Hey there,

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to put this fic on temporary (if not indefinite) hiatus, because of factors at home which are restricting my time even further than before! To put it shortly, I've just entered a phase of school where the workload usually doubles, and on top of that I've started working part-time.

Not to say that I'm stopping writing completely – it's just that I'm going to have to just concentrate on one fic instead of two ongoing ones, and this is the one I'm going to stop. I update it irregularly enough anyway, and I can't find the time on top of everything else I do to sit down and look at this one when sometimes, I don't really enjoy it.

I'm very sorry about this; however, my livejournal – www.livejournal.com/users/knowing_shadows  - is being used as a writing journal and odd tidbits will go in there that will likely be HP-related, plus other fandoms, etc.

Again, I extend my apologies.

~Knowing Shadows