Mogami Kyoko, donned in her "Bo" habit, waddled into the backlot

A/N: I know this scenario has been done before, but I couldn't resist. This first chapter evolved from a one-shot idea of mine.

Mogami Kyoko, donned in her "Bo" habit, waddled into the backlot.

Her many recent, "no good's" in shooting the drama, "Box R" had been getting to her, not to mention her immature co-stars who pointedly avoided her and gossiped about her when she was in ear-shot.

Kyoko was disconsolately shuffling toward the dressing rooms to change out of her costume, when, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a familiar tall, dark and handsome figure sitting on a crate nearby.

"Tsuruga Ren!" She involuntarily squeaked.

The man looked up and a small smile of relief appeared on his lips.

What was wrong with him? Every time he came to see "Bo", he was troubled by something. Did it have to do with the high school girl he mentioned once? The one he had a crush on? As much as she wanted to help him, she hoped his problem would not take long to explain, she had to be at the introduction meeting for the movie she accepted a role in, now that "Dark Moon" was in post-production.

"Ah, Bo! Good to see you again."

Kyoko bowed. "Good to see you, too, Tsuruga Ren. Got some more troubles you would like to talk about?"

Ren shifted his weight, and looked sheepishly at her. "Well . . . yes . . ."

"I'm playing a cold-blooded killer in a movie that will start filming tomorrow—"

"I see, I see!" "Bo" interrupted, with a sage stroking of the chin. "You do not know how to play a cold-blooded killer."

" . . . No . . . that's not the hard part . . ."

Kyoko was taken aback. Tsuruga Ren, voted the sexist man in Japan, could play a cold-hearted killer without a hitch, but not a love-sick man, as was the situation in Dark Moon? He was truly a confusing person. But, then again, Kyoko had been on the receiving end of two of his death glares . . . maybe he could pull off the heartless killer thing.

"So . . . what's the problem?"

"The character comes to a turning point when he falls in love with an undercover cop."

"Ah . . . so it's the love thing again. But, you mastered that."

Ren looked at her with a question on his face. "How . . . ?"

"I . . . I watched the drama . . ."


"So, what's wrong?"

"I turns out my co-star is the—"


Kyoko whirled around to see one of the stage-hands waving at her.

"What are you still doing in costume? Go change!"

"Ah! Yes!" Kyoko hurriedly bowed. "I'm sorry, Mr. Tsuruga, but I have to go. Perhaps we can talk some more next time."

Ren rose and offered her a gracious smile. "Of course." Then slowly walked away.

Kyoko scurried off, wondering who he had been about to name before he was interrupted. Kyoko was halfway out of her Bo costume when she suddenly remembered the description role she had been given:

Nakamura Yoshiki: Policewoman for the Tokyo PD, currently undercover and on the trail of B.J., a suspect in the murder of an oil tycoon.

Kyoko lost her balance.