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"Konan what are we doing here?" An orange haired male growled angerly.

"Well I think we should adopt, I want kids after all we are married now, Pein-kun." Konan snapped as they drove through Suna's streets.

"Hn. How come I don't get a say in this?" Pein growled as they turned another street, the streets were becoming more and more deserted.

"Well because you don't want to and you know I can't have children, and I want a child! Itachi told me one of his friends have resently been orphained aparrently he was ummm... whats his face... Oh ya Hidan you know Kakuzu friend the one who resently signed up on the lower levels, I think he's an assain but he apparently already really high in the ranks, well anyway his parents were resently killed leaving him and his younger sister orphained." Konan said taking out a map of Suna and finding their destination.

"Hn." was all Pein said he wasn't a friend of kids most got scared from the many peircings on his face and ran away.

"So I was thinking of getting his little sister, from the way Itachi talked about it seemed that she was adorible, he said hes only met her once, when he was on a mission with Hidan to take out some crony of Orochimaru's, well his sister had to come with him cause he couldn't find a baby sitter in time so apperently she was very good but extremely shy, so after the mission when Itachi was taking them home, she hadn't talked to him the hole time you see so when he was taking her home cause Hidan had another job, she finally spoke and apperently she said, 'Thank you, you are very kind.'"

Pein looked directly at Konan, sure Itachi had tried to murder his parents, and left soon after but he had never heard such a coment, sure he was complemented on his work but the last person to say he was kind was killed by Itachi, "So?"

"So what? Itachi accually said, 'Thank you, you are very kind yourself' then she smiled at HIM and left for her house, apperently she's only 5 years old, so Hidans 9 years older than her." Konan pointed at a building and Peined pulled into the lot, "Hidan only stays here because she's safer here, then constantly moving from house to house with him."

Pein and Konan got out and headed to the orphanage door only to be greeted by a boy of 10 maybe 11. His eyes widen when he saw the two before he stepped aside and said quietly, "Are you here to adopt?"

Pein nodded his head before he entered. Konan fell in step behind him as the boy took off down a hall and into a room then came out with a black haired woman in tow he pointed at them before the woman whispered something to him and he ran off down the hall.

"He says your here to adopt do you have anyone in mind?" she asked kindly, "I'll take you to the play room where you'll get to meet all the children. Please follow."

As they headed down they reached a large set of doors, as they entered they saw all the children look up and smiled happily at Konan while others took one look at Pein before getting some distance between them and him.

"Well these are all the children." the woman said.

"Umm... Wheres Hidan, he's a friend of ours I know he goes here." Konan asked the woman.

"Oh, he doesn't come down he doesn't want to be adopted," the woman said looking down.

"You mean his little sister doesn't want to." Pein corrected her again.

"Uh well, umm.." she tried.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" they all turned to the doors as a kid ran in with a bloodie nose and a very angry Hidan following.

"You fucking retard! I'll cut out your fucking tonue! How dare you call her that, you shitheaded little bastard! Come back here!" Hidan screamed as he lunged at the kid.

"HIDAN!" Hidan froze and looked up to see Pein his BOSS standing in front of him.

"I'm sorry Leader-sama!" Hidan apoligized bowing his head, "It's just he hurt someone and I wanted him to pay."

"Hn," was all Pein said before Konan stepped forward.

"Hidan were here to adopt your sister." Konan said kinda a little to straight forward.

"Nani?" Hidan looked at her in suprise.

"We're here to adopt her we miss your work and from what everyone tells me she is just adorible." she said smiling.

"Well, umm, I guess you could meet her..." with that he turned around and headed out the door, Pein and Konan followed him silently as he lead them up a flight of stairs and down a hallway into a room, where a very sad pink haired girl sat. When they entered she glanced up her eyes widened in fear, she quickly jumped up and hid behind Hidan.

"Sakura-chan its ok these people are ummm... well... Konan's nice." Hidan said trying to make them seem ok in his sisters eyes.

"Are they going to hurt me?" Hidan seemed caught off gaurd by the question, and looked at her helplessly, not knowing what to tell her.

Pein raising an eyebrow stepped forward, kneeling down so he was a Sakura's hight, "Now why would someone hurt you?"

Sakura was clearly trying not to cry, looked down at the floor. Hidan seeming to understand whirled around grabbing his sisters arm forcefully but still gently, pulled up the sleeve and looked at her arm before storming out of the room.

The pink haired girl then began to sob, big tears falling down her pale face, as she cried, Konan walked over picking up the girl and resting her on her hip, gently cooeing her gently.

Pein walked over to see what had gotten Hidan all worked up about about and realized the several bruises and cuts her arm some of which were still bleeding.

"Who did this to you?" Pein asked as he continued to examine her arm.

"The kids down stairs they don't like me, no one does, except Nee-san." Sakura said still crying big tears.

"Sh, shhh, its okay were here to take you away from them, okay?" Konan whispered softly to the young girl.

"What about Nee-san?!" Sakura gasped, her green eyes wide with fear of loosing the only family she had ever had.

"He can come and see you when ever her wants, and you can see him when ever you want. We're not going to take him away from you." Konan said as Sakura's sobs became sniffles then disapeared altogether.

"Okay, thank you ummm..." Sakura said trying to remeber Konan's name.

"Konan, child, Konan."


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