoner has escaped! The prisoner has escaped!" A yell came from down the hall and the said guard left in a hurry.


Should he feel insulted that he was being called a prisoner? He shook his head and jumped down from the chandelier gracefully with cat-like grace. 'And he nails/sticks the landing!' He thought to himself and gave a pose then bow. He walked towards the royal wing and opened the damn heavy door. Of course no one could open the doors except royalty of family and (ahem) (ahem) he WAS a Taisho. He was feeling proud of himself and then he saw a demoness standing and staring at his half-brother's chambers…hmmm…"I saw you at dinner. You are?" Inuyasha said remembering his manners. For all he knew she could go running to her elder brother or Sesshomaru crying that he was a big meanie and they'd kill him.

She didn't turn around right away. His voice was different. Gruff. Mysterious. And not cold like Sesshomaru's. It sounded nice to her ears. Hanabi turned around then and said, "Sess---no you're not him…" she said in a whispery voice. Inuyasha was going to say that 'he was not that bastard' but remembered his manners. Damn it was hard behaving!

"Inuyasha. My name is Inuyasha." He said.

"Ah…Sesshomaru's half-brother." She said. His ears twitched in irritation but he nodded.

"You're ears…they're cute…I want to touch them." She said and leaned close to him grabbing and pulling his head to her level touching them and giggled a little. Owww….

"Hanyou…Inuyasha…" she said stopping herself. She sighed wistfully as she stared at the door. Sesshomaru's door. Inuyasha followed her look and bit his lip. He knew what she wanted. What good-looking demoness wouldn't?

He leaned against the wall, crossed his arms and stared at the elaborate painted ceiling. He had to be crude to her, give her a rude awakening that he would never be her's….not when Kagome was around. Not that she couldn't just eliminate Kagome out of the picture but that was besides the point. "You know Hanabi…" he started, her name feeling strange on his tongue. "He will never be yours, even if Kagome-sama is gone. He will never love anyone other than Kagome-sama." She looked at him then and nodded. She knew. She just didn't want to believe it. Her brother had given her a warning and she knew it was better to take it than ignore it. Sesshomaru wouldn't hesitate killing her and Dammit! She didn't want to die yet. She just had to hear it from someone else other than her brother to 'give it up' and here he was.

-Kagome and Sesshomaru-

"How dare you!" Kagome hissed and chased him around the room with obi in hand smacking him with it, getting nowhere but she had to prove her point and put him in his place!

"Kagome, This Sesshomaru said…" he started.

"Don't you 'this Sesshomaru' me mister!" Kagome said and hit him with her obi. Bingo.

"Oww you violent onna! Why must my mate be so dangerous. Not this it's a turn on." Sesshomaru said dodging the bed post. Did he mention he was shirtless? Damn it at this rate he wouldn't need to go on his morning patrol. He was getting all the exercise he needed.

'You have to admit this is fun!' His beast said in an encouraging voice.

'Shut up.' Sesshomaru said inwardly.

"Not your mate fluffy!" Kagome said missing the hit since she was stopped by the damn couch.

"What did this Sesshomaru do to warrant this abuse?" he said.

"Forgot already? This is the second time you decided to help me undress Dammit!" Kagome said stopping out of breath but gave him a look, blue eyes full of fire, an intent to seek and destroy.

"You couldn't put on an obi on for your life. I was just assisting you" He said in a playful voice and raised his eyebrows suggestively.

"Wanna bet?" she said in a taunting voice.

"Hn. On what?" he said suspiciously. The woman was as crafty as they came. He needed to watch out. She was going to destroy him…perhaps a future game of hers? He would never wear flowers…no. He wouldn't run naked through the castle no way….and he would not dress up as a woman…no. What was she cooking up?

-Back to Inuyasha and Hanabi-

"So now what?" Hanabi said as she stared at Inuyasha. Inuyasha was still feeling a bit mischievous. Perhaps it was the sake. He pushed her against the wall and smiled at her. Really smiled at her.

"I'm still available. Of course my last love departed long ago but I'm sure I can keep you alive!" he said.

'……' Hanabi sweatdropped.

"And here I thought I was the hentai…." Miroku said in a sing-song voice while Inuyasha and Hanabi jumped apart. "Are we having a party? Perhaps I should invite Lady Sango, but alas she retired to bed not long ago." He said.

"Oi Miroku..stop looking like that." Inuyasha grumbled. Looked like they'd been caught in the act. He had to admit Hanabi was much better looking than Kikyo, a demoness (his kind) and did he mention she was also very much alive? The both were from the royal court of youkai so hmmm…

'Inuyasha's wheels are turning. He's thinking something which is odd for him.' Miroku thought looking at him.


She couldn't sleep. Who could with all that noise coming from outside? And to think…she'd left the monk on the ground who apparently wasn't upset that she yelled, smacked him and went on her way. She got off the bed and straightened her kimono and with a sigh she opened the door to reveal the Monk, a demoness that was at dinner and Inuyasha? Who was giving her a thoughtful look? Was he moving on to alive girls now? Hopefully.

"Houshi-sama?" Sango said in an uncertain voice.

"Ah my lady Sango!" he said happily.

"Your woman?" Hanabi said. She was a demon-slayer and she gave Sango a wary look. Sango blushed and Inuyasha smirked. It was about time. The two were slow as snails…..

"Hai?" Miroku said in a 'yes that's my woman' voice. Sango remained silent much to Miroku's dismay. He wanted to know her answer.

"Keh..don't worry Hanabi dear she ain't gonna slay you." Inuyasha said crossing his arms. "She's nice." Sango rolled her eyes thinking, 'Thanks Inuyasha.'

"So I believe that we should cut this meeting since it is very late and everyone is probably sleeping." Miroku said. He believed some alone time was needed with Sango now. (wink, wink) and he escorted her to his room.

"Miroku? My room is that way…" Sango said.

"I know that." He said still escorting her to his room. "Good night everyone!" he said merrily and shut the door behind him.

"A good night indeed." Inuyasha said smirking. Hanabi looked confused for a minute.

"Keh…they are too thick-headed to know they love each other. Perhaps they can both agree on the same things now." Inuyasha said smirking. So now there were just the two of them left in the dark hallway. Inuyasha's ears twitched and Hanabi smiled at that. He was irritated, uncomfortable and didn't know what to do.

"So…" Inuyasha said turning around.

"So?" Hanabi said.

"So-I-need-a-mate-and-I-like-you-very-much-so-will-you-be-my-mate-Hanabi?" Inuyasha said very fast hopeful she hadn't caught that. But she had. So did she…she needed a mate too. What was she doing? Running after Sesshomaru knowing he didn't like her and he wanted her to stop so she could live her life with someone else. Love someone….other than him. What would her brother say? She could hear him now and winced.

'A HANYOU? My little sister, my only beloved sister love a half-demon?! it's unthinkable!'

After mother and father passed away in the last attack on the western lands he had taken it upon himself to take care of her. She missed them. She really did and she didn't want her brother to take care of her forever. He had a life too, a mate named Mina, a pup named Isamu. He should concentrate on them. But then again she remembered his words:

'Be happy Hanabi…no matter with whom as long as he is of demon blood. Just be happy.'

And Inuyasha did have lovely silver hair that she had the urge to run her hands through and gold eyes…so she said, "uhhh…Okay…" Inuyasha smiled, a real smile broke out on his face and picked her up and twirled her around and she giggled.

'Good Girl Hanabi..' her elder brother thought looking at the group from the shadows. Apparently she still listened to her big brother. If not the older brother why not the younger? As long as she was happy…and of demon blood. Then he retired to his rooms where his mate and pup were long asleep.

-Kagome and Sesshomaru-

"So what are we playing?" he said.

"WE aren't playing. This is for real buddy. Okay so you think we are gonna mate just cause you gave me a hickey?" he nodded. Kagome could've growled at him. Insufferable….

"Okay then we are going to play…..ROCK, PAPER SCISSORS!!!" Kagome said in a triumphant voice. She never lost at this game. He probably would lose. Not that she didn't like Sesshomaru. But she had to make him suffer. He had tried to kill her twice! He wasn't going to get her that easy.


"Need I explain the rules?" Kagome said. He shook his head.

"Why is mate making us suffer?" his beast said clearly not understanding.

'Not to worry.' Sesshomaru said inwardly.

Kagome held out a fist and Sesshomaru did the same. He was just glad no one else was here to witness this. He'd be embarrassed for life. "How many rounds are we playing?"

"One. Okay then! 1….2…3 and…." Kagome started.




Kagome looked at his hand and then her's. Oh my….gad…Sesshomaru looked at her waiting for her to say something. She said nothing.

She had paper…

And he had scissors….

But paper always won! She lost? How could this be? She looked at him. "Hn." He said. She didn't look upset… odd.

'Oh well. I lost. Who cares. I still won something though…' Kagome thought looking at Sesshomaru and licked her lips. He looked confused for a minute. "So this means that…" she started slowly….he was smirking an evil grin. So was his beast who was hooting with glee. They didn't have to play another mindless useless game anymore.

"This means that you are now this Sesshomaru's mate….the lady of the west. Congratulations dearest Kagome…after all….

"This Sesshomaru's word is law…"

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