Sakuyamon awkoe to her final say of pregnacy

"Finally these two will be out of us," Rika said

"Yes are unborn children will now soon come into the world," Renamon added

"I just hope it dosen't happen so early lik..." Rika's sentence was cut short when she felt a huge gush of water and blood slpat right out of her

"Rika it's time!" Renamon shouted

"Ohhhhhh," Rika groaned i pain as she began to feel contractions

Just then the other digiomon awake and saw Sakuyamon in pain

"The babies ae comming!!" Terriermon said

"Somebody call Takato and Henry!" Lopmon said

Impmon then grabbed the cell phone and began dialing Takatos phone number

"How do yoou know Takato' phoe number Impmon?" Guilmon asked

"I just presed the phone book thing on here," Impmon said


About twenty minutes later Takato, Henery, and everyone else came rushing in

"Oh my gosh they were right, IT"S TIME!" Takato cried out

"Takato relax it's just like when we devlivered Roomon," Henery said "Just breath Sakuyamon, and push,"

Sakuyamon did as she was told and just then she let out a scream so loud that people on the other side of Japan could hear it


"Say Wang did you just hear something?" A random Japanies guy asked his friend

"No I didn't," Wang answered


Back at Guilmons Floxymon egg had just gotten out of Sakuyamons tummy and nw all that was left was Dragoxmon

"C,mon Rika you can do it," Kenta chreered

"Ya push that digimn outta ya," Kazu said

Just then Sakuyamon let out another huge scream and Dragoxmon fired out f her like a cannon, luckly enta and Kazu catched it. Sakuyamon split back into Rika and Renamon after that

Everyone said congrats to the two of them. Then the eggs hatched

"Hi," the two babies said

Roomon and Jerri had just came in when they said that, Roomon was overjoyed to ee his new little brother and sister and began to play with them

Everyone once again felt proud and happy today. And knew little Floxymon and Dragoxmon would grow up with an even more loving family than before.

The End