Most shinobi don't grow every old, and those that do, do it hardly gracefully. Marred from violent battles, many shinobi end up with several disabilities. However Karma determined to make it up to Naruto and Kakashi for their hard lives saw to it that the aged gracefully. By the time their three kids graduated from the genin academy Kakashi retired to be an instructor at the school. Naruto was given the option of Hokage, but after seeing Shizune enjoy it so much, he decided that office work wasn't for him. He now worked as the infamous ANBU captain, Kiniro Kitsune, along with his loyal friends.

Kakashi made his way slowly towards the front gate of Konoha to greet his husband on their 13th anniversary. When he got there he was surprised to find that Naruto's tracker team was back, Hinata, Shikamaru, Shino and Kiba who was mocking Sasuke the permanent gate guard of Konoha, with his shopkeeper wife, who ran their not-so successful takeaway shop. Sakura's baby was taken away and was placed with Sai and his lover, who both loved the newly named Sayuri dearly.

"Maa, Shikamaru!" the lazy nin turned to face the older man.


"I didn't know you were back so early, where is my Naruto-chan?"

"Eh, Naruto? He walked off earlier, said there was something important…peh, knowing him he'll be at the ramen shop, scoffing as much as he can, not even 13 years can change that…"

Kakashi frowned, has Naruto forgotten our anniversary?

"Well, Shikamaru…I shall go seek out my blonde now,"

Kakashi slowly treaded through the streets, as the sun sunk behind the horizon colouring the sky with various shades of crimsons and indigos. Kakashi had planned a special night out with his husband. He dropped his kids with Iruka after checking that Genma wasn't there, he knew that Kyuubi's house was no option, two horny demons in one house wasn't the best idea especially with kids around.

Kakashi sighed, his feet moving, his heart filled with thoughts of insecurity. Kakashi knew he was not all that young anymore, and he knew that he would soon lose his rugged looks. Would Naruto stop wanting him then? Would he take the kids, and leave him behind for a younger, handsome paramour? After all, Naruto was young and beautiful; nothing was stopping him from leaving.

Silver eyes prickled at the thought. Kakashi let his back hit a tree as he sunk to his knees, tears pouring down his cheeks. He sat there as the insecurities grew, leaving him desperate for Naruto. Heavy clouds moved in from the distance and the heaven's opened up above him.

Drenched, he picked himself up, slowly, almost as if in pain. He walked homeward, ignorant of the rain and cold, his thoughts only of Naruto.

Staggering up the stairs to their large apartment, he stopped at the door. Kakashi slumped against the frame. The door eased open slightly and Kakashi fell through, only to be caught but warm arms. He inhaled the soft musky scent of sandalwood and vanilla, before he slipped into unconsciousness.


Kakashi awoke to semi-darkness. His mask had been removed, along with his hitai-ate and was bound to a bed, wrists and feet held down, a soft sheet of silk covering him from his shoulders down. The room was lit with scented candles that glowed hazily and gave of the smell of vanilla and sandalwood, erotic sensations spread.

Smells like Naruto, Kakashi thought dreamily.

A door creaked open, a dark figure slid in. Soft footsteps came closer and stopped in front of the bed. Silver eyes gazed up; Kakashi gasped. Naruto's eyes glowed with passion, his elfin features flushed. Silver eyes trailed slowly down the tan body, observing.

Petite frame, hairless chest, nipples pebbled, flat stomach leading down to curvy hips, perfect golden skin slicked with the shine of sweat. The eyes trailed lower giving into taut thighs and……Kakashi moaned at the sight of Naruto's arousal hardened, peeping out of a nest of sun kissed locks.

Silver met blue, a sensual smirk bloomed over Naruto's face. He leant over, climbing onto the bed and crawling over Kakashi's bound body. He stopped directly on top of the silverette, arousal to arousal, peachy full lips towards Kakashi's ear.

"I see you, you know. Mooning all the time, wondering when I'll leave," a pink tongue darted out, swiping at the appendage.

"After tonight, you won't ever wonder again," Teeth nibbled lightly at the earlobe.

"After tonight you won't ever doubt," warm air was breathed onto the wet ear, as the sinful mouth travelled south.

"After tonight you will know, that I absolutely fucking love you, and I'm never letting go,"

Sinful lips meshed onto welcoming ones, and tongues battled passionately.

Naruto sat up, and stared down onto his husband, eyes heavy lidded with lust,

"Tonight is my turn to pleasure you,"

Kisses were trailed down Kakashi's neck and shoulders, Naruto rubbing his arousal deftly against Kakashi's own.

Kakashi writhed, moaning at the sensations. Naruto pawed at his, rubbing through the silk, leaving Kakashi panting desperately. The blonde smirked, delivering one last kiss before sitting up, on top on Kakashi's lower torso. He leant back slightly openly his legs out so Kakashi had a clear view of Naruto's prick, heavy from lust, standing to attention, precum pearling at the tip.

Nimble tan fingers slid down enticingly, reaching down to cup over the heavy prick. Another hand slid down, cupping the sacs, rolling them as the other hand moved up and down the member. Naruto's moans fill the air, accompanied by Kakashi's own, as his member swelled at the erotic sight. The blonde came with a gasp, coating his hand and the covers with his cum.

Tan fingers scoped up the cum, spreading it evenly among the digits, before Naruto lay back, giving Kakashi a peep at his puckered hole. Cum covered fingers slid down, Naruto pushed one it, adjusting before adding the second and scissoring, while his hand helped bring up an erection.

Kakashi's loins tighten seeing Naruto pleasure himself, and the silver haired man came with a resounding moan. Naruto stopped to watch Kakashi in afterglow, before ripping away the silk covers, staring predatorily at the spent member. Plump peach lips widened as a pink tongue slipped out to lap up the warm cum.

Kakashi inhaled sharply as the pink muscle brought his dick back to life. Soon Kakashi's prick was standing to attention once again. Naruto smiled at his husband, moving in for a kiss. The blonde climbed up further, levelling himself with Kakashi's ready erection. Slowly Naruto eased himself onto the member, hissing as it slid up into his anus, gasping out as it rested against his prostate.

Naruto lifted up again, before impaling himself for a second time. Kakashi moaned as the tight heat engulfed his cock. The chakra ribbons that held Kakashi in place disappeared, Kakashi sat up, grabbing Naruto's hips and slamming the blonde back down on him.

The two bodies united a way they had never before. Past fears, lust, sadness and insecurities. They united in true love.

And as they lay together, basking in afterglow, the words were whispered to the darkness,

"After tonight our love is eternal……."


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