Chapter 1

"M-m-mommy I w-wanna get my lip pierced!"

Harley was climbing up on the cabinets and bugging Kody as she tried to make dinner.

"Mommy said no, Big H."


"No, and quit whining. If I let you do that you'd have one hell of stutter, we'd have to get a translator." She tugged on Harley's pony tail, it was dark like hers with a couple of blue streaks. That was one thing she had allowed, she wasn't a big stickler for being a bore of a parent, what was wrong with a little rainbow in the hair? It was a family trait. The natural hair color was the only thing he had inherited from Kody, the rest was pure Hardy down to his funny little nose.

"I d-doesn't st-tutter." Harley pooched out his lip and pulled on it with his fingers. "D-dad gots one." He pouted.

Kody put dinner in the oven and scooped Harley up, pulling her little monkey off of the counter.

"You haves one in your no-ose." Harley poked the side of Kody's nose where her little stud glittered. "And you gots one…" He pointed to her eyebrow.

"Here?" Kody started to tickle Harley and he squealed. "Where, there, Big H?" His face lit up as he giggled and shrieked at his mom.

"Geeze, there's some kind of screaming banshee in here." Said Jeff coming in from the deck. "Ah, it's just my son." He smiled.

"D-daddy, help!"

"Okay." Jeff snatched Harley away from Kody and flew him over to the couch. "Better, Big H?"

Harley nodded.

"Good, cause it's my turn!" Jeff started in on the tickling and Harley went back to hiccupping with laughter.

Harley pulled away and grabbed a pillow and hit his dad in the head with it. Soon Jeff and Harley were engaged in pillow wars and Kody was watching happily. The last four years had been great. She was enjoying life as a wife and mother. She was now involved minimally in wrestling, occasionally appearing with Jeff and wrestling once in a while and she loved that too. If she wasn't there for her own career she was most always there in the front row with a cheering Harley sitting on her shoulders to support Jeff. Harley was still young enough he didn't have school and he could travel with them. It made life a lot easier. Kody considered that her baby would be off to preschool soon and felt a tug at her heart. Maybe she would home school him, that way he could travel with them, and then there was the stutter, it would get better with time and speech therapy but for now, well kids are cruel and Kody didn't want to see him laughed at. Of course, the homeschooling idea had nothing at all to do with the fact that Kody really didn't like the idea of her little baby, Big H, heading out into the big wide world already.

"D-Dad c-can I gets my lip pierced?"

Jeff glanced at Kody.

"What did Mommy say?"

Harley just pouted, so there was his answer.

"Can I stay up and w-watch w-wrestling tonight? Blaze an' Sh-Sh-annon gonna be tag teamin' 'gainst Miz and M-orrison. I hopes they win. Blaze and Sh-an I mean they gots titles an' don't want them to lose." Harley climbed up on the back of the couch and attempted some sort of flip but made a crash landing.

"Somehow I don't think that turned out right, Big H." Jeff said leaning over and looking at his son laughing on the floor.

"You can if you quit climbing on the furniture." Harley had just recently got out of a cast when he performed a high-flying move off the stair banister and broke his wrist. Kody opened the oven door to check on the food and nice aromas drifted out into the house.

"Aw, Mom, c-come on, you doesn't let me do nothin' f-fu-un."

Kody looked at her son who was so much like Jeff. She sat down on the couch and gave in to him.

"Okay, try it one more time, but be careful. Let's see what you're made of H."

Harley beamed and climbed onto the back of the couch again. He swayed almost losing his balance but caught himself.

"It's Wrestlemania, H-Harley H-Hardy Big H goin' for the World H-Heavyweight Ch-ampionship against…" He paused for a moment to figure out who his opponent was. "The U-Undertaker." Harley flexed his arms as if he were showing off for the crowd. Kody grinned at him he was such a little cutie. "I-if he can makes this move, it looks like we mi-ight has a new Ch-ampion on our hands! Can he do it?"

"If he quits showing off his huge muscles and gets down to business." Said Jeff with a little laugh.

"You're inter-uptin' my cuh-omentary, Dad." Harley scolded. "He's goin' for it peoples, watch this!"

Harley completed his move this time landing on his feet.

"Yeah, Taker is out cold and Big H goin' for the pin!"

Jeff leaned over the couch and counted slapping his hand on the back of the sofa.

"One, two, three! Ah we have a new Champion!" Jeff cheered.

Harley looked at his mom smugly.

"See, I'm the n-ew Ch-ampion."

"So you are." Said Kody leaning over the back of the couch and picking him up and over it and sitting him in her lap. "Know what you get for winning?"

"Ice cream?" He asked hopefully. "I gets my lip pierced?" He asked even more hopefully.

"No silly, you get kisses, lots and lots of big slobbery wet ones!" Kody covered him in messy kisses as he shrieked and giggled.