Title: Fear

Disclaimer: I don't own KH or its characters.

Warning: Extreme violence and some sexual content. Some of that sexual content includes BDSM, rape, and sadism. Some of that is maleXmale. If you don't like those things do not read.

A/N: All stories are on hiatus at the moment other than this one.


Cloud licked the tips of his teeth as his hands ran over Zack's motionless body. The brunette made sure to keep still as those exploring hands tasted his skin. Cloud's heartbeat matched Zack's, blood pounding in his ears, climbing higher to an almost unsafe level. His fingers slipped over the edge of the torn-up wound. Zack groaned.

Cloud swiveled, gun cocked and pointed to a pretty big-chested lady's chest before she could get her gun up. He smirked, red eyes gleaming, and slowly got off of Zack's back.

"Tifa," he cooed. "Good to see you." Cloud moved the end of his gun downward, and poked it into Tifa's breast, pushing it up and down. Tifa glared and backed away from him, a hand over her breast protectively. She tightened her grip on the small gun in her other hand.

"Cloud..." she acknowledged with a curt nod of the head. She glanced curiously at Zack's body, still obediently laying on the ground, but shifted her gaze back to Cloud in an instant, gun at the ready. "What are you doing?"

Cloud sighed, stuck his gun back in it's case at his belt, and turned back to Zack. He ran a gentle hand through the brunette's hair, admiring how soft it was to his touch. "Playing," he admitted. "Right, Zack?"

Zack choked back a curse and closed his eyes. He was blushing, of all things. "S-sick fuck."

Cloud smirked and gripped Zack's hair tightly, pulling his head back at an awkward angle. "He means that in the most loving way possible," he growled. "Of course."

Zack, face still as red as a cherry, did his best to shift away from Cloud. Tifa watched, slightly amused, as Cloud held him in place and let his head fall, playing with the man's hair once again. "Another one Cloud?" she asked. "How many cubs are you going to go through?"

Cloud laughed, it was a hollow, mirthless laugh that sent more shivers down Zack's spine. "I can't help it Tifa, all my other ones broke." Cloud's eyes seemed to flicker for a moment, before he tightened his grip in the hair again. "I think this one will last longer."

Zack expelled a breath he hadn't known he was holding and scratched at the ground. "Let me go..." he pleaded. "Let me go, please, we're all on the same side here."

Another emotionless laugh. Cloud sat back on his heels and cocked his gun. "There are no sides." he said simply. "Not here. I thought you realized that?"

Zack felt his heart jolt. "M-Maybe a ...a temporary alliance?" he choked. "I-I can do things."

"Oh I know you can..." Cloud hissed. "And you will, you will do many, many things." He placed the gun on the ground next to Zack's head and left it there. "And you don't have a choice in the matter."

Zack's brain barely registered the words. He stared into the barrel of the handgun, and saw how deep and dark death was. It was almost inviting, in that darkness there wouldn't be this constant fear. If he died he wouldn't be in this mess.

"Cloud," Tifa's voice broke Zack's thoughts, bringing him back blinking into reality. Tifa stood a few feet away, hands on hips. "Cloud, you aren't keeping him."

"Of course I am." Cloud replied. He was fondling another weapon, this one with a longer barrel. Zack had no idea where it had come from. He stroked his hand along the length of it and fiddled with the trigger, a nervous habit. "I'm keeping him, I'm going to fuck him senseless, and I'm going to use him till there is nothing left, then I'll throw him away like the others." The trigger finger twitched anxiously, wanting to be used, wanting to kill. "He's my little pet."

"You've killed more of them fucking them then you have with that gun," Tifa chided. She crossed her arms under her breasts, making them squish up and look bigger. Zack doubted she even noticed that she did that.

Cloud noticed, and snickered to himself. "Jealous?" he asked with a wink. "You know, if you crawled into my bed at night I might not give you such a hard time."

"No, but I know what else would be hard," Tifa growled right back. "You're fucking deprived, Cloud."

"Then think of this as a way to relieve the tension of killing all the time."

Zack blanked out on the mindless chatter and felt his blood run cold. He stared at Cloud, and kept seeing the man look back at him hungrily, giving little winks or gestures meant for his eyes only. Zack was horrified by the thought of this...this sick sick person screwing him. Hell, the thought of any guy screwing him felt wrong. And just from the way they were talking, it sounded like Cloud's lovers didn't last long.

"I...didn't agree to this," Zack croaked at last, stopping the argument between Cloud and the new girl. Cloud looked back and raised an eyebrow, his pretty angelic (except for the eyes) face blinking for a moment in confusion, then twisting to a smirk.

"I already said you don't have a choice." he purred. "If you want I can knock you out, but...sometimes I don't know my own strength, and I have no qualms about fucking you when you're dieing."

"You're SICK." Zack gasped out. Shakily he forced himself to sit up, ignoring the pain in his back as liquid fire inhabited his veins. "You are a sick, sick fuck and I'm not going to let you touch me."

Cloud sighed and pushed Zack's shoulder, making him lose balance and fall onto his back. He yelped and for a moment his vision went completely black.

When it came back, there was a none too happy looking Cloud sitting on top of him, with Zack's arms forced down above his head. Cloud's head was dangerously close to his own, and Zack felt his heart skip a beat and move into his throat.

"You don't have a choice," Cloud repeated. "I won't even kill you, I'll just force you." He smirked, and switched to holding Zack down with one hand, while the other one caressed his face gently. "You're pretty..." he murmured. "I like pretty things."

The following gunshot was loud, and knocked Cloud forward on top of Zack. Zack screeched and jerked away, eyes wide, then locked up when his back stretched. His heart palpitated, and he started breathing heavy, trying to get air. Suddenly things seemed hotter, the air seemed thicker, things didn't seem quite right.

"Calm down..." Cloud's voice, in his ear, in his brain, shuddering through his body. It was enough to make Zack want to scream. But the words meant something. Shakily he tried to force his breathing to slow down and tried to reign in his heart. The process was slow, but he managed to get his heartbeat away from the critical level. A soft "Shhhh" and a coo in his ear was Zack's reward.

When Zack opened his eyes again, he froze. Cloud was still on top of him, but there was blood running down from his head, where there was a hole, a rather large hole. An exit hole. From a bullet. Yet Cloud was sitting there, acting as if someone had just squirted him with a water gun. Zack's breathing stopped all together.

"Let him go Cloud," Tifa demanded. She was behind Cloud, her gun still in the air. "Just let him go."

Cloud sighed and turned his head to look at Tifa, allowing Zack to see where the bullet had entered his skull. Cloud glared and bit his lip. "What, you going to shoot me again? You know it's not going to kill me."

"No but it'll slow you down." Tifa replied. "Now get the hell off him or I'll shoot your dick off, I'd like to see you regenerate that.

At her words Zack noticed that Cloud was in deed regenerating. The entrance wound was already closing up tight, leaving nothing but some gore to mark where it had been. Even several bright golden hair follicles were rapidly growing to replace the ones that had been blown off. Zack shook. This wasn't natural.

"Wh-what are you?" he murmured, eyes wide, not comprehending. Cloud tuned back to him, just a slight scab left where the bullet had exited.

"Me?" he asked innocently. "Just a wraith."

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