Disclaimer: Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers. No copyright infringement intended.
Title: Claiming
Author: Faith Wood
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1500 this part (5300 overall)
Status: Complete
Summary: A vampire claims his mate.
Warning: This story has no warnings. Let that be your warning.


Harry squirmed, trying to free himself. But it was clearly a vain attempt. Strong ropes were wrapped firmly around his wrists, and tied to the tree branch above his head.

The night was silent and peaceful around him. No birds flew about and no crickets could be heard chirping in the distance. It was as though the whole forest held its collective breath, knowing that something terrible was among them.

His nerves on edge, Harry jumped, hearing soft footsteps crunching the fallen leaves somewhere behind him. He twisted his head, trying to see who was there. Presumably, Harry was about to discover the identity of his captor.

Before he managed to turn, however, someone grabbed his hair harshly and stopped his movements. A warm breath tickled Harry's ear.

"Potter. I wasn't aware you're hanging around these parts."

Harry shivered. Of all people who could have possibly captured him, Harry hadn't expected it to be Draco Malfoy. But there was no mistaking the silky, sneering voice.

"What do you think you're doing?" Harry asked, panicking just a little. He yanked the ropes to no avail.

"I thought I might finally claim what's mine," Malfoy whispered in his ear. A pair of hot lips pressed on Harry's neck, and then sharp teeth trailed over the sensitive skin. Harry's cock twitched and his neck twisted, inadvertently giving Malfoy better access. He could almost hear Malfoy smirking.

"Eager, are you?" Malfoy purred, biting Harry's neck lightly. Harry's hips jerked when Malfoy's hand cupped the quickly growing bulge in Harry's trousers. Malfoy applied pressure, making Harry whimper in need.

There was something about Draco Malfoy that had always made Harry's blood boil. And lately since ... it happened — the feeling grew stronger. Malfoy's presence alone was enough to make him feel dizzy. Harry had tried to fight it — it just seemed wrong. A vampire and a human — it seemed impossible. Not to mention dangerous. This sudden attraction to Malfoy had to be just a side affect. Some secret vampire enchantment that called forth unacknowledged desires. Harry didn't know how he would fight it off now. Malfoy was clearly bent on molesting him, and Harry knew that he'd give in. And it wasn't supposed to be like this. Harry had promised himself not to cave in to Malfoy's charm.

Malfoy sucked on Harry's neck, his hand simultaneously rubbing the front of Harry's trousers. The combined sensations were driving Harry mad. He pushed back, his arse hitting Malfoy's body. He could feel the heat and hardness of Malfoy's cock through their clothes. With a desperate keening sound, he circled his hips, shamelessly rubbing his arse along Malfoy's arousal. Malfoy growled, giving Harry's neck one final, harsh bite, and then he stepped away.

Harry swayed and grabbed the ropes, keeping himself upright. Feeling cold now that Malfoy was no longer near, Harry tried to free himself by pulling harshly on the unyielding binds. But the moment he did so, a hand grabbed his hair again, and pulled his head backwards sharply. Losing his breath, Harry had a moment to see stormy, silver eyes, and pale face glowing in the moonlight, before a mouth crashed onto his and a tongue rudely invaded his mouth.

Harry struggled, in sheer surprise, but eventually he surrendered, not just because he couldn't escape the scorching kiss, but because Malfoy's kisses caused a fire to erupt within him. He kissed back with equal passion, trying and failing to push his tongue in Malfoy's mouth, so instead, he sucked on it firmly, making Malfoy hum his approval. Malfoy's hips snapped forward and Harry spread his legs, letting Malfoy rub himself against Harry's crotch.

Malfoy tore his mouth away and Harry watched dazedly as the blond slowly licked his lips.

"I will fuck you now, Potter," Malfoy informed him.

It wasn't a question, but Harry answered anyway. "Okay."

Malfoy's eyes widened. He released Harry's hair, letting Harry straighten his neck. He then trailed his hands over Harry's back, pausing at the hem of his shirt, before pushing his hands beneath the fabric, dragging his nails up and down over the soft skin. Harry's eyelashes fluttered and he heard himself purr at the feeling.

"If I untie you, you won't run?" Malfoy asked quietly.

Harry shook his head. Running was the last thing on his mind.

Malfoy moved away and waved his wand at the ropes. They disappeared in an instant and Harry lowered his hands, standing still in front of the worried-looking blond. After a few moments, Malfoy clearly grew more confident because he lowered his wand, looking pleased.

"Take your trousers off," Malfoy said in a scratchy voice.

Biting his lip, Harry obeyed, pulling his trouser and underwear off, and tossing them away much too eagerly.

"Turn around, hands on the tree and spread your legs," Malfoy instructed, his fingers fumbling with the zipper of his own trousers.

Harry swallowed. If he did this — there was no turning back. They'd be bound to each other. Harry wasn't so sure that this was a good idea.

Malfoy had freed his long pale cock and Harry couldn't help but stare at it longingly. Who was he kidding? He wanted this. And Malfoy wanted this. So it was okay.

Harry did as he was told, pressing his palms on the rough surface of the tree, spreading his legs and thrusting out his arse.

Malfoy gasped and growled behind him. Within seconds, warm hands were caressing the skin of Harry's thighs and buttocks, first gently and then more firmly, kneading the cheeks and spreading them apart, making Harry feel vulnerable even as he ached for Malfoy to touch him there.

After a tingling whoosh of a spell and a rustling of leaves, Harry realized that Malfoy had knelt down. He held his breath in hopeful anticipation, and when Malfoy's tongue finally touched him, Harry nearly screamed. The wet tongue licked at him firmly and then wriggled inside, setting all of Harry's nerves on fire. He bucked wildly, trying to get more of that exquisite feeling, but Malfoy held him firmly in place, teasing his entrance, barely penetrating.

"Please," Harry begged, driven mad with desire.

Instead of pushing his tongue deeper, two slick fingers invaded Harry's arse, making him yelp in surprise and pain. But Harry forgot about pain when Malfoy moved his fingers, brushing lightly over Harry's prostate as his tongue returned to tease the furrowed skin of Harry's hole, now stretched around Malfoy's fingers.

Malfoy pulled away eventually, with a quick, gentle kiss and a final, sharp swat on Harry's arse. He stood and pried Harry's arse cheeks apart with one hand, keeping him open. Harry moaned as the blunt head of Draco's cock touched his entrance and then pushed in firmly, stretching Harry impossibly. Harry gritted his teeth as Malfoy pushed all the way inside in one persistent, slow move. That odd feeling of fullness and pain made Harry shiver and gasp, as he clenched around the intrusion. It burned and hurt, but Harry wanted more nonetheless. He twitched his hips, the move making Malfoy's cock shift within him and nudge his prostate, making Harry arch and thrust his arse back in pleasure.

Malfoy took the hint, but instead of grabbing Harry's hips for leverage, he leaned and took hold of Harry's wrists, pressing them firmly to the tree. Harry moaned at the feeling of complete helplessness as Malfoy held him fast and began to pound into him in a brutal pace. Harry could do little but comply with the harsh rhythm that shook his entire body. As he felt his pleasure building rapidly, his legs shook and his knees threatened to buck. Mercifully, he stayed upright as his orgasm was pulled out of him, rippling through his body, making Harry shudder and gasp continuously. Malfoy kept pounding into him, grabbing his hips, and jabbing Harry's prostate with each thrust. Harry whimpered and his prick gave a pathetic twitch as Malfoy came deep inside Harry's arse, crying out, and painfully clutching Harry's hips for support.

Harry grabbed the tree bark firmly, trying to regain his breath. His arse hurt, as well as his legs and arms, but Harry couldn't remember the last time he felt so wonderful.

Why, he almost felt ... alive.

Malfoy pulled out of him, and Harry straightened with difficulty, turning around to look at the flushed and panting blond.

"You're beautiful," Harry said reverently.

Malfoy blew out a disbelieving breath, his lips twitching. "Had I known you wanted me, Potter, I'd do this sooner."

Harry smiled, getting closer to look in the grey eyes intently. "I wanted you for a long time ... but I ... it seemed wrong. I didn't want to ..." Harry raised his left hand to caress a pale cheek.

Malfoy frowned. "Wrong?"

"It doesn't matter now," Harry murmured. "Now we'll be together ... forever. Now, we're mates."

Malfoy cocked his head, not smiling anymore. "Mates?"

Harry watched as Malfoy's eyes widened and fear filled the grey depths after Harry smiled, showing off his sharp fangs.

"Now you're mine," Harry growled.

And then he tipped Malfoy's head and sank his teeth into the tender, pale neck.

Continued in: Transforming.