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It was finally the last day of their vacation and the sun was just beginning to set. Tomorrow it was time to pack everything up and get the next flight home. Time to get back into the old routine of life and work. There was one thing to be sure of though; this was definitely a time that neither one of them was ever going to forget.

The wind whipped up behind Scully and she could've sworn she heard the laughter of a man and woman. She turned only to find no one there. Turning back, she almost jumped out of her skin because Mulder had suddenly appeared right in front of her.

"Mulder," she muttered, gently giving him a tap on the shoulder.

"Why didn't you tell me you were out here," he asked standing next to her.

They both looked out at the ocean which looked golden under the setting sun.

"I'm going to miss this place," Scully said suddenly.

Mulder turned and looked shocked. "Really, after what happened?"

"It was nice and warm here. Comfortable. I liked it."

The two of them continued to watch as the sun disappeared over the horizon.

Mulder closed his eyes, crossed his arms and took a deep breath. "I think they're all at peace now."

"You think so?" Scully asked.

"I know so," Mulder said. "Come on; we'd better get some sleep. We have an early flight tomorrow."

Scully walked ahead of him and the two began the trek to the hotel.

"How about I bring you back someday," Mulder said.

Scully smiled. "I'd like that Mulder. I'd like that a lot."

It felt like he was finally home again. The wind on his face, the smell of the open seas and rum. So much rum with no repercussions. It was like heaven.

Jack Sparrow placed a hand against his chest. Still felt a bit odd to be without a beating heart and the scar was beginning to sting a little. But he was free now.

"Captain," one of the crew members shouted to catch his attention. Goodness how he missed being addressed by his proper title.



Jack nodded and waved a hand in slight annoyance. "Well have them board then. Throw down a line." Jack went back to his daydream until the two came and stood before him.

Will and Elizabeth Turner both stood before him, hand in hand. Will stepped away from his wife and walked over to give Jack a masculine hug.

"What're you...land...you died on land…" Jack said not being able to put a full sentence together.

"When you're Captain as long as I was, you learn about certain...loopholes. Or changing the rules as you go along," Will said with a smirk.

"We knew we couldn't spend eternity away from the seas. It's in our blood, our souls; just as much as yours. We'd like to join your crew...Captain," Elizabeth said, giving him a hug as well.

Jack looked to both of them and placed a hand upon their shoulders. "Welcome," he said with a decisive nod.

"So Captain Sparrow," Will said walking to the rail. Jack followed behind and stood by Will's side. "The Dutchman is yours. Serve her well."

"Don't worry William," Jack said with a wink, "I don't have the face for tentacles."

Okay, so I wanted to give it a happier ending. Let's just say that because Will was so good to Calypso for so long, he was given a final choice as to where he wanted to end up. Again, thank you for reading everyone. This was a fun experiment and I want to again thank latebloomer04 for suggesting the challenge in the first place. :D