Kody had driven past many times. She wanted to stop but she refrained from pulling her car into the drive because Jeff didn't want to see her until he was ready. She dropped Harley off at Matt and Blaze's and hung around a while to talk to the two. Matt urged her to stop in and see how Jeff was doing. Even though Jeff said he didn't want her to, it would probably do him good to see her, and it would do her good to see him. Kody hugged Matt and Blaze on her way out and climbed into her car. She took a deep breath and played with her keys for a moment before starting the car. She looked down at her belly. Inside was a baby girl who was going to be welcomed into the world in a few months.

Jeff was lying on the bed curled up next to the wall. He was still unsure if it was time for him to go home or not. He didn't want to put anymore burdens on his family, he didn't want to screw things up, he wanted to come home and make things right again. He didn't move when he heard the door squeak open. He figured it was Dad coming in to talk to him or offer him something to eat. Instead, he felt the bed jar as someone climbed onto the it next to him. His eyes teared up knowing. He rolled over and found his wife. He wrapped his arms around her and she wrapped hers around him and they both held each other as well as they could with Kody's belly and they cried. After a few moments both pulled away. He touched her face and sniffled. This was his woman and he was not going to push her away or let her slip away. He was hanging on to her and clinging on to her. How could he have ever imagined what they had could be torn asunder? It was strong despite the bumbling stupidity of their heads and hearts. Love is beyond human manipulation or human foolery. It is an entity in itself and it will continue to thrive despite our efforts to thwart it, despite our own wishes, whims, fears, and mistakes. Jeff tried to still his voice long enough to get out a few words.

"Baby, I'm so sorry."

"Jeff, it's okay…no one and nothing is perfect. You're beautiful to me and I love you with all of your flaws and I hope that's how you feel about me too because unfortunately I'm not flawless either. Every rose has its thorns Jeff but it's still beautiful." She sniffled her nose too. Jeff smiled a bit and brushed his hand across her cheek feeling the softness of it and the wetness of her tears streaking it. They both lay there silently looking into each others eyes trying to read what was there.

"We both lie silently still in the dead of the night." Jeff sang softly, resting his hand on Kody's shoulder.

"Although we both lie close together, we feel miles apart inside." Kody sang back to him in a voice quivering with tears.

"Is it somethin' I said or somethin' I did…"

"Did my words not come out right…" Tears leaked from her eyes and Jeff wiped them away with his thumb.

"Though I tried not to hurt you--" Jeff kissed her forehead lightly.

"Though I tried…" Kody echoed softly.

"But I guess that's why they say…"

"Every rose has its thorn, just like every night has its dawn." Kody sang in a whisper and snuggled into his chest.

"Just like every cowboy sings a sad, sad, song. Every rose has its thorn." Jeff cooed sweetly in her ear. His voice was wonderful to hear after being apart so long. He stroked her silky hair and tears leaked from his own eyes.

"Every night has its dawn Jeff." She said pulling away from him and looking up into his face. "We're going to have our dawn too…we're going to be fine, we're going to be better than ever." She pressed her lips gently to his. He coaxed them open just a bit to make the kiss deeper. She could feel him trembling, or was she trembling? He drew back from her and smiled. She rested her hand on the side of his face feeling his rough stubble. It felt like falling in love all over again.

"I love you." They both said at the same time.

"Jeff…we need you…will you come home?" She whispered in a voice that splintered into weeping.

He nodded and fresh tears rolled down his cheeks. She kissed them away. She hoped she could always be there to dry his tears. She hoped their days of separation were coming to a close. She managed to roll off the bed as Jeff crawled off and started to gather his things.

Kody drove Jeff home and left him at the house and then drove back to Matt and Blaze's. She picked up Harley who was bewildered. She had dropped him off only an hour ago and now she was taking him home again. He was quiet on the way home, not asking questions.

"Mom I wa-anted to stay wi-ith uncle Matt an-and Blaze." He whinned as they walked in to the house.

"Well I wanted you to come back home for tonight. Come on, let's go to your room and I'll tuck you in and tell you a story."

She followed him to his room and she was grinning so big her ears hurt. Luckily Harley was paying no attention to his mom walking behind him. Harley walked into his room and stopped. He blinked up at his dad sitting on the edge of his bed. Jeff immediately burst into tears, followed by his son, who hopped up into his lap and buried his face into his dad's chest. They both cried as Jeff held his son in a big hug.

"I'm sorry for everything that's happened H, I love you." Jeff kept whispering to his son over and over. Harley sobbed. Kody sat down next to them crying too. They had all done enough crying to last them for a life time and she hoped all these tears would soon be replaced with smiles. Harley drew away from his father and looked up at him. Green eyes met green eyes and they locked.

"Da-dad-daddy you're no-ot leave-leavin' no mo-ore?"

"No Harley, I'm not leaving anymore. I'm where I belong."

The little family sat on Harley's bed talking until early in the morning. Harley was too excited to go to sleep, but around three even his excitement couldn't keep his eye lids opened any longer. Jeff and Kody tucked their son into his bed and pressed kisses to his forehead. The two of them sat on the floor with their backs propped against his bed. They linked fingers and talked quietly for a couple more hours. Jeff finally stood up and stretched, his back popped and he groaned a bit. Kody stood up too and wrapped her arms around him.

"I'm going to bed okay?" He kissed her lips and left Harley's room for his own bed which he was finally going to sleep in again. Kody stood in Harley's doorway looking down at her son. One hand strayed to her stomach and she rubbed it. She looked up, noticing fingers of yellow light slide through the slats in Harley's blinds. They lined the floor with a warm glow. She felt a similar warm glow sprouting inside of her. Things were on the upside once again. A smile spread across her face as she turned to leave the room. Outside the sun was rising putting and end to the dismal darkness of night, and likewise inside, the darkness was clearing away. Kody slipped into bed next to her husband who was already sleeping. She wrapped her arms around him, glad to have him close. It was right for them to be together and it was right for them to hold on to each other. She was never going to let him go. She closed her eyes and hummed softly.

"Every rose has its thorn, just like every night has its dawn."

A smile spread across her face and she drifted to sleep, knowing the dawn was coming.

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