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"well let me kiss you better then" dash leaned in to kiss Sam.(in Paulina's body)

As soon as he did Danny ran in, still trying to get away from Paulina(in Sam's Body)

Danny stopped by the side of Tucker, he noticed Tucker staring, so he looked in the same direction.

"No!" he whispered, slowly feeling his heart break.

"Danny, I love yyyyyyyooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!" Paulina shouted bursting through the doors, and kissing Danny on the lips, but when she opened her eyes she saw that it wasn't Danny phantom, she was kissing it was Danny Fenton.

"Oh, look Paulina the loser lovebirds are making out!" dash shouted so everyone in Nasty Burger could hear.

"ew, ew, ew, ew!" Paulina shouted running out.

"Oh what's up Fenton, your girlfriend dumped you already?" he mocked.

But Danny was just gazing up to Sam, both of them had watery eyes that Tucker seemed to recognised.

"Come on dude, you don't need this from the failing jock, and his evil princess!" Tucker shouted before dragging Danny out, leaving Sam and Dash.

(Okay I'm going to do Sam in the Nasty Burger then Tucker and Danny outside)

"come on babe, lets go to my house" Dash said pulling her.

But Sam didn't complain, she didn't even realise what he had said. Because inside she was still hurting from when Paulina kissed Danny in her body, it was hurting her like hell. She was defiantly alone, Danny wasn't there to help her, he just wants Paulina, this kept on going round and round in here head.


"Dude! snap out of it!" Tucker was now yelling, as he had to drag Danny up the street.

"She hates me, I should have known that she would just want to be my friend, and nothing more!" he sighed bowing his head

"Dude, Paulina's never been our friend, plus she's completely heartless, she doesn't feel anything for anyone else"

"You, have no idea!"

"Okay, tell me!"

He just remained quiet.

"Please, please don't tell me that you love her again, dude, Sams right she's so shallow, anyway were is Sam?"

"In there" he mumbled, pointing to the nasty burger, almost crying.

"Okay, im not blind, I saw her running out when she kissed you, and…"he stopped as he slowly started to figure out, the Sam and Paulina thing.

"Dude, wait!" Tucker shouted as Danny turned ghost, and flew off.

"Here we are baby" Dash said, leading Sam, into his room.

She allowed herself to get pushed inside.

"So you ready for this?" she asked taking his top off.

But Sam was still in her trance, still unable to answer.

"Oh, I see, your not going to be a challenge tonight then?"

But she just looked down, still not answering.

He shrugged "okay, less hassle for me!"

He pinned her to his bed, with Sam suddenly coming back.

"Get, off, Me!" she shouted struggling. Damn Paulina's petite body

"Get off her dash!" an angry voice came from behind her.

"Danny!" Sam screamed as she tried to get up, but was forced back down by Dash

"I swear, Dash, let go off her!"

"She's my girlfriend, my property, and she will until she dies!"

By now you could see the fury in Danny's eyes.

"you're my idol dude, don't get me wrong, but you cant tell me what I can, and cant do!" Dash still continuing, the argument.

"Yes, I can" he said, through his gritted teeth, as he took over Dash's body.

"now lets see if you'd like a really high fall" she said standing over the window.

"Danny! Stop! Don't" but he ignored her as he got closer to the edge.

"Danny, please" she begged now "Your scaring me, Danny"

This brought back the tears in Danny's eyes and made him back away from the window, leaving Dash's body, then he got hold of Sam bridal style, went intangible and flew through the roof, and into the twilight night

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