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"Does anyone object to this couple getting married?"

Muffled, 'I do's' were ignored when a 6'ft long sword was unsheathed and placed against the priests neck. Sephiroth couldn't have any one protesting. The priest continued with the ceremony, watching the couple place their rings on each others finger. This would have to be the most strange and frightening wedding he had ever performed.

"Do you Sephiroth take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

'I'd do her too.'

Thought the priest who currently had a sharp 6'ft long Kanata blade pointed at his throat slowly turned to ask the short brunette the same question.

Towering over her he could see her perfectly, she was beautiful, she had long chocolate brown hair which fell down her back touching her waist. A vision in white with an angelic face, 'and the body of a goddess' he quietly thought to himself, he couldn't see her mouth as she had a black sash gagging her.

The Priest couldn't help but be stunned by the woman's body, her white corset wedding dress clung to her hour glass figure like a second skin the said dress made her large breasts look bigger then what they were. He watched the soft looking globes rise and fall to the sound of the muffled breath, it was almost hypnotic. Right now he wanted know more then to through out his priest code and take a dirty new one, particularly with the bride standing before him, in this moment he would even wish to be the groom but without the silver hair and the crazed look in his eyes.

Her hands were bound and her soon to be husband was holding her possessively against his body. Her brown/red eyes looked up to meet his beautiful face, and were glazed with fear, anger and hatred, such an innocent woman shouldn't be feeling such emotions, least of all to her husband to be.

The tip of the blade dug into his neck a little harder, the priest removed his gaze momentarily from the young woman's chest to meet an angry gaze sent his way, Sephiroth held his bride closer to his chest.


"Ah... ye-yes... of course."

Sephiroth was fuming inside how dare that man look at her like that. The priest looked down on the bride and held her gaze for a moment before staring at her breasts again and continued with the ceremony.

"Do you ... umm..."

'Fiddle sticks, what was her name again..."


This man was trying Sephiroth's patience, no mater, they were almost finished the ceremony

"Do you Tifa take this man to be you lawfully wedded husband?"

"Mmmmmo, mmmmmmmo"

Tifa repeated the muffled no sound and shook her head 'no'. The priest stared blankly at Sephiroth.

"She has to say ye..."

Before the priest could finish his sentence Sephiroth leaned down to Tifa so he could whisper in her ear.

"Who wants me to die a slow and painful death?"

He pulled down her gag and finally the priest could hear her voice

"I do... "

'Eh, good enough.' Thought the priest when he felt the slowly pull away from his neck.

"I now pronounce you man and wife you may kiss your bride."

Sephiroth looked down at his bride, a predator's grin graced his beautiful face, he spoke loud and clear so her friends heard.

"Kiss her? I'm going to destroy her!"

"Wait... what?"

Before Tifa had time to react she was passionately kissed by Sephiroth, her husband. He quickly returned the gag to her mouth before she could protest and held her body over his shoulder, they, well he, walked triumphantly down the aisle and gave her friends an evil grin as he watched them struggle in their binds. Cloud, Vincent, Cid, Barrett and Yuffie were thrashing violently in the chairs they were tied to, their screams were muffled by the gags. The married couple were followed by three silver head men, the short haired man mumbled to the second youngest brother

"Why does he get the girl?" Kadaj said to his older brother

"Oh well he has to sleep sometime."

They were holding up their older brother and helping him walk out of the church as he was crying his eyes out.

"I wanted to marry her, I saw her first." He kept replaying the day he met her in the curch, in his mind, from that day he hadn't stopped thinking of her.

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