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Momo Hinamori was happy. A smile was on her face as she stood next to the one she loved. She took a glance at Nemu's face. She was smiling too. Toshiro and the other assembled Captains had varying degrees of content displayed on their faces as well as they waited for the Head-Captain to address them.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi wasn't in attendance, nor was he expected to show. Once Shunsui Kyoraku, the last of the other nine captains to arrive, was in his place, Yamamoto began in his usual strong voice, announcing the reason for the sudden meeting, "Captains of the Gotei 13, we are here today to observe the finalization of the transference of Lieutenant Nemu Kurotsuchi of the twelfth division into the fifth division. As is customary with a transfer of personnel of such prominence as a lieutenant, I have asked you all here to assemble, to hear your thoughts on the wisdom of this decision. Are there any concerns?"

"Tch, who cares? This doesn't have anything to do with me. Meetin' here's nothin' but a waste of time," Zaraki of the eleventh division said, bored and indifferent.

"That may be true, Zaraki, but you must remember that next to the ten of us, the lieutenants are among the strongest shinigami in all of Seireitei. The strength of one Division effects us all," Ukitake of the thirteenth Division, dryly, cautiously replied.

"Guess so, but what's the use discussin' it? Division five ain't got no Captain right now. Who the fuck cares if they get two lieutenants?" the brutish captain responded callously.

"Exactly, Zaraki! With Aizen having betrayed us, Division five needs someone strong to help lead and our little Momo needs someone to keep her company," Kyoraku said smilingly. At the last comment Momo looked at Nemu, and gave a soft blush.

"I believe good will come from this decision," Captain Soi Fon said in a content voice. She seemed oddly focused on the glances being exchanged by the two lieutenants.

"We can not be so sure. Regarding lieutenant Kurotsuchi, I believe her unique talents are best suited for the twelfth division. Additionally, will this move not create a rift between the twelfth and the fifth?" Kuchiki of the sixth said in a detached, thought out fashion. His words made Momo slightly nervous.

"Captain Kuchiki, your concerns are valid ones, yet I believe for the growth and well being of both Lieutenant Kurotsuchi and Lieutenant Hinamori this decision is the right one. Besides, all rifts can be filled with the passage of time," Unohana spoke in her soft, kind but intense fashion. Byakuya gave a bit of a frown but didn't present anymore complaints.

"I am in favor of this decision, but am partly concerned with the timing. At the moment the Gotei 13 is without three Captains and one lieutenant. Additionally an enemy like that we've never seen before stands poised to challenge us. Is it really the most appropriate moment to create another opening in our higher personnel?" Ukitake said in a melancholic fashion, unsure of how to approach the issue.

"It's not the best time. That is clear. Still, we must address things as they happen. And as things have happened, this transfer cannot be postponed to our convenience," Toshiro had a soft smirk in the corner of his lips as she spoke. Momo felt very grateful for him.

"I agree. No matter what it may bring, the fact that Kurotsuchi doesn't dare to even show his face before us, proves that the time for discussion is already over," Komamura of the seventh forcefully gave his opinion. Most everyone nodded at this.

"Very well, in that case..." Yamamoto's booming voice began again. "With the signed approval of the captain of the eleventh squad, the approval of the highest active officer of the fifth and before all other active captains of the Gotei 13, I hereby approve this measure!"

With this said, Captains began to file out. Zaraki was quickest to leave. Kyoraku lingered a bit but left shortly after. Komamura, Kuchiki and Soi Fon left fairly readily as well. Unohana and Ukitake proceeded out more leisurely. Soon it was just Toshiro, Momo and Nemu before the Head-Captain.

"Thank you very much for everything. Head-Captain Yamamoto," Momo turned to the old man and said while bowing. She lifted her head with a smile.

"I have done nothing where thanking me is necessary, Lieutenant Hinamori," the first division Captain sternly replied.

"Even still, I appreciate it," Momo chimed, as she turned away. The old man smiled as he was left to himself.

Once they were outside the meeting room, Momo's smiling eyes came to a focus on another Captain, Toshiro. She addressed him in a warm voice, "Thank you for everything, Toshiro."

"It's Captain Hitsugaya," the young man corrected with a bit of a smile. "And it's only natural I would support you back there."

"Yeah, but I was talking about yesterday too, I don't know what would have happened if you and everyone else hadn't shown up," Momo said graciously in a soft, cheerful voice.

"It's lieutenant Matsumoto you should really be thanking," Toshiro responded coolly.


"She's the one who organized us all. She was ready the second she saw you. Thanks to her pretty much all of Seireitei knew what was happening in only a matter of minutes. If it had been me alone, battle wouldn't have been avoided and, frankly speaking, against Kurotsuchi, victory would not be assured," Toshiro sighed, seeming very pleased with everything.

"I had no idea Rangiku did so much for me..." Momo said, impressed.

"She seemed real hung up on the issue, like there was more to it than just keeping you two safe," the young Captain commented earnestly.

"She understood things better than I did... I'll have to make sure I thank her next time I see her," Momo gave a soft giggle as she remembered her talk with Rangiku the other day. Rangiku understood her feelings, she knew that it was more than just freedom her and Nemu were fighting for.

"I still have to say this was a reckless thing you did, Momo. if it weren't for my second's efforts, it's doubtful you'd be alive right now," Toshiro's tone turned more stern. The gravity of it didn't cut into Momo's happiness at all.

"There are some things worth fighting for no matter how much difficulty you face," Momo was surprised to hear these words come from Nemu's mouth. She smiled brightly.

"I suppose your right, Lieutenant Kurotsuchi. The bond you share must be a deep one," Toshiro agreed, giving a slight nod.

This made Momo think. Did Toshiro know the true extent of her and Nemu's bond? How much had he heard back during the confrontation? How much had Rangiku told him? She had no way of knowing and couldn't think of any logical way to bring it up in conversation.

"Of course. Momo Hinamori is the one who has taught me what it means to love," Nemu replied absently. Momo gave a slight giggle. She didn't have to worry about bringing it up anymore.

"So I've heard..." Toshiro said looking away slightly.

"Rangiku told you about us, right?" Momo asked directly, noticing the slight decline in comfort and possible signs of irritation or disappointment in the young man's eyes.

"Yeah... even if I hadn't, the idiots around Seireitei have been gossiping about you both for some time," Toshiro said with a slight snarl.

"R-really? They're talking about us..?" Momo shyly stuttered.

"This whole situation is unprecedented. You really can't blame them for being interested," the tenth division captain replied, forthright.

"I guess you're right...It's not like we're trying to hide anything anyway," Momo blushed and looked over at Nemu who smiled back at her. She could say this, but that didn't make things less embarrassing.

"As long as you're happy, Momo," Toshiro nodded reluctantly.

"Thank you, Toshiro," Momo said, giggling softly.

Toshiro smiled back at the girl as he parted ways with her.


The rest of the day was spent on business. Momo had Nemu properly introduced to the fifth division, who greeted her warmly despite her transfer having lowered their seats by one. After that the two of them went about daily operations such as filling out paper work, dispatching lower-ranked shinigami on assignments and overseeing training. Nemu seemed to adjust to whatever task Momo gave her very well. Before either girl knew it the day had past without hassle.

"So did you enjoy your first day with us, lieutenant?" Momo giggled softly as her and Nemu walked through the division five corridor.

"After this transfer I am no longer a lieutenant. You do realize that, Momo?" Nemu stared at her lover strangely.

"Not for long though," Momo cheerfully assured.

"How is that?" Nemu asked, puzzled.

"I'm going to train extra hard to perfect my bankai. I won't stop working at it until I've passed the Captains' test. Then after that, You'll be my lieutenant," Momo informed, smiling as she envisioned it all.

"I see. That sounds nice. You must be close to perfecting it then?" Nemu tilted her head to the side.

"Uh... Not really..." Momo sheepishly admitted.

"Then what will you do if I perfect mine first?" Nemu said, an oddly playful smile on her face.

"In that case, I'll serve you faithfully, Captain," Momo said in a sweet, loving voice.

"I see. Both situations sound equally nice," Nemu commented, smiling at the thoughts. Momo had to agree.

"So? How was it then?" Momo asked, returning to her original question.

"It was pleasant. Everyone seems nice," the other responded promptly.

"I'm glad," Momo smiled.

"So what happens now? Has a room been prepared for me to use?" Nemu asked, curiously.

Momo blushed at the question, shyly she started, "well kinda...I guess."

"What do you mean?" Nemu looked confused.

"We're lovers now, right?" Momo shook slightly as she asked for this confirmation.

"That is the impression you left me with yesterday," Nemu gave a soft blush as she seemed to recall the short but sweet moments after the confrontation with her former Captain.

"Usually lovers sleep together... you know... in the same bed," Momo timidly explained, her face completely red. the previous night Nemu had spent in the care of the fourth division so as her injuries could be tended. This would be their first together.

"I see. That sounds very nice. So I'll be staying in your room then?" Nemu gave another smile at this notion.


"Perhaps then you can explain more of the things lovers do together," Nemu innocently suggested. At these words, embarrassment was giving way to excitement as Momo's mind began to seriously consider what might happen as her and Nemu spent their first night together as lovers. Anxiety remained most prominent, however.

"Um... okay," Momo replied with a nervous smile as she stared up and down her lover's body. She subconsciously quickened her step.

In little time the two of them had reached Momo Hinamori's bedroom. They entered quietly and closed the door behind them. WIth surprising eagerness, Nemu quickly crawled onto the bed. Smiling, Momo followed behind more languidly. Readily they both lied back; Momo eased Nemu into a soft embrace.

"You're so warm," Nemu said in a weak voice. It was warm. Just holding Nemu, Momo found herself overcome by emotion.

"I'm so happy. I was scared I had lost. Back then I-I... I thought I would never be able to hold you like this," Momo trembled slightly as she spoke. There were tears in her eyes. Everything felt so right, so perfect; she couldn't believe it was real.

"I had lost hope as well, but none of that matters now. There are no more barriers, just us," these words surprised Momo. She didn't know if it was intentional, but the romanticism in her lover's words left her quivering. Anxiety couldn't hold her any longer. She bent forward and placed a brief kiss on Nemu's lips.

"I love you," Momo said tearfully as she held the woman tight. Her heart fluttered as she finally said these words.

"I couldn't be more thankful, nor could I possibly return those feelings any more than I do," Nemu said; her gentle eyes didn't look so sad at that moment as they stared deep into Momo's own. Again Momo was overcome by love. She bent forward and brought her lips to the other's, this time for an extended period of time.

"It's so nice. Your lips are so soft," Nemu cooed as the kiss broke; Momo smiled as they continued to lock eyes.

"I'm glad. I don't think i can control it anymore," Momo admitted, half-ashamed.

"Can you now show me more of the things lovers do together?" Nemu asked again in a soft whisper. The words both unsettled and excited the girl once more.

"A-alright... but I've never done any of this kinda thing before... I might not be that good..." Momo stuttered, articulating her anxiety.

"I doubt that will matter. No matter what it is, if it's you, it will feel beautiful," Nemu assured. her words didn't boost Momo's confidence but they did her desire. she wanted Nemu too bad to hold back any longer.

"Alright...I'm going to try and make you feel really good then... I-I... hope you like it," Momo nervously whispered as she sat up on the bed. She stared longingly at the girl lying there. She was so beautiful.

Her hands moved forward beyond her control. Awkwardly, they reached for the red cord fastening the wide obi around Nemu's stomach. Momo quickly untied it and removed the thick sash, allowing Nemu's shihakusho to fall open. Nemu gave a bit of a surprised gasp at these actions, but didn't say anything even as her kimono was spread open to reveal her smooth white body. Finally the young lieutenant of the fifth division removed the main garment entirely, leaving the other girl completely naked, save for the pure white, silk panties she still wore.

"You're so beautiful," Momo sighed desperately as she stared down at the incredible figure she had just uncovered. Nemu's frame was so smooth and soft in appearance. Her legs were long and beautiful, her hips were wide and her breasts were round and plump. Momo never would have thought she'd be interested in this sort of female body, but at that moment it fascinated her like nothing else.

"Hearing you say that makes my heart beat faster for some reason," Nemu commented in a languid tone as she stared upward at the other girl, a blush on her cheeks as she received the heavy gazes.

Momo, shyly and nervously, decided to undress herself then. She removed her lieutenant's armband, and pulled the sash from her shihakusho. She opened her robes, exposing her own body as she pulled them downward. Lying back momentarily, she then forced off her hakama. Everything tossed to the floor, she was then in the same state of dress as Nemu. It made Momo feel so vulnerable.

"You're beautiful too," Nemu commented. Momo smiled as she nervously lie back into her place next to the one she loved.

With awkward hesitations Momo brought her lover into an embrace once more. One arm slipped under Nemu and went to her back, keeping her close. Now as their eyes locked, she could feel Nemu's prominent chest pressing softly against her slighter own. Her other hand traced the curves from Nemu's thigh all the way up to her cheek. The hand found it's way to the back of Nemu's head about the same time Nemu's arms came to wrap fully around Momo's lithe frame. Her heart aflame with desire and passion, Momo let her head fall forward, their lips uniting once more.

Immediately this kiss was more intense. Nemu was holding Momo very tightly; her soft naked flesh, made Momo's hesitations falter. After their lips had pressed against each other rampantly for about a minute, she let her tongue extend and find entry into Nemu's mouth. Nemu seemed surprised by this event, but not for long. Her embrace tightened further as her own tongue began to swirl lovingly around Momo's. Exploring the warmth and depth of each others' mouths, neither girl seemed to want to stop. Momo wasn't even sure she knew how to pull away anymore.

She proved this sentiment wrong after a few moments. Her breathing had become so short and intense that she had to pull away. She smiled as her eyes met Nemu's once again; the girl's tongue still extended from her mouth, her lips shimmering with saliva.

"So good..." Nemu hummed in an almost trance like voice. Momo smiled. She began to ease herself down the other girl's frame.

"I'm glad. hopefully you'll like the other things we do..." Momo said timidly, finding it difficult to speak.

Not even giving the other the chance to respond her hands moved forward. With just the slightest hesitation they cupped Nemu's supple breasts. Momo caressed the soft flesh tenderly. The feel of the girl's hardened nipples against her palms sent a slight shiver across Momo's spine. She began to softly pinch one of these nubs between two fingers while she continued to massage the full of the other breast. The more intense Momo's hands worked the more Nemu let out soft pleasurable coos.

Eventually Momo saw one of her hands replaced with her mouth. She brought her face to her lover's chest slowly, first pressing her cheek into the soft feminine flesh. Excitement bubbling in her uneasy heart, Momo placed kisses at every corner of both pillowy mounds before taking one of the nipples between her lips. Her tongue began to lick at it in varying intervals as a hand returned to massage the unattended breast. Nemu was letting out full moans now, especially when Momo put force into her tongue, lips, hand or fingers.

After a few minutes of lavishing Nemu's breast with deep kisses Momo let her tongue trace to the other. She played the nipple gently between her tongue and teeth for awhile before sucking at it hard. Both actions caused prominent moans. Momo loved these sounds. They were proof that she was bringing her beloved pleasure. Wanting further proof, she let her hand slink downwards across Nemu's stomach and then her navel. She stalled to nervousness for a brief moment, but was ultimately not deterred.

Her hand traced its way down Nemu's panties, where it cupped the crotch area gently. Momo almost pulled away in shock at the level of wetness she felt there. After a moment she realized this just furthered her curiosity. She let two fingers begin to rub up and down intoxicatingly warm area at the center of the damp undergarment. Her hand picked up speed as she returned to servicing Nemu's breast. Nemu's moans were now intense, the pleasure she was feeling was causing her whole body to move and shake.

Just as Nemu's moaning was reaching a feverous pitch, Momo pulled away entirely. Nemu looked at her confused for awhile, until Momo thrust her tongue back into her mouth. They kissed passionately for a length of time before Momo pulled off and worked her way down Nemu's frame. She didn't linger very much. Aside form the obvious areas, she didn't really know where to touch Nemu. She was prepared, to now move directly to the most obvious area.

Momo let her hands find the hem of Nemu's drenched panties. The former twelfth division lieutenant raised her legs at once to aid her lover in removing the final garment. Tossing the small piece of saturated cloth aside, Momo eased herself into position. her hand went once more to the area between her lover's legs, which Nemu had spread wide, eager to be touched.

That eagerness was soon appeased, as Momo began to caress Nemu's moist sex directly with her fingers. The warmth, the wetness, it all felt incredible around them. She slipped them up and down the length of the delicate slit at a gradually increasing pace, until she found, to her surprise, that she cold force them deep inside. Excited by this, she began to thrust two fingers in and out, listening to Nemu moan and watching her breasts bounce with each writhing movement as Momo did so.

As her fingers maintained their effort, more and more of the warm fluid poured from out of Nemu's sex and surrounded them. Momo knew she wanted to taste that fluid. With her usual hesitance, she bent forward, leaving her fingers deep inside her lover's tight hole, and let her tongue find the top of the girl's slit. She began it lick it softly, enjoying the mellow taste of the damp tender flesh. She then gave a more prominent lick at the little nub she noticed protruding out. This caused the loudest moan yet, as Nemu's back arched and her legs kicked forward. Observing this reaction, Momo began to focus her licks on this general area.

Momo tried to keep thrusting her fingers in and out as her licks intensified, but finding a tempo for both actions proved difficult. She left her finger to fill Nemu and jerk around inside her every once in awhile while she focused on her oral activities. Keeping her tongue moving briskly proved tiring but the sweet moans resonating from her lover were more than enough to keep Momo dedicated. She kicked her fingers around Nemu's heated depths before beginning an especially intense series of licks. Nemu suddenly convulsed around Momo's fingers, a heavy, screaming moan leaving her lips as her body shook and quivered relentlessly. Fluid pooled out to collect on Momo's tongue as she removed her fingers.

Momo pulled away slowly, her mouth still glistening with clear liquid. Nemu brought her into an embrace at once. The usually gentle girl, though almost breathless, initiated a kiss rougher than what Momo would expect. Momo, though surprised, kissed back with all the force she could muster.

"I didn't know feeling such things was possible," Nemu commented hazily, her voice somewhat weak and her breath somewhat heavy, as she pulled her mouth just an inch from that of her lover. She didn't lessen her tight embrace in the slightest.

"I'm glad you liked it," Momo smiled. Nemu started kissing her again.

"Do I get to make you feel those incredible feelings now?" Nemu asked in a soft whisper between kisses.

"I'd really love that..." cooed Momo, blushing as she stared lovingly into the other girl's eyes.

"I'll try my best," Nemu said with a slight nod and a smile. She let Momo lie back as she sat up.

Nemu came to a hover over Momo's chest. Her hands touched either of Momo's erect nipples before she lightly massaged the surrounding flesh of the girl's smallish breasts. She teased one nub between two fingers while she bent to place the other between her lips. Nemu's touch sent tingles throughout Momo's frame. Every time Nemu's tongue brushed her nipple, every pinch, poke or hard rub against that sensitive flesh made her feel a sensation so deeply pleasing she couldn't help but let out soft moans. As Nemu continued to suck, lick, pinch and squeeze Momo could feel the undergarment she still wore further dampen and cling to her.

After the first breast had been thoroughly bathed in tongue, Nemu moved to the other. She licked it and sucked it, and even bit it very softly every once in a while, every action bringing a different moan to Momo's lips. When Nemu's hand slipped down to meet Momo's wet-cotton encased sex, the moans were on an entirely different level. She felt her back arch upwards a bit as Nemu began to rub her through the cloth. Nemu was smiling as she pulled away from Momo's chest and proceeded downwards.

Momo's panties were removed promptly and tossed aside rather callously. She shivered as Nemu ran her fingers up her now exposed slit. It was such an intense feeling, Momo didn't know how much she could take. Then Nemu removed her hand and brought it to her lips. She licked her fingers, tasting Momo's juices directly while the girl watched. Momo could see the fluid clinging to Nemu's slender fingers, and knew she must be sopping down there; she was certain that watching Nemu just made her even more so.

Apparently pleased with the taste, Nemu bent herself into place so as she was squarely between Momo's legs. Momo deliberately presented herself to her lover's eyes, forcing her legs part. Nemu smiled before moving her head forward. She kissed Momo's sex gently, causing Momo to shiver once more. Momo could then feel the lips of her sex being gently parted by her lover's warm tongue. She gave a long pleasure moan as that tongue began to tease her most delicate flesh.

Shortly Nemu's slow, gradual licks had become more intense. Momo was lost in it all. She could feel Nemu dart up, down, left and right to every inch of her sex. Nemu's tongue felt incredibly satisfying. She wasn't licking with quite the speed Momo had mustered but every movement held weight and Nemu was quick to find the places that made Momo moan the loudest.

She concentrated on these areas, firing a long, relaxed series of incessant licks over them. Each movement of tongue brought a surge of pleasure. With the perfect tempo Nemu eventually achieved it was as if Momo was riding a rolling wave of pleasure. Each new crest made her heart beat just a little faster, her breath become just a little harder, and her moans come out just a little louder.

Eventually Momo's heart was racing. She was panting loudly and screaming even more so. Nemu was now concentrating specifically on the slight protrusion that was Momo's clit, licking it repeatedly only to occasionally break tempo to suck at it slightly. Everything Nemu did just made Momo's pleasure soar more and more. It was fiery hot. Momo was writing beyond her control. She could feel everything building as Nemu's tongue filled her fluid spilling slit with passionate love. Then suddenly it all exploded from within. A single hard lick sent a powerful wave throughout the entirety of the young girl. She cried loudly as it made her quake several times where she lie.

"Did I do well?" Nemu asked, her lover still panting feebly.

"Yeah... it was... amazing..." Momo managed to say as her hand gripped Nemu's wrist. She pulled the girl toward her so as they could embrace once more.

"I really enjoy these things. I'm glad that you are my lover," Nemu said in a soft voice as Momo's hand brushed her cheek.

"It's more than just these things that I love you for," Momo whispered in response.

"You're right, there is a lot more," Nemu smiled brightly.

"I'm so happy," tears were once more in Momo Hinamori's eyes.

"You are the reason I know happiness," Nemu responded. The two of them kissed. It felt perfect.

Both girls smiled brightly as they held each other. Holding Nemu made Momo happy but the truth behind the girl's words was almost more satisfying. Nemu had saved her and now she had saved Nemu. Nemu wasn't miserable. She was loved. She was happy. That's what made this even more incredible. They were now free to live on, wrapped in warmth like this.

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