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I had an idea of what would happen if the book was real? These two girls find out what happens if what they thought was fiction is in fact real. What happens when they are on different teams? Wolf-girl VS. Vampire-girl. Also has some new imprints in it.


"Are you serious? Your grandfather is from La Push?" Kiley shrieked.

"Yeah, but he sent my dad away when he was like 10. There was something going on it town and he was scared for my dad or something. My mom is from there too. Her dad sent her away too." I said.

Yeah, my name is Mandi Reed. My friend and I are discussing the Twilight books and I just informed her that my heritage is there. I think it's cool. We are having a storm here in Michigan, and the power is out. Which means no phones, anything so we are reading Twilight by candlelight.

"My dad used to tell us those same legends and story's, Stephanie Meyer really did do her homework. She got all the details right." I said.

"Oh My God, don't you thing it would be like the most awesomest thing is the characters were real?" Kiley squealed.

I sighed. "Yeah but this is real life. What side would you want to be on? The vamps or werewolves?" I asked her

"Oh defiantly the vamps." She said

"Well then I guess we would be mortal enemies since the gene would be in my blood if it were real." I said.

She leaned forward and said in a quiet voice, "You know, you did have a growth spurt in the last 2 weeks, look at you, you look very athletic. You barely move but you look fit. I want to see something." She got up and ran and got a thermometer. She put it in my mouth. We sat there for a min. She took it out and her eye's bulged. She held it out to me and I took it and closed my eyes.


"DAD!" I screamed.

He came running in and I showed him the thermometer.

"Oh no, this can't be happening. This can't be true. Honey, I want you to stay here. Stay calm. I'm going to run to Kiley's house to use their land line to make a phone call. I love you and I will be right back." my dad said. We nodded.

We decided to wait in the living room. I guess we fell asleep cause at 2 in the morning there was pounding on the door. When I opened it there were two police officers. I started to cry. Kiley came over to me and the police officers said,"We're very sorry but both of your parents were brutally murdered."