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Through the trees, quicker than light, a young boy raced through the forest, his mind clouded in disappointment. With this long, spiky hair flowing behind him, tear stains on his face, the boy continued his mad pace, finally breaking into a meadow, the grass overgrown from years of neglect.

"Boy, what do you think you're doing?"

Immediately coming to a halt, the young boy looked to the source of the voice, a smile slowly crossing his face. "Nothing much Grandpa Bardock."

Standing in his saiyan battle armor, Bardock looked down at his grandson, no emotion on his face, though his eyes gave away his amusement. "Why is it I don't believe you Gohan?"

Quickly hiding his smile, Gohan answered "Maybe it's because you're old."

A scowl made itself known on the warrior's face. "Watch your tongue Boy. One of these days, it'll get you in trouble."

Swallowing, Gohan nodded his head. Looking at the man before him, the young saiyan couldn't help but compare him to his father. The similarities between the two men were extraordinary; every thing from their build to their hair style was identical. If it wasn't for the cross shaped scar on Bardock's face and his deeper voice, Gohan could've rightfully confused the man for his father.

"Now then, tell me why you've run away from home again," Bardock said as he turned around and headed for the woods.

Running after the man until he was walking with him side by side, Gohan answered "My dad went off to train without me again. He told me a month ago that he would teach me a new technique but every time I try to get him too, he 'has something important to do.'"

Shaking his head, Bardock replied, "You know that your father is busy, especially with this war with the Earthlings. Don't be so hard on the man."

Jumping in front of his grandfather, Gohan looked at him with pleading eyes, "But he promised! He should be training with me now, not with some trees in the mountains!"

"And what about your mother? She should have to worry where her son is?" Bardock countered.

"No…she shouldn't," the young boy gave in, sorrow welling up in him again.

Sighing out loud, the old warrior continued, "If you want training though, I guess I'll have to teach you something Kakarot should have the right to. However, due to the present circumstances, it looks like it'll have to be me."

Hope returned into the young saiyan's eyes. "You're gonna teach me something?"

Smirking, his grandfather nodded. "That's right Boy, now watch carefully; I'm only gonna do this once."

Nodding with a serious look on his face, Gohan gave all his attention to his grandfather as the man fell into a stance, his right hand held out before him. Soon, swirling blue energy surround his hand, the ball growing stronger as Bardock fed it more ki. "You see this energy Gohan?"

"Yes I can," Gohan answered while nodding his head.

"This, my boy, is an attack that's been passed down our family for generations. My father taught me this move when I was a boy, just like I taught your father when he was one…and now I teach it to you."

Gohan's eyes widened. His grandfather's whole story was overwhelming him, along with the ki buildup. Who knew what he could do when he could wield this technique.

"Listen up now, you won't be leaving this property until you've mastered this move, got it? You'll be staying with me and won't see your home until then," Bardock barked, surprising Gohan. He could only nod to this command.

"Good," Bardock smirked. "Now let's see what this puppy can do," he said as he swung around and threw it at the nearest tree.

Three weeks had past since they had left Earth; three weeks since the fall of the human menace; three weeks since the saiyan race had regained their honor…

…three weeks since his brother had fallen into a coma.

Watching as his brother laid in unconsciousness, Goten could barely contain his rage. His brother, the man he looked up to, the man who had led him and his half brother Trunks through hell and back, was nothing more than a vegetable. There was no telling if he would ever wake up again, and that thought alone was infuriating.

Ever since that Sixteen guy had diagnosed Gohan, the young saiyan warrior hadn't left his side unless he had to eat or sleep, rarely ever cleansing himself unless forced to. Despite the bad smell though, he had company.

Some human girl that he had met on Earth, who had somehow known Gohan also stayed by his side. What ever her reason for staying by the saiyan's side, he didn't know, but he would find out sooner or later.

Hmm, why not now?

"Hey girl," Goten called out.

Looking up with a scowl on her face, the human shot back "My name's Videl, monkey."

Goten rolled his eyes. "Yeah, Videl, whatever, look, just tell me something."

The scowl disappeared in return for a look of confusion. "Tell you what?"

"How is it you know my brother?"

"Oh, well we met back on Vegeta," Videl answered.

"Vegeta?" Goten said aloud. "How would you know him there?"

"He had come into town looking for some information on a base. Do you recall a place called East Fort?"

"Not really but I do remember stopping by some human village. So you met there and then followed him to Earth? What's the point of that?" Goten asked.

Frowning, the Satan girl answered, "Because we went through a lot and then he had the nerve to jilt me. When he wakes up, I plan on sending him back into a coma with more than just a hole in his stomach."

Goten could hardly hold back his amusement, so he laughed out loud. "Man…Gohan…left you behind? I should've known."

"Hey, it's not that funny!" Videl shouted.

"Sure it is," Goten responded. "You just have to look at it right."

Before Videl could retort to that, Tien walked in. "Hey guys, I heard some loud noises coming from here. Mind telling me what's up?"

Chuckling, Goten stood up from his seat, walking over to Tien and putting his hand on his shoulder. "Just a funny joke the girl told me. Well, she's all yours," and with that, the saiyan left the room with a confused Tien and a steaming Videl.

"O…kay…that was weird," Tien said.

However, the three eyed man wasn't able to continue thinking that as the ship's alarm went off, followed by a harsh tremor. Grabbing a hold of doorframe, Tien stabilized himself. Looking behind him, he let out a sigh of relief as Videl had flung herself over Gohan's body, holding him down to the bed so he would fall off. At least she had the brains to do that.

"I'll be right back Videl; I'm gonna find out what's going on," Tien called out and then without waiting for her reply, raced down the corridor to the control room. Upon entering, the bodyguard saw Sixteen at the controls, guiding the ship as laser beams flew by the window. "Cold Empire?" Tien asked.

"Yes it is," Sixteen replied. "They came out of nowhere and attacked. I believe the ship has taken some damage that will require repairs. We need to find a planet suitable for a crash landing."

Moving to one of the computer screens, Tien began trying to find a nice friendly planet to land, picking the closest one. "How about this one?"

"What are the coordinates?" Sixteen asked.

"Three-three-nine-two-seven, one-six-four-seven-two," Tien answered.

"Is there any other planet you can find?"

"Nope, that's the only one that's possibly suitable for our needs."

"So be it," the former official said. "I rather not go there but we have no other choice at the moment."

"Huh? What's wrong about that place?" the bodyguard asked, baffled.

"It's the site of a planet Earth conquered long ago and if I heard right, has fallen into the control of the Cold Family."

"So? The natives could help us, just like those Majins helped the saiyans, or at least that's what they claimed."

"That's the problem," Sixteen rebutted. "There is no native population left on the planet. We humans exterminated them a long time ago."

Tien's eyes widened. "You mean…"

"That's right…that's the location of the planet Namek."

"Namek? Are you nuts?" a voice exclaimed.

Turning to look, Tien saw Trunks and Goten, neither of them liking the idea of visiting Namek.

"It's not like we have a choice in the matter," Tien said.

"Like hell it isn't. Neither Goten or I can set foot on that planet since you humans control it."

"Huh? But doesn't the Cold Family control it now?" the three eyed man said confused.

Both saiyans got the same confused look before thinking about it. "I guess that makes sense, since Earth felt to them a little bit ago," Goten said.

"So how far away is it?" Trunks asked as he walked to Sixteen. A sudden tremor nearly threw everyone around as the enemy ships continued to make themselves known.

Keeping his eye on the window, Sixteen said "The planet should be appearing right…now."

Just as the man predicted, the blue green colors of Namek began to shine towards them as they traveled closer to it. Now if only they could reach the planet without blowing up.

"Android, use the thrusters on the ship. Let's try to out run these guys," Trunks said, clearly tired from the enemy fire.

Sixteen finally tore his eyes from the target planet and stared at the saiyan. "But if I do that, it'll destroy the engines and take longer to repair the ship."

"I don't care," Trunks responded. "It's better we have a useless ship than a dead crew. If we have to, we'll just steal another ship. It's how me, Goten, and Gohan got to Earth; it'll get us back to Vegeta."

Not seeing a way to change the saiyan's mind, Sixteen did as he was told. Firing the thrusters, the ship started putting distance between it and its attackers.

Everything seemed to go their way until one of the lights on the control panel began blinking, sounding off another alarm. As predicted, one of the engines began to self destruct, causing the ship to steadily lose speed.

"Goten, how far away are those ships?" Trunks called out.

"It looks like they're giving up, though I wouldn't put it past them if they decided to have another go at us," the young saiyan answered, looking at the radar screen.

As soon as Sixteen heard that, he turned off the power to the damaged engine, keeping the other one on at full power. Hopefully they would make it to the planet okay.

Slowly, Namek encompassed their viewing window until they were close to entering the atmosphere. "I'm gonna go send Videl in here," Goten said. "Unlike her, I can take a rough landing."

"You do that," Trunks said before looking at Tien. "Hey you, would you go get that blond girl?"

"Huh? Why me?" Tien asked.

A glare was all that was needed for the bodyguard to know Trunks' reasoning. Ever since they had left Earth, Erasa had been stalking the saiyan boy incessantly. If Trunks hadn't locked his door at night, the girl would've been spending plenty of time with the object of her affections in bed.

After Tien left to hunt the girl down, Videl came into the room and sat down, buckling herself in. While she hadn't been too keen on leaving Gohan's side, she saw Goten's reasoning. Though, if she had it her way, she'd still be in that room.

Soon enough, Tien returned with Erasa in tow, finishing any last minute preparations. "Is everyone ready?" Sixteen asked.

After many affirmatives, the official flew straight into the Namekian atmosphere.