'Miss Brennan, are you in there Miss Brennan

Well it's been about 8months since I last wrote anything so I hope this will get back into it. This is my first Bones fic, tell me if you like it.

'Miss Brennan, are you in there Miss Brennan?' The officer knocked at the locked bathroom door, from inside he could hear strange snifferling noises of a woman crying. Looking around the modest and tidy apartment with it's odd assortment of ornaments the officer tried to form a picture in his mind of what the women was like.

Thirty-five minutes ago they had received calls from a well off widower reporting a disturbance upstairs, she had seemed annoyed as she described a series of bangs, the sound of breaking glass and a muffled scream. 'Sounds like a burglary, woke me up it did, Brennan I think her name is, professional type, lives alone.' The fact that a young women living alone should expect to be burgled if she can't do the decent thing, find a husband settle down and squeeze out a few screaming brats, was not said out loud but definitely suggest in the widows tone.

Young officer McClarence, Danny boy to his friends and family, had immediately conceded it a robbery when he had arrived at the ajar door in the hotel-decorated hallway of the impressive apartment building. Upturned chairs, emptied draws, and broken ornaments spoke of very little else. His older partner, named by accident of birth Killjoy had been the one to discover the bathroom door was locked. It was not unusual in these cases, young strong professional women seemed to take break-ins harder than everybody else, maybe they thought they were above it, who knows.

'Miss Brennan? My name is officer McClarence, you can call me Danny if you like, I'm with the police, can you tell me what happened here?'

When there was no answer he carried on.

'It looks like you were burgled, is that right? Miss Brennan? Would you prefer it if I get a female officer to come talk to you?'

'Agent Booth?'

Having felt to restless from solving his latest case with the squint squad to sleep Booth had been to a late night movie and was driving back to his apartment when his phone had rung.


'It's Roy.'

'Roy my man, what are you doing working so late on a Friday night?'

'Switched to the graveyard shift, pays more what with Anna and the baby. You know how it is.'

'Yeah, how Anna and that kid of yours?'

'There doing good, listen Booth I'm afraid this is business not pleasure. The precinct had a phone call, bout an hour ago now, old lady reporting a burglary at that partners of yours place, Doctor, what's her names place, Brendans?'

'Brennan.' Booth was hit by a sudden nauseous feeling, she'd be alright he told himself, Bones is tough enough to deal with a robber, that's to say if she was even in.

'Thanks man, I'll drive on up there now to check he's all right. Could you do me a favour and forwards the message on to Doctor Saroyan, let her know we both might be in a little late in the morning.

'You work Saturdays?'

'Only when a case has been closed and there's a shit load of paper work to be done.'

'Hey, tough break man.'

Seeley walked through the open door of his partners apartment, it's usual tidiness had been completely destroyed, her favourite vase from Kenya was shattered on the floor, the upturned chairs mocking the still standing table with it's silver candlestick. For some reason the more he looked at the room the more nervous he felt, something was wrong.

'Your not meant to be in here sir, you could disturb evidence.'

Seeley looked up from the vase fragment and paper littered floor to the slightly scrawny, freckled red haired officer stood in front of him. He couldn't have been in the job for more than a year. The other officer stood by the bathroom door; bigger in build and greying at the temples this man had a look of authority about him. It was in his direction Seerly flashed his badge.

'Agent Seeley Booth F.B.I'

'Officer Killjoy.' Booth suppressed a grin. 'I'd hardly think that this falls under F.B.I jurisdiction officer Booth, as far as I can tell it's a run of the mill break in.

'Doctor Brennan is my partner, do you know where she is?'

'Doctor? We've been calling her Miss.'

'And she didn't correct you? Wait, she's here?'

'Yeah, she's in the bathroom.'

'The bathroom?' Seeley gestured towards the closed door they were standing a few feet away from.

'Pretty sure of it, we can hear someone crying in there.'

'Crying? Brennan wouldn't cry over a break in, she'd kick the guys arse, or at least want to.'

'Hey, don't ask me I don't know the broad, why don't you talk to her.'

'Yeah I was about to do that.'

Temperance looked down at the rapidly forming bruises on her wrists, they held her down, she fought but they had held her down. She couldn't think straight, why couldn't she think straight? Had she hit her head? She could hear the voices outside.

'Miss Brennan?'

'Doctor.' She muttered under her breath. 'Doctor Brennan.' There was a banging, she instinctively pushed her back harder against the corner made by the bathroom wall and the bathtub, and she gripped the kitchen knife in her hands harder. She listens to the noises jumping at every sound. A part of her knew that she was being irrational but that part was drowned out by her own heart pounding with the irrational fear.

Time pasted, a minute could have been an hour or vice versa as she watched a thin trickle of blood run slowly down her naked thigh. The door banged again she cried a little harder.

'Temperance? Temperance are you in there it's Booth.'

Booth, her partner, her job, she was strong, she was clever. Wasn't she? But if she were would she be this afraid.

She didn't feel like herself anymore.

Well short and not very sweet but I guess it's a start and should get me back into writing. Hopefully chapter two should be a little better.