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"Make it stop!" I screamed and covered my face with my arms.

"I can't! It's too powerful!" A familiar voice yelled back. I struggled to turn my head, to find the other person in the room. The man with the green eyes stared back at me. They moved from me and widened in pure terror. I followed and felt my scream get lodged in my throat. The black mass moved towards me. I was frozen with fear.

"Bella!" I screamed, but it was too late. The mass came over me and I rolled to my sideā€¦

I landed on the floor with a loud thud. My comforter fell on me, along with my pillow. My heart was pounding frantically and I was covered in a cold sweat. I fought my way through the fabric and let out a loud gasp when the air hit my face. I took deep, long pulls of air until my lungs burned. I closed my eyes and buried my face in the comforter. The dream was too real for me and I could still feel the fear the black mass incited in me. I let out a muffled scream as my alarm went off. I groaned as I picked myself up off of the ground. I shuffled into my closet and picked out clothes to wear.

I had a big day in front of me. I had to stop off over at my publisher's office and hand in my manuscript of a new book I had just finished writing. It was a recollection of my two week stay in Ireland, where I had investigated paranormal sightings. They ranged from leprechauns, to the elusive feys or fairies. I even had the chance to spend a night a in an abandoned castle that was home to a demon and it's black dog. That was what you got to experience when you are the number one paranormal investigator and writer of the paranormal in the United States. I got offers to go to Mongolia and chase what they described as a "desert worm" that ate local sheep herders, offers to go to Africa to see if I could find traces of a lost tribe and their spirits. Letters poured into my mailbox and I actually thought of moving to an undisclosed location, just to get away from the madness. I let out a sigh when the phone rang and a louder one when I saw the number on the caller I.D. screen.

"Yes, Angela. What can I do you for today?" I headed towards my bathroom and began my daily routine. Angela was a dutiful assistant and I wouldn't know what I would've done without her. She helped to organize trips and appointments, and most importantly, was one of my closest friends.

"Sorry to bother you, Bella. I know you have to get to your publisher in a few, but I just got an extremely interesting email from an Alice Whitlock. She lives in Forks, a five hour drive from Seattle. Apparently this has to deal with her brother, Edward and his house. It's incredible what's happened there. Full body apparitions, objects moving on their own, random voice phenomenon, you name it, this house has got it. Bella, I think you need to come over here and read it." The excitement in her voice was addicting. I saw my own huge grin in my mirror.

"I'll be there in twenty minutes. Write back to this Whitlock woman and tell her to be expecting me later today."

"Seriously? Bella, this place is amazing. She has pictures, too."

"And make sure you clear anything on my schedule for the next few weeks. I think I smell my new book in the making."

"Awesome! I'll get your stuff together, as well. She's going to be so happy, Bella. I'll see you in a bit." Angela hung up, as did I. I put the phone down on the counter and nodded. I had a good feeling about this. I finished up in the bathroom, packed a bag of clothes, grabbed an apple from my kitchen and headed out the front door.

I dropped my manuscript off at my publisher and drove as fast as I could over to my office. Angela was waiting for me by the door and ambushed me the minute I got into the building.

"I have your gear already set. Ben is putting it in your car as we speak," I glanced over my shoulder and saw that my other employee and Angela's current boyfriend, Ben Cheney, was busy loading my car with boxes and containers.

"I forwarded the email to you. Bella, I'm not kidding when I say that this place is a ghost playground. Something happens everyday." I double-clicked my email icon and opened the email entitled, "Ghost Haven". I began reading it and soon I was enthralled. It was built in the late 1800s, as a boarding house during the Gold Rush. Gold seekers and entrepreneurs flowed through the house. There was a murder in one of the bedrooms, apparently some gold-crazed man thought another man had stolen his lucky sifter and had bludgeoned the man to death with a pick ax. The blood stain never left the wooden floor. It was also part of a logging company that established itself after the gold rush and used again as a boarding house. There was a lot of injuries and deaths in the logging business and many had died in the house. It was closed after the logging company moved to a different location and wasn't opened up until Alice Whitlock's brother Edward Cullen bought the property and began refurnishing it.

I scrolled through the photos and felt my heart begin to beat faster.

"Angela, this place is awesome!" I screamed and jumped up from my chair. I hugged my friend hard and we laughed like crazy fools. We stopped when the phone rang. I read the caller I.D. and let out a surprised laugh.

"Alice Whitlock is calling," I said and picked up the phone.

"Hello, this is Bella Swan. How may I help you?"

"Bella Swan? This is Alice Whitlock. I emailed your assistant yesterday," I grinned and pushed the speaker button on my phone.

"And she forwarded it to me. Your brother's house is simply amazing. Is it alright if I come out there today and spend a few days at the house?" There was a pause on the other end and then what sounded like a sniffle.

"You don't know how much this means to me, to us. My brother is having such a hard time dealing with everything that's happening to him and his house. It's really taken a toll on him."

"So I'm taking that as a yes. Tell your brother to expect me around one or two in the afternoon."

"Thank you, Bella! Oh my God, you don't know how excited I am! Thank you!"

"I'll see you soon, Alice." I hung up and turned to Angela.

"Holy shit." I whispered. Angela nodded her head in agreement.

"Holy shit is right."