Making the rounds he came to spot her across the beautifully decorated garden, his breath caught and he stood still. It had been well over ten years since she would speak to him, not that he didn't deserve her silence, but never did he think he would accept her invitation. She had yet to see him so he decided to take the risk and walk over to her.

Half way she had cocked her head up and locked eyes with him, her stare calm with a fire he had never seen but when her fingers flew across a piano. Her hair was half pinned up and half cascading down her back in a beautiful mess, the dress was thin and hanging like a sheet on her frame. He thought she looked as gorgeous as ever.

When he approached he gave a shy smile and she returned a might tighter smirk, "Kels."

"ee, Kelsi. We not in high school anymore Troy, we can't hide behind labels and nicknames any longer." Her voice was not angry, but more like disappointed and he felt a pang in his heart, "Quite the reception, I see Gabi still hides behind her elaborate style."

Avoiding her gaze he stuffed his hands in his pockets and looked at his feet, "Yeah I guess not, you look stunning though."

The first smile breaks and her laugh fills the air around them, "Right, and you don't look the least bit worried that you just agreed to cherish and to hold the girl who stole your heart with her song, no voice song could get confused with the first girl you made promises to love outside of theaters and courts."

Delivered sweet they left a sour taste, Troy winced at her words and finally looked back into her eyes. Even if she had changed in almost all ways, her eyes had remained the same. Reaching up he brushed a tendril out of her eyes, "Where did my eclectic and joyous playmaker run off to?"

Leaning into his touch for only a second she was the young girl who believed her neighbor boy who whispered words of always in her curly locks, "As the song goes Troy; the winner takes it all." Before he could say or do anything she stepped out of his reach and back to the crowd. He watched her for a few moments, and when she looked over her shoulder at him with a grin he knew that she would be okay and in the end that would have to be enough. Taking a moment before he returned he thought of the lyrics proceeding Kelsi's, the loser standing small.