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SYNOPSIS: In an attempt to revert everyone affected by the meteor back to normal, Tech creates a device to mimic the effects of the meteor in reverse. Unfortunately, it's not as reverse as he intended.

WARNING: This story will eventually focus on a relationship between Tech and Rev. As such, this story contains a homosexual/slash/yaoi relationship, or whatever you'd like to call it. If that's not your cup of tea, go drink somewhere else. Rated T for minor language and violence. I doubt there will be any sexual things occurring other than a few kisses.

It was a calm day. Acmetropolis hadn't been threatened for almost a week, which was only 5 days away from a new record. Well, if it stayed "saved," that is. Some new psycho was always popping up and wreaking havoc. However, if Tech had anything to say about it, that wouldn't be happening much anymore. The coyote was working hard to finish a device which would restore everything and everyone to their pre-meteor selves. No more superpowers, and no more super villains. In fact, if his new invention, the "Impact Reversal Ray," worked as he hoped, everyone on Earth could get back to their normal lives. If it worked, which he strongly hoped it would.

However, work on the ray was more than likely to be delayed. The arrival of a certain red blur made sure of that. Papers were scattered about the coyote's lab as Rev took a spot next to him, looking none-too-pleased with what he saw. Tech's invention was coming along smoothly, and it looked as though it would be finished in a matter of hours.

"Hey-Tech, -are-you-sure-you-want-to-go-through-with-this? I-mean, -it's-not-like-you-have-to-build-this-ray-thingy-because-we-could-still-protect-Acmetropolis-and-keep-our-powers-and-it-could-be-cool-and--" Rev spoke, the onslaught of words assaulting Tech's poor ears. However, he reached out and silenced the roadrunner by clenching his beak in his fist.

"Look, I know what you're getting at, but it's for the good of everyone." Tech explained, not looking any happier than his friend, "Once everyone affected by the meteor's back to normal, we can do what we want without worrying about saving the city all the time. And besides, it's a 'ray,' Rev; it'll only affect who we aim it at." The roadrunner looked relieved at that statement; they'd still be able to fight against any intergalactic threats like Optimatus.

"Well, -that's-a-relief. I-thought-we'd-all-be-powerless-and-then-we'd-be-easy-pickings-if-Optimatus-ever-escaped-and-decided-to-destroy-us-again. That'd-really-stink, -you-know." The coyote nodded, and directed his full attention back to his work. This was Rev's unspoken cue to leave the lab and allow Tech to finish the ray gun.

"Well, -okay-then, -Tech, -I'll-see-you-later. Hope-the-Power-Reversal-Ray-thinger-turns-out-alright." Rev rambled, although a glare from the coyote stopped him, "Okay, -I-guess-I'll-go-now. Later!" In a flash, the roadrunner was gone, the lab's door hissing shut behind him. Sighing, the coyote continued with his work, working carefully to ensure that he fashioned the device properly. Even the slightest error could spell disaster for the world. If he was lucky, he wouldn't be interrupted again any time soon.

Days passed, and Tech still hadn't completed the device. Fortunately, nothing else had come up, so he had plenty of time to work. The others went about their own agendas, doing what they normally did on their days off. Slam had already ordered a few pizzas, which they'd been receiving free of charge for half a year or so now. Saving the man in charge had certainly led to a few perks. Duck had been using his powers at every opportunity he got, even after he'd been told that they'd still be keeping their abilities. That stopped after Slam chased him down, however; even Duck wasn't willing to make Slam angry more than once.

On the fifth day, the day the city stayed saved for 11 days and set a record, Tech had finally finished his Impact Reversal Ray. He almost pranced back into the meeting room, carrying the device carefully as he approached the main table. Ace, Lexi, Duck, Rev, Slam and Zadavia were all present, waiting for Tech to make his presentation. Well, almost everyone waited. Rev had been twitching slightly in his seat as the coyote drew out his entrance with uncharacteristic pride. He must have been incredibly confident in his new invention. In any case, the roadrunner zoomed up beside his coyote friend, pummeling him with a barrage of questions.

"How-does-it-work? Is-it-going-to-cure-everyone? Are-you-sure-we'll-be-safe-in-the-tower? How-did-you-make-it?" Rev asked, his mouth going a mile a minute as he found his beak clenched shut by Tech again.

"Rev! Watch what you're doing!" Tech exclaimed, letting go of the roadrunner's beak, "If you'd knocked the ray gun out of my hands… well, let's just say one of us could be a few powers short." Rev gulped at that thought, and quickly returned to his seat. It was never good when Tech's inventions didn't work exactly as planned. Of course, the only times they went wrong was when someone used them improperly or tampered with them beforehand. Fortunately, neither had occurred this time; they were going to be enjoying quite a few more days off.

"Alright, since everyone's curious about the Impact Reversal Ray, I guess I'll give you a little explanation." Tech began, excitement shining in his olive eyes, "After the meteor hit, I figured it might be a good idea to get a sample or two of it… y'know, for future projects at the Institute. However, after all the stuff we've gone through, I've thought that we could use a bit of a break. So, I found a way to use the dormant energy within the meteor in a reverse process. Instead of bestowing powers to people, it'll remove the powers of all those wackjobs who've been trying to destroy the city. All we have to do is hook it up to the weapons defense system, and we can send the ray all over the city."

"As long as you're certain it'll work. I assume it hasn't yet been tested, correct?" Zadavia asked.

"Well, no, I haven't tested it yet. But I'm sure it'll work. Besides, it's a lot safer than obtaining curium." Tech explained, "Besides, we'll never know until we try, right? C'mon, let's go test this thing out." He looked a lot less excited after Zadavia pointed out the device's only flaw. They still had no idea if it would work the way he planned, but the theory of it was flawless. It could only possibly work as he planned. After all, he was a genius. Everything he did post-meteor worked perfectly… didn't it?

By the time they reached the lab, Tech was tempted to call off using the Reversal Ray. That one comment had shaken his confidence; he had to make sure that the device would work properly. Hopefully he wouldn't have to test it on himself. After having his powers for the past few years, the idea of not having them anymore felt bizarre.

"Hey, Tech, you okay?" Ace asked, jolting the coyote from his troubled reverie, "If you're not ready to test it out, you can just take it back into the lab and fix it up until you're satisfied." But the coyote shook his head, insisting that he had to try it out. After all, he'd hyped up the device so much, he figured he didn't really have any other choice. They had to test it now, or he'd probably never get around to doing so.

He broke from the group and approached his weapons defense system, which hadn't seen use since Lexi blew up Melvin's space ship. However, he was certain that it would be able to spread the beam throughout the city. The meteor fragments still possessed a large well of power. Removing the special abilities of all the super villains in town wouldn't even use up half of the space debris' energy.

"It's all set up. Let's all hope this works." Tech said, anxiety evident in his voice. The others felt a little more than worried that Tech wasn't 100 percent confident, but they decided not to talk him out of it. Even the chance that they could take a vacation was too good to pass up. Duck had spent the last two days trying to wrangle everyone into taking a cruise, although those plans might not come to fruition. With one last calming breath, Tech pushed the button, closing his eyes as the device whirred into action. After a moment or two, the ray finally started working, a loud shockwave resounding from the top of the tower. The blue energy of the ray shot throughout the city, fizzing out a mile or so outside of city limits. Several pulses of energy emerged from the top of the tower, before Tech deactivated the device.

The tower was surprisingly quiet after the ray's use, everyone seemingly uncomfortable or unsure of what to say. It was Duck who broke the silence, however, not being one to sit around quietly.

"So… did it work?" He asked, feeling the tension in the room dissipate after his comment. However, it was soon replaced with uncertainty and curiosity, most of it coming from the scientifically gifted coyote.

"Honestly… I'm not sure." Tech sighed, looking defeated, "I guess we'll just have to hope for the best." Rev rushed up to his friend, patting the green coyote on the back gently. His momentum made it a lot less than gentle, but he meant well.

"C'mon-Tech, -don't-worry. Your-inventions-always-work; we'll-be-able-to-take-a-summer-vacation, -except-that-it's-not-really-summer-or-anything-and-then-you-can-maybe-get-out-of-the-lab-for-a-bit." To the roadrunner's surprise, Tech didn't clamp his mouth shut, or tell him to speak slower. Instead, a small smile appeared on the coyote's face, and it soon bloomed into a full grin.

"You're right, Rev." Tech smiled, "Let's get started now. I'm due for a day off." He ran out of the lab, looking much happier than he'd seemed in… well, a long time. Rev enthusiastically followed the coyote, although he ended up passing him. The others decided that they may as well join their teammates, and soon, everyone was headed off to the local pool. Zadavia opted to sit out, since someone needed to stay at the tower. She could also ensure that Tech's invention had worked. In all honesty, she hoped that the Loonatics could take a well-deserved break. They needed it.

So, I hope that those of you who decided to read enjoyed it. That's not all there is to it, since I've got a lot planned for the story. But honestly, I'm just hoping everyone was in character. So, please send in your reviews, flames and constructive criticism. Well, maybe not so many flames. After all, it's my first fan fiction submitted to the site, and I'd appreciate the reviews and criticism. Anyway, have a good day, and I hope you guys stick around to read how the story progresses.