One day in Sakura's Shoes

The area of Tomoeda was in a buzz of excitement when they heard of the new amusement park that was being built.

"This is wonderful. I want to go and videotape Sakura in many different outfits and rides. That will be so much fun and if we can get Syoaran to also dress up will be terrific also." Tomoyo says with her eyes sparkling. Sakura who just came in just sighed and sat down and started coughing.

"Oy, are you okay?" Syaoran asked with a concerned look on his face. Sakura just turned her face towards him and smiled. A big blush spread through his face and he looked down as he usually does. Tomoyo just smiles as she sees this hiding her camera under her desk.

As if right on cue, Eriol comes over and says that going to the amusement park would be a great idea. Seeing how happy Sakura was when Eriol said he was going made him go as well.

"We need to figure out where we are going to-" Sakura had to pause for a coughing fit and was told to go home by Mizuki-sensei. When Sakura started to argue, the cardcaptor group all told her that it was fine and she should just go home and sleep.

"Sakura-chan, you need to get better so that we can play together. It won't be fun at the park without you, right Li?" Tomoyo asked and Syaoran just looked up and nodded. Toya who was in college unable to escort her home, had asked Mizuki-sensei to let one of Sakura's friends take her home.

"Li-kun, will you take Kinomoto-san home and make sure she is okay? I would ask Hiragazawa-kun but he and Daidouji-san are working on the project that you and Kinomoto-san had already finished." Kaho had asked so that they would get closer.

Syaoran just nodded and grumbled under his breath. Since Sakura could barely walk, he had to basically carry her on his back half way through and wasn't very thrilled since he liked her and was beat red the entire time. When they reached the Kinomoto residence, Sakura muttered under her breath 'arigatou Syaoran-kun'.

Syaoran got Sakura into her bed and told Kero to look after her and he would be back later with the others later, and Kero agreed.

The rest of the day, Syaoran could not concentrate on any of the work that was given to him. Tomoyo and Eriol both hid their enjoyment from a very worried Syaoran and when the last bell rung he was racing back to the Kinomoto residence, everyone else were sprinting just to keep sight of him.

Once they were all inside, Kero said that Sakura was in no condition to do anything for about a week and a half. And since none of her family will be home for two weeks all the chores will have to be done by someone else.

"So all we have to do is find someone who is able to do Sakura-san's chores until she gets back and all is good? That shouldn't be too hard, after all we all know of one person who lives by himself already so he can do it, right Li-kun" Eriol asked.

"That's a great idea, Eriol-kun. Li will help out while Sakura is getting better, after all, he doesn't have anything holding him back. Not to mention we can all tell that he'll take good care of Sakura-chan." Tomoyo says excitedly.


"When did I even agree to this in the first place. I need to train and do my own chores at my apartment." Syaoran says at everyone so quiet and forcefully that they were frightened. From upstairs they all here Sakura coughing and remember to be quieter.

"Well, Kero can't exactly do much and the rest of us have school. I would but I'm the teacher so I can't take care of Sakura even if I wanted to. The only ones who can are you and Eriol, but Eriol would be too suspicious to suddenly catch a cold when he doesn't miss a single day of school. But you Li-kun it wouldn't be too suspicious of you too miss a day of school since you are right behind her and your body is more unfamiliar to the cold than most here. You're clearly the only choice, don't worry I will have your back at school so that you don't get in trouble." Kaho Mizuki says to convince him.

"Don't worry, Kaho. I'll take care of Sakura-san for Li-kun. After all Kerberous will help me and I did come from England. So it will be easy for me to take care of Sakura-san; Li-kun don't worry about a thing. I have it all under control." Then Eriol smiled when Syaoran said that he didn't mind doing it, that it would just interrupt some things.

The group all started to laugh when Syaoran started to make her something to eat when she woke up. Around 7:30 everyone left to go home and left Syaoran with Kero to take care of Sakura.

Syaoran was only cooking food for Sakura when he heard his own stomach grumbling and decided to make himself something also. He ended up making himself a sandwich and made some cookies for Kero since he was really mad.

"Well Brat, I have to admit you make delicious cookies. Now you will be staying in Sakura's older brother's room for the duration of your stay. Just swing by your place to find some clothes and whatever else you need. Since your work begins right when you wake up in the morning." Kero says with a mischievous grin on his face.

Syaoran just groans to be so close to Sakura, having to take care of her with the 'stuffed animal'. This is going to be a long two weeks. He ran to his house and grabbed what he needed from his room and then brought his sword since he had a feeling he would be needing it. Then went back to his temporary home; as he got into Toya's bed, he could hear Sakura coughing and moaning cause of the pain she was in.

Definitely going to be a long two weeks Syaoran thought as he heard his love in extreme pain.