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Okay, this is completely and totally new to me. My very good friend latebloomer04 got me into the X-Files recently and offered a challenge to write a POTC/X-Files crossover. So here it is. The agents don't appear in this chapter, but Mulder and Scully are definitely going to be in chapter 2. Enjoy.

1725; the Caribbean-

The ship had been sailing on never ending seas for many years but now had come the time to finally rest. The crew was prepared to move on and he was finally ready to be with her again. The Captain dreamed every night of the moment when he would finally see her face again. The souls had all been brought over and Calypso was going to set him free; that was the agreement after all.

He could finally live again. Start a family and possibly go back to his life of blacksmithing.

"Below," the Captain shouted with a steady voice. The ship ducked below the surface and re-emerged on the other side to a brilliant sunrise. The living world.

Something seemed to be wrong though...Where was the flash of green? The signal; it wasn't there. The Captain looked up from the highest cliff to the beach below but no one was waiting for him.

He felt someone place a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see his father. "Will; what's wrong?"

Will squinted his eyes and still tried to find her. "Something's wrong. I can feel it; she's not here." He felt inexplicably cold on the inside.

The ship floated near the island and Will ran off like a shot to find her. He spent the entirety of his one day searching for his beloved but she was nowhere to be found. Everyone he met, everyone he asked had never heard of an Elizabeth Swann or Elizabeth Turner. Surely they would've at least heard of the Pirate King; but still nothing at all save for a drunkard in a bar.

"You searchin' for de King?" the man had asked.

"Aye, do you know where I can find her?" Will asked, taking a seat by his side.

The man took a long drink from his tankard before saying those words Will was hoping not to hear. "'Eard she was dead."

He returned just before sunset and the ship was still there waiting. He ordered the crew to make sail and quickly.

One day ashore, ten years at sea. A steep price to pay for what had been done, depending on the one day. However, that day had come and gone and Captain William Turner was not free. He was alone and it was now time for him to continue the duty of ferrying souls to the great beyond. His duty for eternity.

Sort of short, but it'll pick up soon. Thank you for reading.