okay people, here's everyting in a nut shell...

first school really did rule my life. i know i told you guys (or i'm sure i've told you) that i've been pulling 18 hours last fall and 18 hours for the spring when i was told that i would be able to graduate for the spring... well i graduated. i now have my degree in animal science and i do hope to further my education and go to vet school for next year or so.

second, my mom and dad got the house remodeled. everything was in chaos for a good number of months. we got new floors, new windows, paint jobs, doors, tub, toliet, sinks, a wall removed... yea chaos. living conditions weren't easy and on top of it all, i was still in school. things have gotten back to normal i believe. junk is still everywhere but the house looks great.

third, i was seriously in need of a job and that's hard to get no only because of the economy but i barely had any experience for what i'm trying to go for which is working in anything that deals with animals... i was hired on as an intern towards the end of june and came back home like 2 weeks ago. the job was to be a laboratory technician at a health university in texas so i was surrounded by mice and rats mainly. they also had two wild pigs there that was very sweet since they have been conditioning them ever since getting them. my day was spent changing out cages, cleaning them, making sure they were healthy, reporting any defects and dead animals, and mopping and sweeping rooms. not what i thought i was going to be doing when i decided to go off but it was something. because of that, i was finally able to afford a new computer which i am typing on this very moment. the old lappy still works but it was time for me to move on. it was slow, didn't want to preform right, i couldn't play my games like i wanted to anymore either. what really made things bad for me was that it only had 136 gb of space. my new baby is refurbished but cheep to the amount of space it has on it (750) and it also has windows 8 (not a bad system but there are some complaints). now that i'm home i need a job once again but at least i have a bit more experience to put on my resume.

fourth, writers block... no explanation there really. however, i have been writing something new. unlike all my other stories, it is set in cannon era and i also have 3 complete chapters written out. the 4th i figure is about half way done and soon i'll be on the 5th. i'll start posting it soon if not tonight. my classmate got me into the show, being human, while we were living and working together in texas. it inspired me to write this new fic and i hope that i can continue writing it as easily as it has come to me so far. here's a sneek peek.

She watched the animal's every move and the moment it's head turned away, it was over in a blink of an eye. She didn't know how it happened. One second she was watching the deer feeling very hungry and the next, she was standing over it's mutilated body, something wet dripping down her face. She lifted a shaking hand to her mouth and wiped, her fingertips were bloody. It was then she noticed that they were tipped with sharp pointy claws. Turning her hands around to get a better look, she noticed thin, twin pale blue stripes on her wrist.

Feeling panicked, she turned to Sesshomaru, her voice nervous at what could be his answer to the question she was about to ask him.

"Um Sesshomaru, what am I?"

"A bitch."

Kagome felt her anger rise once again. Here she was worried that she was somehow transformed into a demon or something and he wants to be an ass. The nerve!

Not in the mood to deal with an irate woman, the big inu lifted a hand to silence her just as she opened her mouth.

"Not in a derogatory way. You are literally a bitch."

now, as for your reviews, just know that i love and appreciate you all for reading my story(s). i will try my best to respond even though most are so very late. i'm sorry for that. i really need to get on responding the moment i see the messages pop up. i am slowly trying to get the next chapter of skin deep done but at least you'll be seeing something from me at least once a week if my muse continues to work for this new fic.

thank you all again for hanging in there and it is my hope that you'll still bare with me as i try to get my life together for my future.

you don't have to respond to this, this a/n will be deleted once i get the next chapter of skin deep posted.