When Smith and Mitchell finally reached Tehran, they were not surprised to see the streets almost completely empty of civilians and in their place were paramilitary troops. One of the guards at a crosswalk stopped Mitchell and asked where the two of them were going. Mitchell, not being able to speak fluent Arabic, said to the man, "Palace, sniper security relief."


Mitchell and Smith both handed over their fake ID's and were cleared to proceed by the guard. Mitchell sighed and said, "Man, we're lucky that guy didn't shoot us, huh?"

Smith didn't respond, for he was still in shock that he was actually in Iran.

"Smith, you alright? Come on man, we got a job to do and I need you to be focused, okay?"

"Alright, I'll be ready, let's do this shit."

The truck tumbled through until they reached the shooting point for Smith which was a major factory smokestack that gave him a clear line of sight to the residence of Mahmud, who as far as Mitchell knew, was sitting in his office, talking with his advisors. Smith got out of the car and grabbed the case for his rifle when the guards on the streets weren't looking and proceeded to climb the stairs which would lead to the ladder to climb up the smokestack. Before Smith went inside the building Mitchell whispered to him, "As soon as you are sure Mahmud is dead, climb down that ladder as fast as you can and destroy your .70 with an incendiary grenade. I'll try and get here as fast as possible, make sure you're ready when I get here because I am not waiting, understand?"

Smith nodded and proceeded to climb up the stairs in the building then sighed as he realized how tall the damn tower was, so he started climbing two pegs at a time. When he finally reached the top of the "damn thing," he took a second to catch his breath, and then started to set up his weapon. The M-70 was a big gun even for a sniper rifle, weighing 25 pounds and with a length of about 4 feet, it had to be taken apart and reassembled in order to carry it. Once Smith set up his weapon, he turned it to face the residence of Mahmud, and sure enough, he could see him clearer than crystal sitting at his desk. With the humidity relatively low and the wind howling to the east, Smith set up his scope accordingly and then got on the radio to call Mitchell.

"Sierra-Mike this is Romeo-Sierra, come in over."

"Romeo-Sierra this is Sierra Mike, read you five by five, what is your SITREP?"

"Target is spotted and confirmed, ready to fire, over."

"Roger, same SITREP here, hold until 16:36 Zulu, over."

Smith looked down at his watch and saw that it was already 16:34.

"Roger that, will do, out."

Mitchell's shooting spot wasn't anything at all like Smith's, for he was standing a few feet from a window on the third floor of an apartment building, staring directly at Albed. The glass was as thick as the one for the residence of Mahmud, but since Mitchell was closer, he could use a .50 caliber gun with the rounds given a full metal jacket and an extra layer of powder to propel it faster. Mitchell, given his experience in combat and his time spent on the range, was sure he could hit this target, but was worried about Smith who had never fired a round in combat, only on SWAT. He could hit the target on the range, but Mitchell wasn't sure if the nerves he had got to him and would screw up his shot. He shook the thought from his head and went about making a last check on his rifle.

"Sierra-Mike this is Romeo-Sierra, I will Foxtrot One, you right after me, over." That meant Smith would shoot first then Mitchell would to confuse the soldiers. It seemed like Smith was ready.

"Roger that, Romeo-Sierra, standby to fire on my command. Standby…Standby…Foxtrot in 3, 2, 1, now!"

Mitchell heard the M-70 boom and then he fired his rifle. Looking through the scope, he saw that he hit his target in the head, killing him. He then planted an incendiary in the barrel of his gun and hightailed it out of the building to the truck which was on the street outside. He started the engine, peeled out from the curb and then checked in on the radio:

"Romeo-Sierra, target confirmed down, what is your status, over?"

"Sierra-Mike, same SITREP, waiting extraction on the road, ETA?

"Twenty seconds till extraction, over."

"Roger that."

By now the Iranians were shooting at Mitchell, but the bullets just bounced off the armor and he eventually saw Smith on the sidewalk.

"Get in the back and put the SAW on the roof!"

"Got it!"

Smith climbed in the backseat and opened the weapons compartment, revealing a M-249 SAW which he mounted a bipod on and opened the hatch door on the roof to prop it up and fire it. Once he started firing, his pulse pounded so hard that he thought it was louder than the gun, but he didn't stop firing. Mitchell turned on to a road that led north when a RPG flew out of nowhere and hit the side of the truck, immobilizing it and forcing them to climb out of the wreckage and continue on foot.

"Smith! Get your weapon out and get in this damn building now!"

Smith pushed himself off the ground and started to fire at the Iranian soldiers that had them cornered in the building.

"MITCHELL!! We need air support now!!"

"I'm on it Smith, I'm getting the Aussies to detach a few helos to us, they'll be here in five."

"Thank God!!"

"Keep up the fire though; they need the LZ as clear as possible."

"Got it."

After a five minute firefight and a couple of near missed bullets, an Aussie Blackhawk helo roared its way over the rooftops and opened up with the crew miniguns and eliminated at least twenty Iranians and the mop up was done by the Aussie snipers on board and the two of them on the ground. When the LZ was cleared, the two snipers boarded the chopper and it lifted off toward the Caspian, but unbeknownst to them, an Iranian RBS-70 was locked on and just fired.