A lord by birth and circumstance, John Roxton was a hunter and adventurer by choice

The Beginning

By Felicia Ferguson


Rating: PG

Spoilers: none but the first episode of the series

Summary: A hunter's view of his prey.

Disclaimer: No, I do not own The Lost World, nor the characters therein. Alas, poor Yorik….

Author's note: Thanks to TNT, I'm watching the series from the premier to date, which is definitely a good place to start considering I've only seen snippets of the episodes thus far. Therefore, my fanfiction writing begins at the best of all possible places: the beginning.


A lord by birth and circumstance, John Roxton was a hunter and adventurer by choice. In some circles, his noble title had done little to offset the infamous brand of rake and rogue. Not that it mattered to him. Truth be told, he rather enjoyed his dubious reputation with polite society -- almost as much as he relished breaking in a new rifle.

Roxton had tracked lions on safari in Africa, traced the elephant trails in Burma, and wended his way through the Amazon jungle, but never had he found a more alluring and, it seemed, elusive prey than Marguerite Krux. If, indeed, that was her true name.

When she sauntered into the Zoological Society's lecture hall, all grace and apparent benevolence, he thought her a potential dalliance. Just another attraction added to the already appealing adventure. But as they paddled their way up the Amazon, like all good hunters, he caught her scent. Demure and naïve she most certainly was not, quite contrary to the picture she portrayed at their first meeting.

He knew as soon as she turned and flashed those sapphire eyes that she was more than what she claimed. Her quick tongue and tight bodice whispered "catch me" to his hunter's soul even as she parried the truth with unabashed finesse. A paradox, and an intriguing one at that.

Suddenly the jaunt held more possibilities than a mere addition to his wall mountings. He had discovered woman who didn't fawn, or worse, faint over him. She challenged him with every breath, with every look. A woman of fire and steel. And damned if John Roxton had ever backed down from a worthy opponent. Yes, it would be an interesting excursion, indeed.

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