Pairing: Sasuke x Sakura (SasuSaku)
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: T

Dedicated to: my childhood friend Dawn, who finally joined the fanfiction world (due to constant harrassments! haha!). Love you, girl!
Note: This will be a Sakura drabble (because I love her too much for my own good), and there will be a different Sakura pairing for every chapter (maybe even some non-Saku pairings, if I get in the mood). Different genres, lengths and ratings, too. There will be no sequence or anything—it will be totally random, totally spontaneous. Anyway, my first chapter is a SasuSaku oneshot. Enjoy reading!
Extra note: This doesn't mean I'm abandoning my other fics. Hehe. I'll still be working on them.

Not the Face, Please
by cutecrazyice


It is in the heart of the forest, where the battle began. Trees are splintered everywhere, and the ground now resembles something that a mighty earthquake might have conjured up. Fire is everywhere, too, turning almost everything into unrecognizable ash.

In the middle of it all stood none other than the almighty Uchiha, stance graceful, and fighting for all he was worth—against one big, muscled Stone nin.

A very muscled Stone nin, to be precise.

"Wow," Sakura muttered, staring at her now-back teammate (back for three months, anyway) in what could only be termed as contemplation. "Now that's what I call biting off more than you can chew."

Naruto seemed worried, particularly because the enemy shinobi seemed...well, strong. "Let's help him."

"One minute. Give him one minute."

Naruto pointed, almost frantically. "But that thing is twice his size...and strength! The teme will get pummeled for sure!"


Sakura's face brightened. "Okay! Two minutes, then!"

Naruto gawked. "What?? You want him to get pummeled?"

"Yes," she murmured, expression blissful.

"But Sakura-chan...aren't you guys getting married in a month?"

"Of course."


"Let's just call it payback, Naruto. He's been an ass all these years, after all."

Naruto seemed to think this over. Then he shrugged. "Well, okay...if you say so. But here I thought you'd want him to look good for your big wedding da—"

He never got to finish his sentence—mostly because Sakura was suddenly cursing with all her might, and attacking the Stone nin with chakra-laden fists.

"Shit! Darn it! You stupid shinobi! Stop attacking my fiancé's face! Down, attack down—JUST KICK HIM IN THE BALLS, NOT THE HANDSOME FACE!"

One minute later, the shinobi was down for the count—and a certain pink-haired kunoichi was tending to the love of her life's injury-filled face, and muttering what a stupid, stupid man he was (to which he, being an Uchiha, disagreed to by glaring quite fiercely). Then, suddenly, she was kissing him hard, and for all she was worth, until they were both panting for breath, and Sasuke was looking pretty much dazed and content. And back to smirking (even when she continued yelling at him). He pulled her pink head down, and only kissed her harder (and more hungrily). She moaned, and gave in.

From that moment on, Naruto had only two thoughts in mind.

It had to be love.

...and girls were weird.


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