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-cough- Sorry, couldn't resist. Anyway, this takes place twenty years after the finale. A few things to note: Aang and Katara get married when Aang is 16 and Katara was 19, and they had 6 kids together; Mai and Zuko got married a year after the finale and had 3 kids; Sokka and Suki got married a year after the finale and had four kids; and Toph is still single.



Azula sat in a heap in a corner of her prison cell. It has been three months since her imprisonment. That wasn't the reason she was upset. No...it was because her brother, the banished traitor prince Zuko, usurped her. Azula wanted revenge. Anger and hate bubbled up through her veins, and she grinded her teeth and dug her fingernails into her palms. After taking a few deep breaths, Azula began to plan her esxcape.

A few days later, a guard came to Azula's cell. "Your dinner, your royal failure-"

Azula immediately set her plan into action. She grabbed the guard's feet and pulled him to the ground. She dragged his struggling body around and knocked him out. Azula quickly grabbed the keys and set herself free.

Running towards the exit, Azula shot lightning at everyone who crossed her path. The warden ran o a balcony to see the fugitive running for her life. He growled angrily and turned to one of his guards.

"Alert the Fire Lord at once!" The warden ordered.


Zuko was enjoying a peaceful night's sleep when all of a sudden, one of his servants burst into his room.

"My lord, forgive me for waking you." Zuko sat up groggily as the servant knelt down. "Princess Azula has escaped from prison."

"What?!" Zuko exclaimed, now wide awake. "When? How?"

"Just now." The servant replied. "Apparently, she ambushed a guard, stole his keys, then busted out of there."

"...Oh...that bitch..." Zuko muttered darkly to himself. He sighed , then turned to the servant. "Have a search party set out to find her. If she's not found by morning, start making wanted posters."

"Yes, sir." The servant bowed, then ran from the room,.

Zuko sighed in anticipation and fell back on his pillow. 'I really hope this doesn't last long...'

Little did he know, his wish will not come true..


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