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Bella has lived in Forks her whole life with Charlie and Renee (they never broke up) and after Renee dies Charlie becomes abusive. When the Cullens move Bella becomes friends with them. With all of the normal pairings. I'm thinking about having them all human.

All I could hear was the loud footsteps of my father overhead. It was dark in the cold confines of my basement. I knew I had to hide before he came down. I searched blindly through the basement. I suddenly tripped and fell on to the cold, hard floor. Just like me to trip over my own feet. All of a sudden there was a light coming from the stairs.

" I know you're down there Bella. Why don't you come out now before I have to come look for you?"

With the light shining from upstairs I could finally see my surroundings. I was lying in the middle of the basement floor. On the wall to the right were many different wooden bookshelves piled to the top with all of my favorite books. When Renee died my father wanted nothing to remind us of her. My mother loved to read so he brought all of the books we owned into the basement. On my left was our grand piano. Draped over it were many sheets so it would be hidden from view. I quickly crawled under the piano. I heard Charlie's heavy footsteps as he slowly descended the stairs.

"Bella?", he yelled

I bit down hard on my lip to keep myself from screaming. I knew it was a matter of time before he found me.

All of a sudden I could hear the doorbell from upstairs. I smiled. Alice was finally here. Charlie quickly bounded up the stairs. I needed to leave before Charlie got back. I slid out from under the piano and quietly climbed up the stairs.

I could hear Charlie say, "Sorry she's not here right now Alice, now I need to get back before I miss the game."

I looked over and she glanced at me. For a second her face was horrorstruck then she quickly composed herself. She nodded looking back at Charlie, "ok well let her know I was here."

She turned around and gracefully walked to her car.

I quickly ran to my bedroom quietly closing my door and bolting it shut. I swiftly pulled out a duffel bag and stuffed as many of my clothes and personal belongings I could fit into it. I had to get away before Charlie found me.

I yanked open the door and ran right into something. I fell to the ground and looked up to see Charlie with and evil grin spread across his face and he was looking down at me.

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