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Chapter 1: Search and Rescue

Many, many years before…

On the horizon, a small party of horsemen topped a low ridge and began to enter the canyon. The barren, rocky slopes were home to big horn sheep and migrating elk. The time of the hunt had begun. As the warriors made their way to the canyon's bottom, one of the brave's signaled the others to stop.

Ahead, around the bend in the river a faint bluish glow permeated the morning mist. The warriors found this very disturbing, and readied their weapons. Slowly, the lead brave dismounted his horse and approached the rocky outcropping on silent feet.

Cautiously, he braced his back against the rock, straining every sense for a sound, smell, sign, even a taste. Slowly…ever so slowly he glanced around the rocky bend. His eyes grew as wide as the Colorado River. There before the young warrior's eyes was a massive cube, a faint bluish light emanating all around it. Strange glyphs and characters adorned its walls, speaking of a language, a race that was not of this earth.

The brave signaled to his fellow tribesmen. They warily joined him at the corner of the river bend. The brave pointed at the cube; the others stood awestruck at its size and majesty. They stood and gesticulated for a moment, unsure of how to treat this strange, new object.

While the others stood and argued about what to do next, the first brave who made the discovery moved closer to the foreign object. He was drawn to it like a moth to the flame. He heard a strange melody singing to him, reminiscent to home yet strangely unusual. He stepped closer, a hand outstretched in wonder.

His fellow braves suddenly stopped arguing and began shouting for him to stop…but it was too late. A blindingly intense blue light enveloped the sleepy canyon. A wind as strong as the desert storms raced through the rock, picking up the grains of sand and stinging the hunting party like a swarm of bees.

As quickly as the flash came it dispersed. At the foot of the object lay the warrior who had dared to touch such a thing that seemingly came from the Great Spirit Himself. They quickly went to his side, rolled him to his back and carried him to their horses. Once there, they laid him down and tried to wake their fallen comrade.

The young brave groaned. His eyes fluttered briefly before opening fully. He heard his fellow braves gasp, point and begin speaking rapidly. He sat up and slowly made his way to the river's edge. He knelt down and peered into the water's reflection. His eyes widened in awe for second time that morning, for there in the reflection where once Indian brown eyes gazed back, now the gaze was met with a bluish white.

Present Day…

She ran. She ran as fast and as hard as she could. She didn't know why they wanted to kill her, but then again she wasn't going to stick around to find out. She risked a glance behind. In the distance they were still there, flashlights blinking in the slight moonlight.

Why? What the hell was going on? These questions and various others raced through her mind as she attempted to comprehend the events of the past hour.

We were sitting at home enjoying dinner when suddenly several armed men burst through the front and back doors. I remember that they resembled a SWAT team. We were told to lie down on the floor, spread eagle. Mom and step dad were handcuffed and taken away, without even their Miranda rights read.

Another man dressed in a black suit approached me. I recall he was tall, athletically built and clean shaven. His eyes were the color of ice, and they felt as much too. I demanded to know what was going on and he laughed at me. Then he grabbed my arm and dragged me outside. He told two other men to "take care of me."

Next thing I know, I'm being drug off into the desert, God knows where. One of them gets the idea to "have a little fun" before they complete their task. They pull me out of the car and proceed to try to rip my clothes off. That was when I kicked out, catching one of those jerks in the groin and I made a run for it. Thing of it is where are you going to run in the middle of a desert plain?

She glanced behind herself again hoping that she had put some distance between herself and her pursuers. Big mistake. A gully obscured in darkness swallowed the young woman into its depths. She grunted as the hard desert floor greeted her skin in a rough embrace. She rolled and tumbled down the incline feeling flesh rip and tear. She stopped at the bottom in a heap of rock, dust and other debris. Nothing was broken, but it hurt like hell to move. High above her the blood moon shone down on hunter and quarry.

She struggled to rise, to continue her flight, but was showered in more dust and rock as her pursuers caught up to her.

"Well, well, well looks like our little wench has finally tired from running from us, Jake," said a large, burly man. He was dressed in blue jeans and a polo shirt, the smell of alcohol permeated the air around him.

"Shut up, Dan. If it wasn't for you and your bright idea to have a little fun we'da had this job done by now," snapped Jake. He was a wiry man with sharp weasel-like eyes, a mind as methodical as a computer, and a heart as black as coal.

"Don't tell me to shut up. I intend to get something out of this bitch after that stunt she pulled." He turned his scathing eyes to the girl. "I was planning to go easy on ya, but since you like to play rough, I will play rough too."

The man named Dan proceeded to backhand the young woman. Blow after blow rained down on her already beaten and torn body. A vicious kick caught her under her right arm. She felt her ribs crack, and she knew that one arm was fractured as she tried to shield herself from the blows. She tried to hold back her cries of pain; she wouldn't give them the pleasure of hearing her scream in hurt.

Jake watched the beating with an air of indifference. So long as the girl was dead by sunrise, he really didn't care what happened between now and then. They were not to leave a trace of her existence, it didn't matter how it was accomplished.

After ten minutes of severe cruelty, the young woman didn't know how much more she could take physically or mentally. A deep rage was building within her, a rage that came from the innermost part of her soul. In one night her world had been torn to pieces and now she was faced with death and she didn't even know why.

"Now maybe I've beaten some sense into ya, you'll stand for a little fun before we bury your carcass," Dan sneered. He grabbed her broken arm with vicious strength, the intent to commit the ultimate humiliation clearly showing in his murderous gaze.

Without warning she screamed into the night. Her outburst was so sudden that Dan dropped her arm as if he had touched molten iron. The two hitmen listened in shock as a strange language burst forth from the girl's lips, a language neither man had ever heard nor would ever hear again. It was not a sound of fear, but rather pure unbridled fury.

The sound of a jet engine ripped into the night stillness following the girl's cry. The two men searched the sky for the aircraft. Then in the distance, grazing the horizon, a jet was making a bee-line straight for their position, flying so low dust billowed up from the desert floor creating a mini sandstorm. "INCOMING!!" Dan shouted as he turned tail and ran as fast he could, Jake in pursuit. No job was worth being mowed down by a rogue jet.

The dark outline of the jet swooped low over the desert plain, thundering over the young girl and tracking her attackers. Machine gun fire split the night and two bodies bit the earth with resounding finality. The craft swooped upwards into a loop-de-loop and began to change form right before the woman's eyes.

With a thunderous boom, the once-jet landed on bird-like feet not twenty yards before her. She quaked with dread at the sight before her eyes, a creature she had never before seen nor heard of. It turned slowly to face her; eyes as red as the blood moon over the desert. Dark blue metal glinted in the moon's feeble light. She knew that this thing was huge, and capable of killing her as easily as one swats a gnat.

It took two earthshaking steps towards her then knelt down to her level. Its great wings swallowed her into a deeper darkness she did not think possible. Two massive protrusions on the creature's shoulders seemed to fence her in as the thing faced her. Blazing blood red optics were inches from her eyes. Then in a deep and thunderous voice, it spoke perfect English.

"Where did you learn to speak Cybertronian, human?!"