After Tonight

By Turquoise-Kitsune and her alter-ego, Raven

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Beta-ed by the lovely sky-eyed Kitsune.

WARNINGS: Yaoi (male x male), Sasuke cheating on Naruto, bad Language, lemon (thank sky-eyed Kitsune who convinced me it was needed.)

Pairings: SasuNaru (only temporary), KakaNaru (woot!), SasuSaku (gag), InoSasu (gag),

Implied: KibaHina, ShikaTema, NejiTen, IruGen,

Things we should celebrate: Sakura Bashing! Sasuke dumping! Naruto finding love, and a hot Kakashi.


Kakashi: 21

Rookie nine (Sasuke, Sakura, etc): 18

Naruto: 17

Team Gai: 19

Author notes: (A/N Lalalalalalala)

Kyuubi talking: "lalalalala"

Kyuubi thinking: lalalalalala

Talking: "Lalalalala"

Thinking: Lalalalalalala

A blonde head bobbed by the toilet bowl, retching hard. Naruto finally sat up, wiping some saliva from his chin. A raven haired man walked in.

"Naruto!" he said angrily, "you will see Tsunade TODAY! The vomiting is getting really bad and I am sick of it!"

"Screw you teme, I don't want too!" Naruto yelled back,

"You have a mission today and if you aren't healthy you will become a liability to your team," Sasuke said, his eyebrow taking flight.

"Hamdaksdasdsdf" Naruto muttered inaudibly

"Then out with you!"

Naruto soon found himself out on the front porch of the Uchiha mansion. Cursing under his breath he slowly made his way to the Hokage's office. He carefully avoided any of Sasuke's fans. Naruto sighed to himself. Things were not going well. True most of his friends had accepted his gender preference, but his precious people weren't as close as before. People like Kiba and Hinata had all gotten married, all straight couples, except for Iruka and Genma. Now sakura and Ino were the only singles left among the rookie 9. Naruto sighed again. Sakura, Ino and the rest of Sasuke fangirls had made his life hell, from the moment Sasuke and him had come out. Now everyone hated him or just plain ignored him. Not that he held it against anyone. It wasn't Iruka's fault that he was piled under a landslide of exams. Or Kiba's fault that being married to Hinata, he and Neji were always fighting.

I just wish someone would pay me some attention.

Naruto felt his mind begin to drift towards a certain raven. Yes he loved Sasuke. But he wasn't sure if it worked vice versa. Recently Sasuke had been distant, refusing to be intimate, and when he was, all it would be was a quick fuck and then sleep.

I wonder if he doesn't love me anymore.

Naruto shook his head violently.

No! No I can't think like that! Of course Sasuke loves me!

Really? He doesn't act like it. At all.

A sly voices' words echoed through Naruto's head.

I am right aren't I? Have you noticed how people, who would normally harass you if you went near them. Completely ignore you if you're with Sasuke.

Naruto was silent.

Have you noticed how you are the only one in the relationship that is hurt? Sasuke can walk down the street and nothing happens to him.

But-but that's 'cause he's an Uchiha.

Yeah and you're the son of Yondaime, and they all know it. Surely a Hokage's son should be more important?

Naruto felt a doubt creep out and envelop his heart.

Yes. Have you noticed the knowing smug looks the pink whore give you when you walk past.

Please Kyuubi. Please stop telling me these things.

Alright though keep them in mind. That Uchiha filth is up to something.

Naruto found himself nodding slowly.

"Naruto-kun? Are you here to see Tsunade-sama?"

"Eh? Shizune-san? Hai."

He tapped at the door, before letting himself in.

"Eh Baa-chan? Teme says I have to see you because I am sick."

Tsunade turned around and began twitching violently.

Shit already? I wonder how he'll take the news?

"Naruto I don't need to check you…."

"Why not?"

"Because I know what's wrong with you…"

"Really? Sugoi baa-chan you are getting better at the med-"

"Naruto you're pregnant."


Naruto picked his way home walking more carefully than he would normally bother walking.

Pregnant huh? So we'll have kids! I wonder a girl or a boy? What will it look like? Like me or teme? Ah Sasuke will be happy. He was worrying about how to restart his clan.

Naruto stopped at the front door of the mansion. He made his way upstairs slowly.

Jeez that teme will probably still be asleep.

He padded down the hallway and gently pushed open Sasuke's door.

Naruto felt his heart crack in two and wither away.

There in the room lay Sasuke in all his naked glory pounding into Sakura.

Above the pair Ino sat. Kissing her way down Sasuke's back, with her fingers shoved up Sasuke's ass.

The poor blonde ran his eyes over the flushed figures.


Naruto felt the withered remains of his heart catch fire and smoulder away into ashes

Why teme? Why them?

Why the fucking people who have been fucking torturing me?

Why those whores?

Am I not good enough?

The ashen remnants of his heart began to drown in his deep sorrow.

The door closed again.


When Sasuke woke up the first thing that crossed his mind was Naruto.

Fuck has Naruto seen us?!

Then seeing it was 5:30 and Naruto's squad was supposed to leave at 3:00, he relaxed back into bed. Then he noticed Ino and Sakura sleeping beside him.


He eased up slowly and went downstairs for a coffee, still naked. A few minutes later Sasuke was sitting on a beanie couch, sipping black coffee.

I am pleased, my old fucked up nii-san is dead, I am going to restart my clan. And I get the boy and the girls. I am lucky Naruto's such an idiot, otherwise he would have picked up on the facts that Ino and Sakura's clothing is always here. Well I am not complaining. The two whores are the best women for fucking, though Naruto is the best man. I aM aN aWeSoMe SeMe!

Sasuke smirked

"Sasu-kun?" a pink haired chick came down, naked as the day she was born. She walked over to were Sasuke sat and slipped an arm around his waist whispering in his ear,

"What's up Sasu-kun? You seem pleased for some reason," she licked up the shell of his left ear,

"Maybe we should celebrate……?" she stretched pushing her breasts into Sasuke's back.

"hn," taking that as a yes, the pinkie reached around Sasuke pushing away his coffee, and putting her hands down in between his legs.

Sasuke smirked

Now there's one reason why I love Sakura, Naruto and Ino have limits, but this whore is up for it anytime, I could call her at frickin' 3 in the morning and she would come over instantly ready to pleasure me. She really is an excellent whore.

(A/N ew! Ew! Ew! I burnt my eyes and hand writing that, I apologise for all the innocent people's eyes that were also burnt in that, and to avoid further physical and mental and emotional harm I have skipped over all further SakuSasu scenes.)


A silver haired Nin grinned at the thought of finally getting home. He had been away on a 6 month mission and Kakashi had been dying to return to Konoha. He felt a light blush spread over his face as his thoughts turned to a certain blonde shinobi. Truthfully he had been head over heels for the young man for a while now. But the oblivious blonde was too worked up over rescuing the Uchiha brat. Kakashi frowned disdainfully.

Why that brat? Why can't Naruto love someone older, perhaps someone who wouldn't like Naruto back? Maybe even me…?

He felt an unusually sorrow building up in his chest. He had seen them kissing that day. When he was supposed to leave. Naruto had hauled back the brat and the first thing the asshole did the moment he was unconscious was to kiss his blonde. But what hurt him the most was seeing Naruto kiss back. Honestly Kakashi never expected to ever be with Naruto. There wasn't- it just couldn't happen. But he had never thought about the blonde, he had never expected the Naruto to find someone. Especially Uchiha. Kakashi frowned again as he felt tears prickle at his eyes. They were probably together now anyway. Kakashi grimaced.

I doubt even a stoic bastard like myself can cope with seeing my Naru-chan with him.

The silver haired Nin began to slow down, not as enthusiastic as before.

Suddenly a soft whimpering came from the left of him. Kakashi paused, and checked the air for a chakra signature.


He crouched on a nearby branch through the foliage. Below Naruto knelt, one arm clutching his stomach, the other positioning a kunai in from of him.


Kyuubi sensing Kakashi's chakra and his feelings towards the blonde stopped Naruto.

Kit! Kyuubi shrieked out loud, though the blonde so wrapped up in his own emotions at the moment did not notice, so he answered out loud, letting Kakashi hear the conversation.


"Kit are you sure?!"

Naruto laughed bitterly.

"About what?! Suicide? I was sure from the moment Sasuke left all those years ago!"


"When that bastard put that chidori through my chest, he didn't see the one he slammed through my heart!" crystal tears poured from azure eyes, as Naruto sobbed his heart out.

"When he came back, I thought it was real, I loved him! But what was I to him? A fuck buddy! That's it! He didn't care! No one does! I am a monster! Now answer me Kyuubi! Who should a disgusting unloved monster live?"

"Because you are not unloved."

Naruto looked up at that sentence, as he felt warm arms wrap around his back, pulling his arms down, forcing him to drop the kunai.

"Kakashi?" Naruto asked quietly, tears still staining his perfect golden face.

"Never….." the lips near his neck whispered, "Never again Naruto, never will you try that!"

"And why not Kakashi? No one loves me!"

Kami-sama are you really that stupid Naruto? Can't you see that-?

"Naruto someone does love you. But the person isn't ready to tell you, nor do they think you are ready to know."

Don't worry Hatake said enough on my behalf.

"Really Kakashi?" Naruto felt hope build up in his shattered heart, though he wish it hadn't.

What if Kakashi is just lying? I shouldn't be pleased! Everything everyone else has said to me so far has been lies, lies they cruelly told me for their own amusement.

Believe me kit; the man hugging you right now is not lying.

How do you know?

When has Kakashi ever lied to you?

Uummmm… well there was-

Never mind, Kyuubi mentally slapped itself, just trust me!

Trust a ten thousand year old demon? Why not?

I always get the idiots…..

Naruto let out a soft watery smile, as Kakashi answered,

"Yes Naruto they do, they love you much more than you will ever know…"

Naruto relaxed into Kakashi's hold, and snuggled into the warmth, twisting a bit and then placing his face in the crook of Kakashi's neck. And they stayed like that.

The blonde had dozed off in the silver haired ninja's arms a long time ago, but Kakashi was wide awake.

I wish I could tell him…… before he finds someone else.

"Naruto….." Kakashi whispered softly to the sleeping blonde, "I- I love…… Naruto I love you,"

Kakashi swore as long golden lashed eye flicked open suddenly.

Shit did he hear me? But more importantly what will he think? Will he reject me?

Kakashi visibly flinched at that thought.

"Ha Ha do you love my kit Hatake?"

"Eh? Kyuubi?" Kakashi looked down into the eye that had opened and found that it wasn't it's usual serene blue rather it was a deep crimson.

"No shit Sherlock, but listen my kit has had some well….. problems recently….."

Kakashi twitched, "What type of problems?" he demanded, and the fox demon only too happily explained what had happened that morning.


"Naru-chan?" Kyuubi teased, Kakashi blushed though no one could see it.

"You will make a fine mate Hata- Kakashi-kun,"

When Naruto woke up, he discovered to his embarrassment that he was still curled up in Kakashi's arms. He thought about moving away but decided against it. Instead he snuggled further into Kakashi's warmth. Kakashi let out a laugh.

"Having fun Naruto?" the blonde blushed and sat up, but stayed in Kakashi's embrace.

"Ano…… Kakashi?" Naruto whispered.

"Nani Naruto?"

"Ne…..thanks…for you know…." Naruto blushed.

Kakashi smiled down warmly at his former student, "you are welcome,"

Naruto gazed up and into Kakashi's exposed grey-green eye. Kakashi stared back into the azure orbs, captivated. Kakashi felt the urge to reach down and kiss Naruto senseless, but refrained himself. Instead he stayed still, silently gazing at the one he loved.

Soft raindrops began to fall, as the blue sky began to fill with grey clouds. The rain drenched them, though they continued to be unaware of what was happening in the real world.

Kit? Naruto? Naruto…..GAKI! OI GAKI YOU'RE STARING!

Naruto suddenly blushed and looked away. Kakashi guessed Kyuubi had said something to him. Naruto avoided looking back up, though he felt Kakashi's eyes boring into him. A red blush spread across his face. Kakashi chuckled inwardly at how cute he looked. Then suddenly unable to contain the urge, Kakashi bent down and gently kissed Naruto's soft blonde spikes. Naruto turned even redder, (if that was possible). Kakashi slowly slipped away from Naruto, before being down and holding out a hand.

"Oi Naruto, come on. We'll stay at a hotel, we are getting soaked out here," Naruto looked up the blush fading away. He took Kakashi's hand, and found himself on his feet. The odd pair turned and began to walk away from the forest. Leaving behind a forgotten kunai, one that would have been swathed in the crimson blood of the Kyuubi vessel, had Kakashi been a few more minutes late. For once in his life Hatake Kakashi had been in time for something.

A/N Notes

Everyone at this point is either married, or in a relationship apart from the Kakashi, Shizune, Tsunade and Sai who works as a whore.

As you might have noticed Sasuke likes it both ways so he never actually screws Ino, he lets her finger fuck him.

Because I don't hate Ino all that much, there will be implied Ino x Chouji later on.