The gang gets their tickets and Sakura heads for the first rollercoaster she sees. Tomoyo goes with her and lets Mizuki-sensei take over the rest of the group. She split the rest of them into teams of two, putting Syaoran with Eriol and herself with Nakuru.

Syaoran and Eriol were forced to spend the day with each other so they decided to find Sakura and Tomoyo so they didn't try to kill each other. It takes them fourteen minutes and twenty different rides to find the Sakura. Sakura was on the swings and Tomoyo was taping her like usual, she seemed to know that we were there. "Hello Eriol-kun, Li-kun; why are you here? Please don't tell me it's to spend an enjoyable day at the amusement park with me and Sakura." Syaoran looked at Eriol then Tomoyo and she understood perfectly. "Okay then how about I spend the day with Eriol and Syaoran can go with Sakura. Does that sound good with everyone?"

"No, I don't want you to make me videotape Sakura the entire day. We just want someone to keep us from killing each other or others." Syaoran says.

"Okay then you guys just keep to the sides of me and Sakura and everything will be fine." Tomoyo says as Sakura ran up towards them.

"Hey Tomoyo where do you want to go to next?" She asks and then notices Syaoran and Eriol. "Hey Syaoran, Eriol, are you joining us for the day?" The two guys nod and glare at each other. "Okay so I was thinking we could get something to eat. Is that okay with everyone?"I ask and everyone agrees.

So we went to the concession stand and place the order, me and Tomoyo get the food while Eriol and Syaoran are left to find some seats. "Are you sure it's safe to let those two find seats?" Sakura asks as we get the food and drinks.

"Should be. After all, how much damage can those two make when they're alone." Tomoyo responded and they both sweat drop. They start running towards the shrieks and see that Eriol and Syaoran got into a fist fight.

Eriol lands a punch in Syaoran's stomach making him double over. When Syaoran gets up again he barely dodges a flying kick. With a somersault, Syaoran gets behind Eriol and punches him. Tomoyo and Sakura watch helplessly on the side lines when Syaoran pins Eriol to the ground. "Tomoyo keep your ground. I'm going in, key that hides the power of the stars show your true to me. I, Sakura, command you release." The key turns into the pink staff with the star crest on the top of it. Whipping out a card, Sakura shouts, "Sleep, make all that are in this section of the park fall asleep." A fairy comes out and starts to put everyone to sleep and make my way towards the two nut-jobs fighting. "Shield, protect and separate these two from each other." Syaoran and Eriol look at Sakura like she was crazy for stopping the fight. "What are you two doing, we are all allies here. If you don't stop fighting and act somewhat civilized then what will happen when a real threat occurs." Sakura yells at them and they feel bad about what they had done.

They ate lunch quietly and didn't talk at all for an hour. Syaoran went to find some water gun game to win prizes and cool off. Sakura decides to compete against Syaoran and she wins out of pure luck. Syaoran was way too mad at Sakura for go easy on her for the first time. She wins many prizes and by the end of the day she rode almost all of the rides and got a lot of prizes. Eriol and Tomoyo just kept to themselves and the four of them met up with the two chaperones around 7 in the evening.

"Thanks for the great time. I had a fun day at the park and got a lot of prizes. Syaoran thanks for everything but try to be more kind to Eriol okay?" Sakura says while they were at her house and Syaoran was picking up the last of his stuff before he left.

"No problem. But I wouldn't count on that last request to be fulfilled. I'll see you at school tomorrow, Sakura. Thanks for letting me stay over this past week." Syaoran says and walks over to his apartment.

At school, everyone crowded around Sakura and Syaoran's desks saying that they were both absent the same days of school. The excuse that was provided was they were both down with the flu and were taken care of by Eriol who volunteered to look after them during their time of need. They made it barely through the day with all of Sakura's friends trying to figure out why those two missed almost the exact same days of school all the time.

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