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Chapter 6: Despite Everything

But I didn't have to make that decision, because Lelouch…Zero, he came back himself. Then, he immediately announced that he would participate in the Special Administrative Region of Japan. I was shocked, but probably much less so than the others. Was he going to betray the Black Knights again for the sake of his sister? It made me angry to think about it, but still, I think I could even have forgiven him for a second time. The others though, they would kill him. Unless, he came up with a hell of a good excuse.

And he did. He explained his plan, albeit in a round about way, full of euphemisms and riddles. It really is true that some people are just too smart for their own good. In know that Zero has to be charismatic, but sometimes Lelouch goes over the top with theatrics. Still, once we finally understood, everyone agreed that it was the best course of action, even though only C.C. and I understood that this was really about not coming into conflict with Lelouch's sister. I was okay with that; I honestly don't know if I could fight Nunnally either.

It was as we were about to leave that you pulled me aside, Lelouch. Once everyone was gone, you removed your mask and looked me strait in the eyes. I didn't know where you were going with this, but the silence was quickly becoming incredibly awkward. Finally, you said, quickly and rather flatly, "Kallen, thank you…and I'm sorry." Somehow, I expected a little more, but I appreciated it nonetheless. Neither gratitude nor apologies have ever been your strong suits, Lelouch, so getting both in a single sentence was saying something, even if they were rather weak. You went on to explain briefly what happened after we parted ways in Shinjuku, and ended with the words…"So, thank you, Kallen. If not for your words, I doubt I would be here right now……And sorry about…you know." "Oh, right, yeah…no problem," I sputtered out. That had been the most awkward conversation of my whole life.

We didn't have much time over the next week as we prepared for Zero's plan. While Lelouch handled the negotiations, the rest of us were left with the busy work. The logistics of the whole thing was just crazy. One million people with one million Zero suits. Fortunately, most people were capable of making their own. Even if they were just cheap copies, all they had to be was convincing from the outside. I'm also amazed by the fact that it didn't get leaked to the Britannians; it just shows how much faith Zero had produced in the Japanese people. When the day finally came, the Britannians didn't see it coming.

There was just one wild card in the whole equation: Suzaku. Which Suzaku would be present at the event? The old Suzaku, who would never put the end result over deplorable means. Or the new Suzaku, who hated Zero with such a passion as to go to any length, even to compromise all he believed in, just to destroy him. That day, it was the old Suzaku who won out, so we were all exiled. And Zero ceased to be a man; he was a symbol, a symbol of the heart of a people. A heart that we all shared as one. So we left the shores of our homeland, as one.

The Chinese Federation granted our exiles a small island within their territory. It was from there that Zero would start the next phase of his plan: to conquer the Chinese Federation, only not as conquerors. That's what Lelouch and I were discussing that one afternoon shortly after arriving at our new home. It was so…comforting to hear him back to his old self. When I had found him in Shinjuku, I had never been more scared in my life; not even when piloting a Knightmare. Then I thought about our 'almost kiss' and got a little distracted. Next thing I knew, I was straddling him, our lips almost touching, again.

He had already given me a partial answer, but I guess I wanted to know more…or maybe I just wanted to talk to him, to hear his voice, so I asked him why he came back. He responded by asking me to go back to Ashford…with him. And then……C.C.

Stupid, C.C.!! What was he about to say to me? Was it just that he wanted to get the whole gang back together, or was it something more? Does he feel more for me than just his classmate and his subordinate? Have his feelings for the two sides of me combined into something more just as mine have for him? Could his feelings for me from Ashford and as Q-1 ever combine into what I feel for him? He was about to say something, but C.C. just had to butt in!

……Of course you did, C.C. It's not like I'm a complete idiot. I know what you feel for him, too. At least, I think I do. Sometimes you treat him like a business partner. Other times you're almost more like his mother. But underneath it all, you love him, too, don't you?

That's why I hate you C.C.…I love you like a sister, but I also hate you. You once said that Lelouch was forced to trust you and that he chose to trust me. But that still doesn't mean that he doesn't trust you more…that he needs you more than he'll ever need me. That you'll always be one step closer to him than I can ever reach. That I'll never be able to surpass you…

Still, if it was you C.C., I think I could handle it. I love Lelouch. And I love you, too, C.C. If the two of you can somehow make each other happy in this dirty world, I could live with that. It would hurt…I know I'd be jealous. I'm too horrible not to be…but I would survive…somehow.

Still, after all the close calls and misunderstandings, Lelouch, if you don't even have the decency to kiss me at least once, to let me feel your lips on mine, I am going to be so pissed off!! If you think I've smacked you before, Lelouch, you better watch out!...Why the hell didn't I just go for it that day I fell on top of you!?

Granted, C.C. wasn't our only problem. The first Prince of the Empire, Odysseus, had just been announced to be engaged to the Empress of the Chinese Federation. Clearly this was a ploy by the Eunuch Generals, who had all the real power within the Federation, to curry favor with the Empire. Problem was we were enemies of the Empire living under the Federation's care. Only Tamaki was too stupid to see where this was going. Lelouch knew only one person in the Empire would work so quickly: Prince Schneizel; fortunately for us, Zero was capable of working equally quickly. He almost immediately formulated a plan, but first we needed to gather some intelligence. So we went to a party.

Kaguya was a friend of the Empress. So, of course she was invited to all the wedding festivities. Still, her choices of guests—Zero and myself—caused, to say the least, a stir. Fortunately, just as Lelouch predicted, his brother Schneizel was quite the gentleman off the battlefield, and the situation quickly defused. It's too bad that Suzaku was there, otherwise Lelouch could have just Geassed everyone present, and things would have gone so much smoother. But no, there was Suzaku, fixing Zero with a death stare. However, before anything got out of hand, Kaguya managed to cool Suzaku down a bit. Next thing I knew, Lelouch was proposing a little game…of chess.

I know something of the game of chess, but, suffice to say, it's not a specialty of mine. Still, here Lelouch was playing a game against the one person that he had once told me could ever beat him: Prince Schneizel. Their moves and strategies were way above my head, so I got lost pretty quickly. (The fact that the Knight Gino kept flirting with me from across the room didn't help either.) Still, even I picked up on the fact that this wasn't really about the game; they were feeling each other out, trying to get some new insight into their enemy. But in the end, neither could best the other; it was a stalemate. Or it would have been. Schneizel was about to let Lelouch win, but Lelouch's damnable pride wouldn't let him except that. I couldn't help but wonder, did Schneizel know who Zero was now? All from a chess game. He certainly once knew Lelouch. But as these thoughts filled my mind, one of the last people I expected to see appeared…

Nina. I know you…admired Euphemia. All of us on the Student Council knew you wanted to meet her. Some of us were actually getting a little concerned you were getting a little obsessed. Obviously, we should have been more concerned than we were. Her death destroyed you didn't it? Perhaps, even more than Suzaku. Still, your hatred towards 'Elevens,' that hatred you directed at me, it hurt. If Euphemia was truly as you remember her, do you really believe that she would want you to give in to such reckless hate?

I'll admit, of all the members of the Student Council, you were the one I was least close to. I sometimes wonder that if Milly hadn't forced you out of shell occasionally, you would have even talked to the rest of us. You were always so absorbed in your research and your data. Still, I'm sorry, Nina. I'm sure Lelouch is, too, but he must remain behind that mask. So from both of us Nina, we're sorry.

Nina left in a complete mess. I saw Milly with her briefly. (How I wish we could have talked.) But that night's festivities were over, and it was time to go. Schneizel made it quite clear that he did not want to see Zero at the wedding the next day. That would leave only me to escort Kaguya. Not that it mattered, Lelouch is a party crasher anyway.

Although he was not the only uninvited guest that day. Xingke and his forces that opposed the Eunuch Generals were staging a coup, a coup that Lelouch had conveniently found out about (Geass, again, I would assume.). Lelouch took advantage of the situation, by kidnapping the Empress of the Chinese Federation.

I can't really blame Xingke for what happened next. After all, there is no way he could have deduced the intricacies of Lelouch's plan as held his Empress at gunpoint. It's pretty much impossible for anyone to see the end results that will come about because of Lelouch's actions unless you're already in on the plan. Anyone who could would have to be able to understand the inner workings of Lelouch's mind, and anyone like that would probably be certifiably insane. So its no surprise that after Zero wiped the floor with the Eunuch's forces, the one to come after us would be Xingke. He followed us, and he wanted his Empress back, and he would not stop until he had her.

I don't know what I was thinking. The Energy Filler on my Guren hadn't even been replaced yet. Maybe I was just thinking that, as Zero's bodyguard, it was my duty to head out and meet this new threat. Maybe it was because moments before I had seen Lelouch and C.C. acting all chummy, and I needed to blow off some steam. At any rate, the next thing I knew, I was in my Guren and deploying without orders to do so.

It's not that I lost. I could have handled that, being beaten by an opponent that was simply better than me. And Xingke was good, at least as good as Suzaku, maybe even better. His Knightmare, the Shenhu, was possibly even more advanced than my Guren. Even so, I had an opportunity to win and I took it…but then I ran out of power. And I was a prisoner of the Chinese Federation, all because I had been too rash to wait for a new Energy Filler.

But, then, Zero…Lelouch, you called out to me. I apologized, but you didn't care about that. You told me you would come save me, and that I just needed to needed to sit tight. It's those words that are keeping me going even now. You're not perfect, Lelouch…and you've disappointed me many times. But when I've really needed you, you've always come through for me.

Your voice. It was so filled with…concern, even passion. It's like that day we reunited in Babel, and I threw myself in front of you to protect you from the God Speed Vincent. Your voice was full of concern then, too. You didn't want me to come to harm. I still don't know what you feel for me Lelouch, but even that concern is enough.

But that same concern has also been causing you pain…all on my account. All because I jump into action without thinking first. All because I'm so rash. First, that time in Babel, and then this time against Xingke. I'm the leader of Zero Squadron, your own personal guard. I'm supposed to be the one protecting you…and not just your life; I want to protect more than that. But, instead you were about to put yourself at risk to save me. You were declaring in front of the whole bridge crew that you would come for me.

I wonder what they thought? Diethard, he probably advised you to retreat. Rakshata would at least want her Guren back. But Ohgi and Tohdoh and the others, they wouldn't hesitate to put themselves at risk for me. And C.C., she wouldn't have to worry at all. She isn't even capable of dying…

But that's when it hit me. Dying…my friends would be risking death, just to save me. I'm the best fighter that Zero…that Lelouch has. His Q-1; his queen piece. It makes sense to sacrifice pawns for the queen in chess. But this wasn't a game. This was real life. Real people were about to sacrifice themselves, just because of my mistake. I wish I could have still gotten through to Lelouch…so I could tell him…just run.

I was actually relieved that Xingke forced Lelouch into retreat. There would be no one else dying because of me. All Lelouch had to do was finish the plan. Let the Eunuch's back him into a corner and start running their mouths off. Sooner or later their true character would be made known…and thanks to Diethard, everyone in the Federation would know about it. (I may hate that man, but he certainly has his talents.) After that, all Lelouch would have to do is wait for the Eunuchs to fall, and he could just come pick me up without a problem.

Except that's not quite how it worked out. The plan itself was actually working without a hitch. Unfortunately, I didn't anticipate being used as a bargaining chip by the Eunuch's to get help from Britannia. They handed me and my Guren over…to Suzaku…

As I looked at him while I was strapped down to that table, I was desperately looking for some part of the Suzaku I once knew, but instead he just looked at me…judging me. HE was judging ME. That just pissed me off!! How dare he!? I don't claim to be a saint, but the two of us, we're soldiers on opposite sides of a war, but he was just looking at me like a terrorist. It would have been different if this whole situation had been way back…back before Lelouch had found me. But it wasn't back then. Suzaku had never even known me then. But, he did know the current me…the one that had been his friend once…and still he had the audacity to judge me.

Yes, by now we had tried to kill each other many times, but it was on the battlefield. There was nothing personal about it. And it's true, since becoming a Black Knight, I've done things that I regret, but none of them could be any worse than things Suzaku has done. (I mean, okay, there was that time I tried to stab him in the back, but there's no way he could have known about that.) He once told me that off the battlefield, he would try to convince me, not fight me. Apparently, there had been a statute of limitation on that promise, because I saw none of that now.

But the thing that really got under my skin, the thing that just made me want to rip that superior look right off his face were his own words on Kaminejima. He had claimed that Lelouch was a man that used his Geass to hide in the dark, to use others while keeping himself out of danger. He accused him of being "arrogant and sly." Yet, I know, Suzaku. You serve a man who uses his Geass to hide in dark and use others—others like our best friends from school—while keeping himself out of danger. Who is arrogant and sly. And it was to this man that you betrayed Lelouch, your best friend, immediately after condemning him for the very same thing.

It was as these thought went through my head that they started un-strapping me from the table to put me in a bondage suit. I'm proud to say I got a few good hits in first. A couple guards with broken noses and some poor guy that I hope didn't want to have anymore kids. But then I felt a stinging sensation as they drugged me and everything went dark.

When I came to, I had a massive headache and a new appreciation for what C.C. must have gone through while at Clovis' lab. (Why she kept wearing this thing for so long is beyond me.) No one was talking to me, but from what I could hear from the guards, I at least picked up that the plan had worked. The Eunuchs were overthrown and the Chinese Empress, along with Xingke's faction, were allied with the Black Knights. Unfortunately, I also heard we were heading back to 'Area 11.' I knew Lelouch could work miracles, but getting me back now seemed to be beyond even him. And even if he could, I didn't want anyone to have to sacrifice themselves for my sake.

So in the end. The operation was a success. Lelouch had succeeded in conquering the Federation, but not as conquerors, just like he said he would. And all it cost was one soldier's freedom. All and all, tactically speaking, it was a great victory. But, Lelouch, did you feel that way……?

Thus, I became a POW of the Britannian Empire. I was questioned time and again. It was mostly by Suzaku, but people from various other departments that I had never even heard of showed up, too. It was actually surprisingly exhausting considering I pretty much only had to sit there. Mostly they wanted to know about Zero (especially Suzaku), but I didn't say anything. Naturally, I thought the torture would start soon…or they would just execute me. But then I got the surprise of my life…

Nunnally. I was shocked to see her. Since Suzaku was in charge of my imprisonment, I had assumed that he would have kept her from finding out, but apparently she was more resourceful than I ever gave her credit for. (Although, admittedly, I don't care much for her taste in clothes. They're just not very…practical.)

Still Nunnally, as grateful as I was to you for coming to talk to me, for letting me out of that uncomfortable cell, for actually treating me with dignity fitting for a human being…as grateful as I was for all of that, I couldn't help but be somewhat unsettled. You're the reason we left Japan. All because Zero, your brother Lelouch, could not stand the thought of coming into conflict with you. Lelouch had promised to rescue me, but if that meant returning here to Japan, of chancing a conflict with his sister, would he be able to do it? Would I even want him to? I want no harm to come to Nunnally either.

It was so kind that you came to speak with me today, Nunnally. I can understand. You've been lonely with only Suzaku to talk to, and he's been lying through his teeth to you all year. At least for the past year, I've had C.C. to talk to, who's always brutally honest if not altogether forthcoming. Meanwhile, you have no idea that the reason you can't go see your best friends is because none of them even remember you. But when you mentioned Lelouch, my heart truly went out to you. I know Nunnally. I know how hard losing a brother can be…I guess that's why I asked what kind of brother Lelouch was.

We talked about our brothers for quite some time, didn't we, Nunnally? You cried. You actually cried when you learned my brother was gone, even though he was a Japanese terrorist and you're a Britannian princess. Still, when the conversation came back to Lelouch, I never expected you to say, "He was always worried about you, you know?" Nunnally may be robbed of sight, but she has perception to 'see' what many of us will never know. She told me how often she thought she could here a tinge of worry in Lelouch's voice when he was talking to me or about me. Something none of the rest of us would ever have picked up on. She wondered just how much Lelouch surmised of my activities.

It took everything that was in me not to tell you, Nunnally. That your brother was alive. That he was working night and day to create a world that would make you happy. But Lelouch would never forgive me if I did that. He donned the mask of Zero to keep you out of harms way. If you knew, you would be in danger. And Lelouch…and I, we just wouldn't allow that.

Unfortunately, our pleasant conversation was interrupted by none other than Suzaku. Nunnally was obviously put off by the way he only referred to me only by my prison number, but she still trusted him. So that's how I ended up in a room alone with him. That's when he told me Shirley was gone, and that Lelouch was responsible. He threatened me with Refrain. I thought about fighting, but knew realistically I was no match for Suzaku even if I wasn't in such a ridiculous outfit. So I decided to slap him like I do with Lelouch, hoping it would bring back the old Suzaku.

What I got for my effort was a condemnation about Shirley and punch to the gut. A distraction and a sucker punch. Definitely not the old Suzaku. Yet in the end, he couldn't do it. After that, I should have run to him, to beg him to stop heading down this path of hatred before it destroys him…or Nunnally. But I was just to shell shocked to do that. Instead I've just been sitting here, thinking about……everything.

I believe you, Lelouch. Despite everything, I'll always believe in you.

But you have enough on your agenda right now. With the Chinese Federation in revolt, both the Black Knights and the Britannian Empire will be scrambling for territory. You also still need to keep up with your double life at Ashford up if you're going to keep Nunnally safe. Plus, there's all that stuff about Geass that you and C.C. are always keeping secret. And…if it's true about Shirley…you should take time to grieve, Lelouch. Even if you're Zero, you're still human. You need to take time for yourself occasionally, Lelouch.

Plus, I don't want you to come here if it means sacrificing pawns just to get back your Q-1. Pawns are people, too after all. People with families,...and sisters. Like Nunnally. Nunnally would get involved too if you came for me, Lelouch. I won't let you do that to yourself.

And anyway, I'm no damsel in distress, after all. Just get me to a Knightmare, and I'll be back with the Black Knights before you know it. If I can get out of this cell, I may even be able to find my Guren. I swear, if they've messed with her, there's going to be hell to pay.

So don't worry, Lelouch. I'll always be your first Knight, your Ace, your…Queen. I'll be alright on my own.

Still, if you came to rescue me with your own hands, that would be alright, too.


Afterword: Hey all again, I hope you enjoyed the story. It has been an exhausting endeavor for me since I wanted to get this story out before the next episode of R2 came out. That meant I had to work on this for about six hours Sunday and another five hours a night, Monday through Thursday, in order to get it done in time. Then, I needed to spend Friday night adding the Forward and Afterword and proofing the story. As a result, I felt a bit rushed, and some parts of the story still don't flow quite as well as I wish they would. Still, I worked hard to mostly make it an interesting read.

The main thing I'm scared of is that some of you may have found the story a bit too repetitious. Thoughts, by their own nature, are repetitious, and this being a story about thought, needs some repetition to be realistic. However, too much repetition, and the story quickly becomes stale. I hope I was able to strike a good balance for all of you.

The other thing that concerns me it that the story feels a little rushed at the end. As I mention in the Forward, I often speculate on what Lelouch or C.C. may have told Kallen about certain events in order to flesh out certain parts of the story. But after episode 10, Kallen has no source of information except herself. Because of this, she doesn't have much knowledge of what is happening in episodes 10 through 15. Therefore, the narrative starts to get compressed at the end simply because of lack of information.

I would also like to take a moment to explain my treatment of some of the characters in the story, starting of course with Kallen herself. This story revolves around the thoughts of Kallen; however, due to her duel personality, her thoughts can often be hard to discern. Most stories I've read involving Kallen have her Ashford personality being purely a façade, with her true personality being the Black Knight one. However, I personally believe that, at the very least, the part of her Ashford personality that is friends with the Student Council is part of Kallen's true personality. Therefore, I've presented a Kallen that, like Lelouch, has two distinct selves, with neither being more 'real' than the other, and her true self being somewhere in between. One of the results of this is that, sometimes, what I portray as Kallen's thoughts don't always match up to what she says or does in the show. However, I think most of us can appreciate that thoughts and actions don't always coincide. Hopefully, what I did is not too unrealistic.

Also, some people may notice that Kallen gets down on herself often. These thoughts are not my own personal opinion of her character, but rather her thoughts on herself. Personally, I actually think that of all the characters in Code Geass, she's one of the few that come closest to having pure intentions; not that she doesn't have certain gray areas within her motivations, but she's far more genuine that either Lelouch or Suzaku. However, in my experience, really good people have a tendency to not think that they are that good. I believe this is because they are aware of their own failings, their sins, if you will. Being aware of one's sins allows a person to be better than those that do not acknowledge their faults, but at the same time it has a tendency to make that same person depreciate oneself. It's that Kallen is aware of her shortcomings that makes her a good person.

Finally, about Kallen's slight 'schizophrenic' moments midway through the story. I didn't in any way want to imply that Kallen is in the least bit crazy. However, I think most of us at some point have tried to deny something about ourselves that our minds don't let us ignore, like 'a needle in your brain.' However, it's hard to depict this phenomenon without giving it its own voice, hence the appearance of the second voice in Kallen's mind. I tried to use it sparingly, only having it first appear when Kallen's feelings for the combined entity of Lelouch and Zero come to the forefront and having it leave once she resolves those feelings. It's a risky narrative device, but I think that it worked out pretty nicely.

The next character that presented some difficulty was Lelouch. Particularly, the Lelouch during the time when Kallen does NOT know that he is Zero. Often fan fiction stories portray Kallen as outright despising Lelouch during this time OR having a secret crush on him. I chose to go a middle route where they have a 'special' friendship, but not a romantic one. This stems mostly from Lelouch being aware that Kallen isn't as frail as she looks and acting as a 'release valve' for her while at school. So while he clearly annoys her, she finds him comforting at the same time.

And, of course, there's C.C. Many stories I've read with C.C. and Kallen together either show Kallen in a positive light and C.C. is a heartless bitch OR C.C. in a positive light and Kallen is a complete idiot. I've never really seen any evidence for this treatment in the show. In fact, for the first season, they barely even interact. However, in the second season, when they have their more serious moments, they do seem to have genuine respect and concern for each other. This only makes sense to me since the two of them must have grown rather close during the year between seasons 1 and 2. They were, after all, the only two members of the Black Knights that knew the truth about Lelouch and Geass. That is why I attempted to portray their relationship as a somewhat adversarial, but nonetheless sisterly relationship. Please don't flame me just because you love Kallen and hate C.C. or vice versa.

Then there's Suzaku and Nina. Two characters that seem to be quite despised by the fan base right now. Still, I tried to treat them as I believe Kallen would. As Milly points out in episode 9, Kallen is always thinking or others before herself, and is quite clearly sympathetic towards Nina. (Whether she would be so if she knew that Nina was building a nuke is beyond the scope of this story since she, in fact, does not know.) Suzaku is a little more difficult to figure out. Despite exchanging harsh words in episode 19 of the first season, they remain friends until the end of season 1. Their interactions in season 2 have been less than cordial; however, it's my belief that deep down, Kallen has no personal grudge against Suzaku; she just has the misfortune of have irreconcilable ideological differences with one of her best friends that have led them to fight on opposite sides in a war. I believe that given the opportunity, Kallen would want to make up with Suzaku if at all possible.

One of the most difficult characters to bring into the story was Euphemia. Kallen, of course, had hardly (if any) interaction with Euphemia prior to episodes 22-23 of the first season. Like everyone else, she came to the conclusion that Euphemia was a lying butcher after the massacre. However, Kallen isn't an idiot. She's at least as smart as Suzaku who was able to put together that Lelouch has a Geass with the power of 'absolute command' and moments after meeting Euphemia, she did something entirely out of her character. Kallen would have to be somewhat suspicious of these circumstances as well. As a result, when I finally brought Euphemia into the story, I had Kallen's mind push her to the side to avoid thinking about the inevitable conclusion that would be drawn if she thought too much about her. In the end, I had Kallen deduce the possibility of an accidental use of Geass. This may be the single most unlikely conclusion I've made in this story, but it was the only one I could come up with that allowed Kallen to keep her faith in Lelouch.

And finally there is Shirley. Shirley was by far the most troublesome character to fit into this story. This story takes place within Kallen's cell during episode 15 of R2 when she has been told moments earlier that Shirley, one of her best friends, has been killed. It only makes sense given the circumstances that her thoughts would revolve around Shirley at this point. However, this isn't a story about Kallen's thoughts about Shirley, so I had to figure out a way to make her thoughts drift away from Shirley without being uncharacteristic to Kallen's character. Kallen, being such a caring character, would clearly NOT simply shrug off the death of Shirley as no major tragedy. My final solution was to make her be in denial at first, but finally come to accept it, resulting in a fairly significant meltdown that left her numb as own mind tries to protect her. Again, hopefully, it's not too unrealistic.

So anyway that's my story. Please review, comment, even flame if you really need to vent. My ego isn't so frail that it will fall apart simply because somebody I've never met over the internet said something mean to me. I'll just print out your comments and show them to my therapist as proof the whole world is out to get me. Just please don't be one of those reviewers who complains about not understanding the story without having watched the source material first.

This is youngde, signing off.