As sand flows through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Normandy Lives

This is a series of unconnected scenes set during the game's timeline, all pre-Virmire. I decided to have a bit of fun with my Shepard concept and give her a love of late twenthieth century films and rock music.

This was partially inspired by fanfics like Tales of The Normandy

1. Liara Does Elvis

No matter how hard she tried, Dr Liara T'soni just couldn't concentrate on her work. The crew of the Normandy had picked up a Prothean data disk and Commander Alison Shepard had given it to Liara to study. That simple act had stopped Liara dead for several moments. Among her people, the giving of gifts took on a deeper meaning than perhaps the Commander realised.

But then Liara shook herself and berated herself for her foolishness. She was the only one on board the ship who was in any way an expert on the Prothean civilisation. Commander Shepard giving her the disk was simply the most correct and logical thing to do. But still, the way Shepard's...Alison's fingers had briefly brushed her own as she gave her the disk had sent ripples of intense joy and, if she were honest with herself, feral lust through her being.

Shepard had looked at Liara for several seconds after she took the disk and asked, "Are you OK? Because you look kinda like somebody took your hand and jammed it into an electrical conduit."

Not an electrical conduit, just you.

"No, I am fine, Commander...I was simply admiring the craftsmanship of this artefact," Liara hoped Shepard couldn't see the blush she felt rising on her face. Craftmanship! Who would believe that?

"Oh, right," Shepard replied, peering closely at the small disk in Liara's hand. "And here's me thinking those little lines were just cracks from Ashley dropping it."
"Chief Williams dropped it?" Liara had almost shouted. Then slapped her free hand over her mouth before saying quietly, "I am sorry, I did not mean to shout. I..I should go and begin studying this. Thank you." Liara had stumbled back to her station just aft of the medlab, a storm of conflicting emotions roiling in her.

Behind her, Alison watched her go bemusedly. "I probably shouldn't have made that crack about Williams dropping the thing," she said and shrugged.

Now Liara sat at her station, and tried vainly to haul her mind back to the business at hand. Think she told herself. A successful study of this artefact may unlock more information about how and why the Reapers destroyed the Prothean civilisation and such knowledge may allow Commander Shepard to better fight our enemies. And there she was, thinking about Shepard. Again. Oh Goddess!

"Very well," Liara said aloud, "Forget about the Protheans. They've been extinct for fifty thousand years and more. Waiting a little longer to analyse this item won't kill them." Liara smiled as she realised that what she had said was almost a joke. She felt some of her feelings of unease at being surrounded by so many humans lessen. If she couldn't study the Protheans, then maybe a deeper study of humanity would allow her to better understand them. And better understand her.

Liara decided to pull up all the information regarding humanity's history from the Normandy'sdatabanks. A staggering amount of data was present. It would take her decades to even get a tenth of the way through it. By the time she was done, the entire crew of the ship would have died of old age.

Sighing, Liara touched her fingertip to a random entry. And began to lose herself in the history of armed conflict on Earth. Liara shook her head in wonderment. The humans were such a brutal species: two world wars, countless billions killed, horrific acts of terrorism. And she had thought the krogan were a savage species. Yet for all of that, humanity had managed to flourish and had produced much in the way of the arts and sciences.

And music. Liara began reading entries about an entertainer from the late twentieth century named Elvis Presley. What an unusual name, even by human standards, she thought. I wonder if he's an ancestor of the navigator?

According to the histories, Elvis had been known as 'the Pelvis' because of his habit of gyrating his hips whilst performing. Curious, Liara accessed footage of the man 'in concert.' Thousands of adoring young human women were screaming his name and cheering as he performed. Liara observed the motion of the man's hips. Oh yes, she could see why the women of the time found him so exciting.

Keen to gain a deeper understanding of human musical tastes, she accessed audio files of Elvis 'The Pelvis' Presley. At first, the loud music and strange lyrics made it difficult for her to listen but after a short while, she felt herself relaxing into her chair.

Quite unbidden, her head began nodding along in time to the beat and her right foot began tapping out a rhythm on the deck.

A few hours later, as Alison finished up filling in some requisition forms, she decided to check on Dr Tsoni and see how her study of the Prothean disc was coming along. Maybe ask her to have a meal with the crew, get to know them better. Kaidan seemed eager to talk to another bioticist, one who didn't need to have an implant jack wired into her skull.

As she entered the medlab that connected to Liara's workspace, she could hear what sounded a lot like late twentieth century rock and roll music coming from the science lab. Alison cocked her head towards the door behind which Liara was. "What's happening?" she asked Dr Chakwas.

"I'm almost afraid to go in and ask," Chakwas replied. "Shortly after you gave her that Prothean item, she began to play music." Chakwas shook her head and looked thoroughly weirded out by the whole thing. "She seems to especially like Elvis Presley."

"Huh," Alison said, arms folded across her chest, "Whatever turns her crank, I suppose."

Liara didn't hear Shepard enter the room, she was too busy singing loudly with her eyes closed. Liara's head nodded back and forth in time to the music and her body swayed from side to side. Alison leaned back against the bulkhead and watched, smiling.

"You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, cryin' all the time.." Liara sang enthusiastically. Alison was no singing expert but Liara didn't sound half bad, certainly no worse than the girls who sang at Chora's Den and Flux on occasion.

As the song ended, Liara stopped dancing and opened her eyes. Then she saw Alison and almost fainted from embarrassment. "Oh! Commander Shepard! I did not hear you come in!"
"So I gathered," Alison said with a faint smile. "Big fan of The King, huh?"
"I beg your pardon?" Liara said as she turned off the audio player.

"The King, Elvis. That's what they called him."
"Oh! Of course. Yes, I find myself quite enjoying his work. A shame about the way he died though."

"Yeah..." Alison trailed off. Well this is starting to get a bit awkward. Liara was looking at her the way she'd caught Kaidan looking at her.

"Commander Shepard, may I ask you something?" Liara said, looking extremely earnest.

Oh god, please don't let her be coming onto me, Alison pleaded silently. It wasn't that she didn't find Liara attactive - there was something about her blue skin and her voice that Alison would have found quite the turn on in other circumstances. But things being what they were, she couldn't allow herself to become entangled in a relationship with anybody. At least not while Saren was still running around the galaxy wreaking havoc.

"Sure, go ahead and ask," Alison said, steeling herself.

"Commander, what is a 'hound dog?'