Her warm hand on his arm posed a thousand unspoken questions that filled the air between them with tension, sweet and sticky as molasses, as he bent his head to kiss her once more. He could think of a thousand answers for each question, answers he wanted desperately to impart to her with his lips, his hands, his pounding heart.

"I should leave." His voice husky, his tone reluctant in spite of his best efforts to sound gallant and respectful. Every lesson he had ever received in etiquette, chivalry and philosophy told him that this was wrong. How did she make it feel so right?

She shook her head, clinging to him fiercely. "I want you to stay, Caspian."

Her soft lips devouring his. Tender, hesitant caresses, growing more heated and passionate by the minute. "Susan." No honorific, uttered because it was the only thing to say, the only thing that made sense. Two bodies locked together in a time-honoured, animalistic dance of skin on skin. Two people oblivious to everything that wasn't each other, oblivious to social restraints and moral codes and self-control. "Susan!"

For that night, everything revolved around her. And for that night, everything was perfect.