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It was another night at the Bronze. Dingo's Ate my Baby was on the stage finishing up their second set of the night. Willow, Xander and Cordelia were sitting at a table listening to the music and trading barbs about the people on the dance floor. All except one person on the dance floor.

Faith was moving to the music. Her form too fluid, too graceful to be merely human. It seemed as though instead of responding to the music, her body anticipated it, embraced it, defined it. There were at least four guys trying to get her attention by weaving in and out in front of her. She would spend a moment dancing with one, bringing him into her circle of rhythm, then move on to the next in a continuous spiral of grace in motion.

The Dingo's finished up and took a break. Oz, the bass player, came to the table with the Scoobies and sat down next to Willow. While he still had not completely forgiven her for the incident with Xander while being held captive by Spike, he did still love her and was trying to work past it. For Willow's part she was doing all she could and then some to not give the slightest impression that she would be interested in anyone but the stoic werewolf.

With the song and set over, Faith came over to the table at the same time. "Hey, anybody seen B?" she asked grabbing a drink off the table and taking a sip.

"Not since last class" Willow responded. "I think she just wanted to spend some time with her mom tonight. You know, do the 'I really appreciate you not grounding me for all the late nights even if I am the slayer and destined to save the world', thing. I also think there was going to be chick flicks."

"Damn girl, don't you ever have to breath?"

Xander laughed, "That's my Willow. To her babble is an art form." Then looking at Oz. "I mean my Willow as in my friend Willow, my sister type Willow, not my own personal snuggle bunny Willow or anything……"

Oz just said "Xander, I get it."

Cordelia sighed looking bored, "Isn't there anyone here worth talking to?" I mean, Faith you just had four, count em four, hot guy's drooling all over you and you just walked away." What's the deal? You batting for the home team now?"

"Why you tired of driving stick?" Faith asked smiling and raising an eyebrow at Cordy.

"No, no nothing like that. It's just that since I started hanging with you losers, everyone treats me like Typhoid Mary. I can't get a date to save my life."

"Again I ask, why are you so interested in who I'd do?"

Instead of responding Cordy just got up and walked away to talk to Harmony who was at the pool table with some of the other cheerleaders.

"Well, now that Queen C is gone what say we get this party started?" Xander said.

"As much as I'd like to hang, the guys are ready to start the last set" Oz said as he stood to return to the stage. "See you guys later"

"I'm gonna jet too" Faith said finishing her drink. "I think I'll try to track down B and see if she wants to patrol" Then she turned and left.

Faith was gone about 15 minutes when all of a sudden the door to the Bronze blew in. The door had come completely off its hinges hitting a group of guys that were standing at the entrance. In strode a man wearing some kind of costume. It looked like he was wearing a gladiator breastplate and long purple cloak.

With a wave of his hand all the metal tables flew to the other side of the room. "I want the Glove of Myhnegon" he stated in a loud commanding voice. "Where is the fool, Lagos, who was to acquire it for me?" he continued on. No one moved as the new comer walked casually into the room as if he had not a care in the world. "I'm not use to waiting, so I would suggest that you give me what I want before I decide to amuse myself to pass the time."

So saying he made a gesture with his right hand and one of the music stands from the stage rose into the air and floated towards a pretty blonde standing by the bar. It slowly started stretching and wrapped itself around her chest. The next moment she started screaming loud enough to shatter glass and you could see the metal of the music stand starting to sink into her flesh.

As the metal band around her clamped down, and the flesh on her arms and chest bulged over the place where it was tightening, blood started to run down her clothes to splash on the floor. The scream went on and on gainging in both volumn and pitch until finally it was cut off like someone threw a switch. The poor girl slumped to the floor as the metal music stand returned to its original shape and settled on the floor next to her.

Xander leaned over to Willow and whispered, "You need to go find Faith and get Buffy. This guy doesn't know both Lagos and the glove are gone. We're gonna need both slayers to get rid of the magnet man." I'll cover you while you sneak out the back."

With that Xander made a point of stumbling over his own feet to draw every eye in the place to where he was. As everyone's attention was focused on Xander, Willow quietly slipped behind a curtain and moved down the hall to leave by the rear exit. She would start at Buffy's house then hit the cemeteries to try and find the slayers. She prayed all the way that she would not be too late.