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The deafening roar of the Blackhawk rotors drifted off as Capt. Mitchell and his civilian shooter, Roger Smith, trekked through the desert sand of northern Iran towards the city of Mashad where they would find their truck gassed up and loaded with weapons. This was a critical mission for Mitchell, as it was his last mission before he left the Ghosts to retire and it was crucial that they succeed, or the invasion of Iran could go terribly wrong very fast.

Yes, the UN had finally given Mahmud, now the Supreme Leader, a 72 hour deadline to allow weapon inspectors into his country or the Security Council would take Military action. It was 25 days after that had been said, and the UN lived up to their promise: bombers were hitting oil tanks and Military units round-the-clock and the Iranian nuclear reactors were history as a result of an Israeli commando raid. The UN was set to initiate an invasion in the next 36 hours, but the US Military had already put two pairs of boots on the ground to go into Tehran and assassinate two key figures in the Iranian Government: Mahmud, and the new President, Mohammed Abdel minutes before the invasion began to confuse the Iranian Military. After the shots had been taken, the two were supposed to take their truck and link up with the Australians landing from the Caspian Sea.

It was definitely a risky mission and an extremely challenging one, for Mitchell, the shot he was taking was from a mile away, but Smith's shot was about one and a fifth miles away. Smith had to be precise, so he was equipped with the prototype M-70 sniper rifle that fired a .70 caliber slug at a incredible rate of 2,550 ft/s. It was designed especially for US CIA personnel for assassinations but was put into limited service with the US Army also. Smith's target was Mahmud, and he had to hit him first shot, or they were screwed. Mitchell had to hit Abdel immediately after Smith's target was down, and he was using a common M-107 .50 caliber rifle that had proven to be of great service. They were also both armed with weapons of their choice: for Mitchell, he picked the XM8 Carbine which had to be dug up from storage for use and Smith decided to go with the new M-4A3D, which was the third model of the M-4 but with a drum magazine for extra firepower and was the only weapon in the world with a handgun in place underneath for last-second shots. They also both carried new Metal Storm Handguns of which there were only 100 in prototype form.

They were unarguably both equipped for a small war and were ready to do their duty. After about half an hour of marching, they discovered their truck on the outskirts of town and climbed into it without attracting attention. The truck was old and beat up on the outside, but it was secretly armored and loaded with extra weapons, ammo, and explosives. It was equipped with the latest satellite GPS navigation system and a radio link to HQ and two satellite phones. Both men put on their body armor and desert camo to look like Iranian soldiers so it would be easy to pass off the weapons in Tehran. They both also wore normal-looking sunglasses, but instead of 

just shielding their eyes, the CrossCom 3.0 was displayed in the lenses to help the soldiers identify their targets.

Once they were both armed fully and ready to go, Mitchell started the car and drove on the highway towards the capital city, Tehran.