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Digimon Continuity

Mystery of Cyberdramon

Chapter 1

Looking Ahead

:. Digital Plane AKA Tamer's Digital World - Desert Plane

07:29 AM JST

"You promised Takato... you promised!" Gigimon said, trying his best to keep the hope in his voice, though he did it so well that Viximon would have believed the former did not even have the slightest of doubts that his Tamer would do as promised. Viximon herself was at a loss for words, but she kept looking at Rika, trying to remember as much of her Tamer as possible before they were separated. Rika herself did likewise, Viximon could see the red head's urge in her eyes to do something, anything.

Viximon gave Rika one of her few rare smiles, hoping herself that it was filled with as much hope as Guilmon's In-Training had displayed, before the portal closed completely eclipsing view of all humans from the Digimon. Viximon's smile faded, though she was worried that the smile did not come out properly as she so rarely smiled she believed that she might have forgotten how to do so. But Viximon quickly pushed it away, as she did not doubt that Rika would understand that the effort to do so would be good enough in her eyes.

But right before the portal closed, she could see Impmon's In-Training trying to jump at the last minute toward the closing portal. It proved fruitless nevertheless. Impmon's In-Training form looked downcast when the portal closed completely, shutting the Digimon off from the Real World and, in turn, their Tamers. However, Impmon's reactions were justifiable, he had just been reunited with his Tamers, and having to separate with them so soon must have hurt him badly.

Unfortunately, Calumon, despite him also understanding the gravity of the situation and atmosphere of grief, could not hide his increasing curiosity. "I remember this place before..." The white Digimon smiled. "... Hey! I think I remember going up that way to the..." Viximon tried to stop the former, but it was already too late. Calumon pointed a paw up, which meant that he had effectively told the dimension where down was, and that sent them all plummeting to the depths of the dimension in the opposite direction of where Calumon pointed.

Shocked cries radiated throughout all the Digimon, while Viximon reacted by instinct to position herself to be able to land on her legs and/or hands... only to remember that she didn't have any. Viximon instead grimaced, closing her eyes as she got ready to land hard and likely bounce unpredictably into the air. But a sudden wash of energy came over her, and she opened her eyes to discover herself having limps again. I'm... Renamon again. The realisation hit her moments before she saw the ground speeding up rapidly. The newly Digivolved Renamon quickly worked her legs, bending them to absorb the impact of her fall, and instinct guided her the rest of the way.

The vixen landed agilely on her feet, while the other Digimon crashed disgracefully all around her. Head still spinning from the free fall in her In-Training form, Renamon took a while to balance when she stood up, needing to clear her head. But what really surprised her when her vision cleared was that almost all the Digimon have been returned to their Rookie forms, with the exception of Guardromon, who had been returned to his Champion form, MarineAngemon and Calumon, both of which had remained in their respective forms. She could see some of the Digimon crawling less than enthusiastically out of their respective craters, while some like Guilmon practically bounced out of it.

Renamon opened one eye wider in an imitation of raising an eyebrow. "Guilmon?" She asked unsure, as the red dinosaur was pretty much unpredictable sometimes, which made him a mystery such that not even Takato knew the full extent of Guilmon's reactions to new situations... like this one. "Why are you so happy even though you have been separated from Takato?"

Guilmon tilted his head to the side. "Happy?" The red saurian quickly shook his head while his bat-like ears dropped. "I am not happy..." Then they sprung up again. "But I am looking forward to meeting Takato again!"

"Stop reminding me, you red dinosaur," Impmon said in a voice carrying sadness. Renamon thought she saw tears. She emphasised with him, as he had only been reunited with his Tamers not too long ago. "How can you be looking forward to seeing Takato when you just left him?"

Guilmon gave his saddened companion a wide grin, "Easy, because Takato promised."

Terriermon got out of his crater. "How can that be? Not even Henry can work that one out," The bunny joked. Renamon knew that despite his exterior, Terriermon was feeling much pain at separation from his Tamer, only that he concealed it well behind his jokes. Renamon herself concealed the pain behind a mask of calm.

Still, she was inclined to agree with Terriermon's words, even if Henry not being able to figure it out may not have been totally true. The blue-haired boy was a deep thinker if he wanted to, and she had seen him at times seeking his sensei's advice to aid him in his thinking, meaning that he would likely have figured it out. "Yes, Guilmon, explain."

Guilmon scratched the back of his head with one paw, while the other moved unconsciously to his stomach. Renamon had to suppress a grin. "It is easy, it is because Takato promised he'll play with me again, so he will," Guilmon said simply. "Takato will never say something he wouldn't do." Renamon had to suppress yet another grin. Of course. Guilmon would believe whatever Takato says, even if it is impossible. Renamon thought, remembering earlier about the hope in Guilmon's voice. But Renamon could think of a few instances where she had seen Takato promise his teacher that he would be on time... only to turn up late once again the very next day. She, however, allowed Guilmon's hope to flow into her, giving her the motivation to continue on and find a way back to Rika once again.

Impmon didn't seem particularly argumentative, as he slumped his shoulders in defeat at Guilmon's rather naive logic. Renamon found that she was glad that they had the red saurian with them. His naivity had given them hope, even though it was groundless, it was hope nonetheless. "Whatever you say," Impmon said, frown still on his face. Lopmon approached, ears dragging on the ground as she was not used to having them longer than her height, being a Deva for so long.

"I really miss Suzie, but we cannot submit ourselves to defeat," she said, trying to convince Impmon, though Renamon could already see that Guilmon's infectious hope had gotten to him as well... to a certain extent.

"Pi pi," MarineAngemon said, though it did not need Kenta's rather amazing translation skills to decipher the loss and grief in the tone.

"Come on, MarineAngemon, we'll find a way to get back to our Tamers," Guardromon said.

Renamon tried to distract all of them from their grief with a more immediate situation, seeing how it was going to worsen with each moment. The little light Guilmon gave was already beginning to flicker. "Alright, guys, we must find shelter soon. Who knows when another data storm will hit?"

"Can't you people leave someone alone to grieve?!" Impmon exclaimed in a hoarse voice. Renamon noticed Calumon awfully silent and thought that perhaps the little white Digimon had sensed the gravity of their current situation.

"Grieve?" A voice only suited to a single Digimon asked. Curious, Renamon turned to Monodramon, whom she was surprised to see not his Ultimate form, though she thought it would be better not to have a rampaging Digimon trying to take their data while they grieved. Monodramon tilted his head to the side just like Guilmon did, reminding her that Monodramon was practically a replica of Guilmon... or vice versa, seeing how the former came first in terms of existence. "Why are you grieving?" The purple dragon Rookie asked.

Renamon saw that Impmon was barely containing his outrage at the foolish question, even Renamon stared in disbelief at Monodramon. "WHAT ARE YOU?! STUPID?!"

Monodramon shook his head. "I'm not stupid." The purple Rookie said simply. "But there is no reason to grieve."

"Is having our Tamers separated from us a good enough reason for ya?!" Impmon exploded, tears still brimming in his eyes.

Monodramon looked taken aback. "No, it is not a reason at all." Renamon quickly held onto Impmon, who was practically wanting to spring onto Ryo's partner. Renamon doubted she could hold off all of them from Monodramon as others were getting offended as well.

"Please explain, Monodramon," Renamon quickly inquired before this got out of hand.

"Well, Ryo is only separated, but he is not gone forever. I know Ryo will come back again."

"How are you so sure?!" Terriermon asked, though Renamon thought she could detect disgust in his voice. Renamon was tempted to scowl at Monodramon as well, as his 'logic' was less easy to understand than that of Guilmon's.

Monodramon blinked innocent looking eyes and stared at Terriermon with an expression that suggested the bunny had just insulted him. Not a good idea. Renamon thought, seeing how Monodramon is the dreaded Cyberdramon. But Monodramon just blew his top. "I am sure!" The latter said persistently. "Ryo will come back because I am his partner! And Ryo wouldn't leave his partner behind!"

Everyone visibly stiffened at Monodramon's optimism, Renamon included. They saw that Monodramon was right, that their partners wouldn't leave them behind at all, and would be trying even now to get back to the Digital World and bring them home. Renamon criticised herself for ever doubting. She did not need to grieve, and even the pain she was feeling didn't make much sense. Rika will return, not today, not tomorrow, but she will come, and that was all that mattered.

Renamon felt a release of her pain, as she realised how right Monodramon was. There were a few things to indicate that a few, Impmon mainly, had felt the same thing. "Come on guys, let's get something to go under before a data storm comes..." She said, remembering to reaxert her 'excuse' previously. Still, it was right nonetheless, they needed to find shelter before... Oh no, someone tell me I'm seeing things...

Naturally, no one did, as her plea was a mental one and all were rooted to the ground stunned, unable to move or speak. They all watched as the single data stream moved about, moving around in a sweeping motion. Then, the data stream abruptly turned their way, as if noticing their presence. Renamon stiffened. The single data stream seemed to be a scout, as new data streams materialised behind the first... a lot. Like a charging army, the storm began to approach.

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